congrats, karen
First female master at Akron, and by a decisive margin. Way to go! Of course I'm eager to hear details, stories.

Tripped /Logic in a Start?
Raced today, 5th Ave. 1 Mile race, NYC. Big race, lots of fanfare and all that crap. Hundreds of races under my belt, never fell till today, I got tripped at the start, trying to re-trace ...

Orienteering in Prospect Park NYC
Though I won't be going to this meet, I thought I'd let the group know about it, since it's a rare event in New York City itself. For those who don't know what orienteering is, you can read ...

How do I increase my cadence?
I run about 25 - 30 miles a week. I will be running a marathon at the end of October. I want to improve my speed and reduce the chances of injury. I think by increasing cadence I...

anyone ever wear
anyone ever wear the ClimaCool Rotterdam IV by adidas? Just wondering if its a good shoe. Thanks John

t.v. news 50-26.2 in 50 days?
in 50 diferent states, 50 marathons in 50 states, sounds like : maybe heard wrong....... if not: What a fish story. agree.I say. You well die...... Me Bike. ...

Training for a 5K race??
Hi, I'm new to this group and look forward to being a member!! I can run 5K fairly easily, I can run 7K as well, but I'm dreadfully slow. It takes me about 42 minutes to run 5K on a f...

Gotta brag on me a bit
Today's goal was to cut the walks after the runs to 1/2 the length of the runs. I accomplished that. So, my segments were R3-W 1.5, R4-W2, R3-W1.5, R4. This cut two minutes--all walking...

How to tell width of shoe?
Hi all, I have a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus VII and really like them. As I am probably going to buy my next pair online I need to know their width. There are are some numbers and letters ...

south carolina group in yahoo
I want to invite anyone that visits south carolina or lives in south carolina to check out this yahoo group and spread the word. This group will help those exchange training tips and meet...

New York Flyer Bus Service to the New York City Marathon: "Crazy Not To" For not much differeence in cost ... if you're not thrilled to wait for a very long time even to board at the catt...

SHould I run a 5k before another 5K?
x-no-archive:yes There is a 5k the week before the major 5k I want to run. It is ecaxly a week before. Will this help me or hurt me. The smaller event 5 k is October 14. The major...

Physiotherapist versus Kineisiologist: Which is better for running injuries?
I went to physiotherapist but he didnt even look at my feet or my gait. He just said shin splints are easy to fix. He does ultrasound and gives me an exercise to do with elastic.

Army Ten Miler
Anybody running this? Be sure to check out the updated security list about what you can & can't carry! I think they're going a little overboard, but it's their event & that...

Best running shoes
x-no-archive:yes What are the best running shoes I can get locally for a good price? I currently have an old pair of New Balance 605. Someone at work said they arent running shoes...

Speaking of heart rate monitors
Mine is going on the fritz; there are times when my HR is above 140 and the monitor is reading in the 80s or 90s. I want to get a new one. I've been thinking that although I don't ne...

Running hills update
x-no-archive:yes Well, I jogged to that cell tower road. The road is so steep, the most I could run was a minute at a time, then I had to walk for awhile, run for a minute or so, ...

World Wide Half Marathon Run
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27th, 2006 CONTACT: Steve Runner [email protected] World Wide Half Marathon Run

increase your income
I help people to feel good and to look good by wellness industry (fitness, health, balanced nutrition, cosmatics and beuty, weight management.....etc). If you would like to increa...

ultrasound for shin splints: any evidence it helps?
My physiotherapist has me coming in every week to do ultrasound and electrotherapy on my shin splints.

My physiotherapist does not run. say it is unhealthy
He says you will have hip and knee problems in later years.

FREE! - online - K+ Fitness + Sports Web-kit
Fitness + Sports *More* K+ Web-kits 4 FREE! 1. News + Mags 2. eAuctions <...

Heart Rate Monitors for Running
Check out

Any interesting races in Indiana during October
Hi All, Can you recommend any interesting races for an Englishman, resident in Germany who is on a business trip to Indiana for 4 weeks? I just ran a marathon this Sunday so I'm lookin...

When does Boston Registration Typical Close?
I couldnt find any historical information on when Boston typically hits the 22.5k Cap set. I only ask , as Im trying to qualify with my October 22nd chicago entry, and want to kno...

Still training for 5k...had a few more questions
x-no-archive:yes I posted awhile back about my interest in running a 5k on October 21. I have uped my mileage to about 20 miles a week. I know that is not alot, but for me with a ...

Plantar Fasciitis and bicycling?
I'm 48 and have developed plantar fasciitis in left foot. Basically the muscle fibers in my arch have lost ability to stretch like they did and have microscopic tears in them.

The "Nikolauslauf" in T=FCbingen (, which was voted to be the best run in Germany in the last couple of years is on 3th of december. Sign-up starts...

Anyone run in Sealskinz socks ever? I'm thinking about them for my December WHW run but the only one I've seen looked too stiff & thick for use running. If anyone has, what were they...

RR: Vermont 50 miler
In contrast with last year, which was frigid at the start, this year's race began under cloudy skies at a balmy 64 degrees. I felt better trained and more rested and relaxed than last year a...

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