Training Week Ending December 31, 2006
Happy New Year's Eve, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

Running resolutions for the New Year
Anyone have any? I would just like to get through the year uninjured.

Where's the new year thread?
Dec 26, 2005 23.60 Jan 2, 2006 29.36 Jan 9, 2006 29.34 Jan 16, 2006 40.84 Jan 23, 2006 18.41 Jan 30, 2006 7.68 Feb 6, 2006 26.31 Feb 13, 2006 17.73 <...

i'm bored.
yup. bored. couldn't run today 'cos it was raining, and i don't do rain. some nice rec.runners have kept me amused in email but, generally, you're all being rather - well, ...

Jurek makes top 10 for distance running
See Recognition based on performance instead of self promotion. -Doug

Fwd: Garmin Training Center for the Mac
> Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) hardware maker Garmin International > on Friday announced that Garmin Training Center software is now > Mac-compatible. Used with Garminšs For...

oh, you want to see what i look like?
to satisfy the craving of my many fans, pics of me are available to diss on my blog: the rest of the blog isn't for you, it's...

I confess, I am he.
Yes my friends, I am Roger. Bon Appetite'

Race reminder
I just got this reminder from Are You Event Day Ready? Don't forget to bring.... Sunglasses Hat Sunscreen Safety ID Tag, Like Road ID Post Event Sn...

Today was a disaster
I don't know what happened today. Monday I ran 3.4 miles at an average pace of 13:51. I was supposed to run yesterday, but my legs were still sore from Monday, so I chose to wait until t...

Gerry Ford: FO arsewipe
The local TV station was walking around asking how people felt about Gerald Ford dieing. When they got to me I said "Gerald WHO?".

Good website for physical fitness
Deals with cardiovascular, stretching, weights, diet and mental fitness.

Good Riddance, Gerald Ford

5K Run in San Diego- 12-18
Hello fellow joggers! Check out what I have come across - There is a 5K run/walk being held this Thursday down by the Port of San Diego before the Holiday Bowl parade. From the information I...

Sports bras ...
... which do you prefer for running? [cringing in anticipation of cross-fire]

Running performance index
I'd like to know if exists an index of performance for runners. For example, if I run for 10 km and the day after for 21 km, how can I compare the two results? Thanks ...

Can you run faster than her husband???
I can, because I like to have sex with other men's wives. This is good to motivate you to be a fast runner, because if you are not it's off with your dick ...

Is there anything I can do to correct this.
I've posted on here a few times and I may just break down and go to a podiatrist. But before I do I wanted to get all of your opinions. Here is my situation. I've been living with ba...

Way Highland West run report
It's 5 o'clock in the morning of Christmas day and I've barely slept a wink since finishing my run at midday on the 23rd. Not because I'm excited about Christmas but because of a tsunami li...

Heart rate discrepancy explained
I found out why my perceived effort did not correspond to the heart rate zones in the Garmin 301. The reason is that the Garmin does a straight percentage of the maximum heart rate, and d...

Training Zone help please...
OK, just a little background on me to get started. I'm 33 years old, a "former" athlete (ran sub 6 minute miles, 15 miles per week, etc.) but have since become a bit of a lazy slob as a desk...

Training Week Ending December 24, 2006
Greetings and Happy Holidays, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

Happy Holidays & Update
I normally celebrate Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us....but I'm not feeling to crazy about KRAMER this year.....just a little something he said, and said, and said, and said. ...

~ * Adopt a Metropolitan Manhattan Maltese ...
~ * Metropolitan Maltese Rescue (MetroMalts) was founded in 1998 by a group of Maltese dog lovers in New York City. When we discovered there were no organized Maltese breed rescue groups in ...

Bagged me a virgin this morning
This morning's race - the Virginia Highlands Christmas 5K. Ran a somewhat slow 20:37 on the very hilly course, but still around a 20 second PR for this course. Final placement 33/705. W...

When does Boston fill up?
Recovering from minor knee surgery so I'm putting off registering for Boston till I see how my training goes. The race limit is about 22,000 runners, anyone know appox when registration typ...

I think I may need psychiatric care
Why else would I be running in the rain (well, drizzle) in 49 degree weather?

This drives me nuts...
I know its stupid and that nothing will ever, or could ever, be done about it but there are three things drives me nuts when I'm running a race. Number one is road signs that say, "Slow Down...

Looking for Running Calculator based on goal pace
Hi all, I am looking for a race training calculator where you tell it the pace you want to run a race and, and it tells you the paces to train at for speed work, tempo runs, long runs, ...

done 66 on 6 beers.... in 3 days......28 27 11+...Y is my brain missing beer and a day. . or 120, 26.2 ad 5 to a a bath in 11 days.... or my 2 weeks 160 miles. maybe i...

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