Running Drills - beat your pb
RUNNING DRILLS 101 Thu, 31 Aug 2006 // 16:44 FREE For many long distance runners, whether triathletes or otherwise, the technical side of running is not seen as an important...

Benefits of pushing yourself to the limit
I can comfortably run at 160 bpm, but 175 bpm takes a toll on me. Today I pushed myself to the limit and ran at 170-175 bpm for 30 minutes. Surprisingly, I survived it and I perceived it as ...

Is this honestly possible or am I asking for disappointment
x-no-archive:yes You all know what I have been doing with training and that I want to run a 5k the last weekend in October. The more I look at my times, the more I want to improve...

Poll: What is your normal heart rate when running on flat
My heart rate is 154(sawdust park trail) when running on flat after warm-up. I noticed when I was running on a flat grass field my heart rate did not go below 164. I'm guessing I was running...

Running/walking in moccasins to cure shin splints?
Moccasins would be easier than bare feet.

kill file this entire list
I just checked into this list. It does not appear as you wish to promote running so I'm checking out. -G

What do you eat before training/race
x-no-archive:yes What do you eat before training or race? How far before the event do you eat? Do you use sports drinks?

the perfect mile
In Roger Bannister's first sub 4 min mile there were 5 other runners; Chris Chataway, Chris Brasher and ............................ Could anybody tell me who the other 3 were? <...

Garmin question
Is the Garmin 305 worth the cost compared to the Garmin 301?

Running Math
x-no-archive:yes I am needing help with math. I ran my best time the other day of 25:33 in 3.2 miles. How much would that be if it were a 5K? Do I take 25:33 and devid...

Want to have a great discount on shoe shopping!?
Ever wonder or ask yourself about how can I get a discount on shoes? will give you the answer. from high heels, to sandals and to sexy boots. Giving you the latest news ab...

Lost Lake Breath of Life Trail Run 2006 (long)
Event: Lost Lake Breath of Life Trail Run Location: Primrose / Lost Lake Trails in Chugach NF, near Seward, AK Distance: “16 mi” but maybe closer to 15.5 mi Elevation gain: 2300 ft (by ...

Sore Legs Permanent? Cure?
I have been running for years now 5 miles a day 5 days a week. Every 6 months or so I take off a week and this totally rids me of any minor soreness I might have. However, I went on a holida...

What should my goal be?
x-no-archive:yes As you know I am going to try and run a 5k at the end of October. I have been running occassionally since May. I ran this same race for 3 years, but it has been 3...

Knee pain
A beginner question. I started running about 6 months ago. I had been running few miles every other days and gradually increased the weekend milage to about 12miles. I stopped running for ab...

Good Technique Books?
looking for good running technique books/videos, not "learn to jog" type books, but more advanced with drills etc for the "advanced" runner. any suggestions would be great, thanks!

Working towards week 4
Today was supposed to be the first day of week 4, but I'm calling it week three plus. I had to work up to week three from week two, and I'm going to have to work up to week four.

Picture of knee...
I have a pain in my knee that i'm sure was preventable with some icing and better rest. It started on the left of my knee and now the pain is starting down the front of my shin. Anyway, i'm ...

What is your pule?
x-no-archive:yes I know running can lower your resting pulse rate. But how low is too low? I consider all of you guys better runners than me but I jave been checking my pulse and ...

Running this weekend and weird problem
x-no-archive:yes I ran 4 miles the first time this weekend in about 34:40 which is terrible. I know I am not supposed to time myself. The last several times I have ran I get...

Casio Pro Trek Wristwatch PRG 40-3VER
Casio Pro Trek Wristwatch PRG 40-3VER

Training Week Ending August 27, 2006
63.95 infection-dodging miles, as Mo AM: 3.55 recovery PM: ---- rest for the wicked Tu AM: 4.15 easy PM: 6.50 easy We AM: 4.15 easy PM: 10...

black belt around someones chest
I bicycle through a large public park, and notice that "guys" in high school will have sometype of black belt around their chest while they run. They seem to be a part of a high school group...

biking in rain. last posted on flint crim race info. that night 1 inch rain. been wet since. looks like the 2 little woman runners won big time. she tried a couple years in a...

Bulldog 50k report
I keep wanting to take revenge on this race, which has humbled me three times in three ways, and today I got it. It's your typical Southern California trail 50k. Steep climbs, awesom...

Bekele & Big Macs
If Bekele is eating McDonalds 24 hours before he's competing, it's just part of his normal diet and he's eating McDonald's all the time. Who's to argue? - The Myth: "Eth...

racerapport Pikes Peakmarathon long
Hi Group... So did the photo come up on Marathonfoto so let me give a "short" rapport from the race..... As mentioned earlier on a trainingsupdate did I come to Colorado the...

Early Training Week Post
Off to Cape May until next Saturday, this is last Sunday through today: goals: get back to running more miles, get race times back to where they in the Spring races: Posssible 5...

Las Vegas
I'm lokking for former rowers to help start a rowing club in the Las Vegas area. I you are interested. email me at [email protected] Look forward to hearin from you.

Medication question and running
x-no-archive:yes If I am on a medicine that lowers my pulse and heartbeat then get off it which causes a slight increase in resting pulse and blood pressure. Will this affec...

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