Manhattan Message Therapist - Looking for a recommendation
Can anyone suggest a good licensed message therapist in Manhattan (around mid-town or upper east side)? In addition if anyone knows of someone who has experience with patients who are runne...

MBT Shoes - they really work
The inventor called it "the smallest gym in the world" or "anticellulite buster", other call it simply "wonder shoe". It helps people to ease their back and joint pain. Its MBT shoes for Mas...

pondering SF marathon death
43 year old runner died ~23miles mark of heart failure. Well, ever known of a death which heart did not fail? Wonder if he would be better off and live much much longer by limiti...

Race report: Escarpment trail run
A vivid and challenging experience! To sum it up, Last year I came in 71st place in 4:24:34; This year I came in 50th place in 4:10:55, despite cooler temps and drier conditi...

Disney Marathon
Hi.. I am thinking of doing the Disney marathon in January. Does anyone have information about places to stay, their expereinces doing it?, etc... If I was to drive my car to disney f...

Another Warm QC Times Bix 7
Another warm Bix 7 this year in Davenport Ia. I was very happy to make it up for the 10th time. I set out with a goal of using my head, instead of trying to just push my way throu...

Training Week Ending July 30, 2006
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David Hirsh, director - half marathon, full throttle!...

Easy Shopping
Guang zhou Daily stock shoes Co., LTD is a private but professional shoes offer in Guangzhou china; we have no factories but what we have is service for our customers; Our business is ...

New place to go trail running
The Moon: (No ticks to worry about, either!) Mike McSwell

pre-marathon eating
if you were to take part in a marathon that started at 6 am, how/what/when would you have breakfast-i'm trying to avoid waking up at 3.30 am!

LT workout in the heat
When doing an LT run in temps of 50 degrees, my pace is about 7:10. Now, with the heat coming on, and the temperature of 85, my pace is 8:10 AT THE SAME PERCEIVED EFFORT. So, the question...

Chi Running
Anybody here heard of or have tried 'Chi Running"? Comments? Davy

The North Face Photon Performance Lumbar (with water bottle) auction link

recovery heart rate....
Im a 39 year old male, 235lbs, resting heart rate is between 45 and 48bpm, i usually run for between 35 to 50 minutes (10 minute mile pace) and my active heart rate is about 155bpm ...

Foot pain
Gradually been building up running short distances i.e. a couple of miles off road on hard surfaces over the last month without any problems. Over the last week I've developed a sore patch ...

under the scope:(x (y) z)
Not May,June, July and...... I made less then $1,300.00 cash for 20 days may 20 to june 20. and 1 day a week ago were I strain my back for 6 days. 21 days out of 72 days.........

Wariner's 43.62 @ 400m
Last week at Rome. Awesome Video, awesome performance, he enters the turn and simply destroys a very very strong field. This is best video of Wariner I've ever seen. ...

Back problems - time for a second opinion?
After having lower back spasms for the third time in the last 2 months I took the plunge and went to a chiro. I've seen him twice and he hasn't laid hands on me yet. The first session invo...

Phedippidations PodCast #55: The Maine Woods of Thoreau.
Greetings fellow rec.runners... Henry David Thoreau was an American author, development critic, naturalist, transcendentalist, pacifist, tax resister and philosopher, born...

Running on the Roof of the World
Anyone interested in running in : Lhasa Marathon ( September 2007 ) Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon - the Worlds Highest Marathon ( May 2007 ) Please contact me ........

Heart Rate Monitors for Running
Check out

Race Photo
Questions about this photo: 1. The girl in the purple sports bra - anybody know her and/or have her cell phone number?...

it's only one hill
i found that running this race 4 times over the past 20 years took more out of my body than any of the 9 marathons i have run. on a side note. the guy who won the race this year's mt...

NYRR Hope and Possibility 5M NYC
Has anyone here run this race in New York City? Is anyone here planning to run it? New York Road Runners Hope and Possibility 5M ...

Knee bending?
Hi, I have a question about the proper running form, in particular how much one should bend his knees. I have run a marathon two years ago, and have been running inconsistently si...

Philadelphia Distance Run
Hundreds of volunteers will be needed for this year's Philadelphia Distance Run which will be held on Sunday, September 17th 2006. Volunteer opportunities range from processing runners at th...

World's Greatest Distance Runner 50 Yrs Old? 1. Make up your own event 2. Have a pre release masquerading as news 3. Brand yourself the "World's Greatest Long Distan...

Grand Island
6 days till Grand Island trail marathon - its the 2nd annual !! Lake Superior, 5th largest island in the Great Lakes, cool temps, Munising, great view, 200 foot sandstone cliffs, amazing. <...

Running on pavements?
I am 37 years old. A little overweight. What is better - running on hard roads or on softer surfaces like a playground, etc? Any precautions to take while running on roads(pa...

Training Week Ending July 23, 2006
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David Hirsh, director - half marathon, full throttle!...

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