triathons or adventure racing is better for you than running marathons
with a triathlon , you use different muscles. I dont see why people want to wear out their joints running to excess. really, it is a form of laziness to only run. me, i am kayaking, running,...

following Blood Donation
I'm not a big runner. I'm fairly new to it (~6 mos.), but I do like to run on my lunch breaks. I usually do 4 miles 2-3 times/week. This week, I donated blood on Monday and when I ran on Tue...

4 miles N of lexington.
I well look out into the great lake. give me a finger. love yah babe great lake Cat-nip=1

4th of July. what yah doing?
Hay all. what yah be doing? I well be at Lake Huron Michigan at a church camp all week. biking and swiming and bouldering. and well yah Know...........running. not sure......... <...

Fluid loss on a hot day...
Just thought some of you running-nerds might be interested in a data point... I live in L.A., and ran a moderate 13+ mile hill run with about 2200' of climb. 80% max heartrate ...

Lethargic from mild flu. No motivation to run.
I guess the flu anaesthetizes you because I felt absolutely lazy during my run and ended up only running 34 minutes.

Am I over doing it?
Hi all, I'm a 26 year old male, I weigh 13 stone, I'm 5 foot 10, and 4 weeks ago I started running on my girlfriends threadmill. For the first 2 weeks I jogged for 20 minute, last...

Philadelphia Distance Run Needs Volunteers
Hundreds of volunteers will be needed for this year's Philadelphia Distance Run which will be held on Sunday, September 17th 2006. Volunteer opportunities range from processing runners at th...

Fainting (almost :-)
I'm a 39 yrs old "runner" training 3 times/week, running 11 km in usually 52-53 minutes. Yesterday evening I almost had a fainting. I managed to finish my distance but with a hug...

What's with these UD nipple bottles?
They suck, no pun intended. Why does product design often go so backwards! I've used ultimate direction products for years, and love their old style bottles because they never leak and they'...

Actually felt like a "runner" for first time
Hi Everyone. I hope this post isn't inappropriate, but I feel like I want to post this and see the responses. I'm 43, and on May 8 of this year I had a (fialry mild) Cerebral hemmorage due...

sunscreen for runners?
I'm pretty pale, and I have a shaved head. I suppose I can wear a cap, but sunscreen is a must for my face and arms. Does anyone have suggestions for something that will either stay on t...

race report: Run Until the Violence Stops 5k
The name of the race really bothers me. It's part of "a 15-day festival focused on stopping violence against women and girls" which is well and good, but why'd they have to put it ...

question to the ultras..
Hi "ultras".. I have tried to do some "long" "time on feet" trainings in the spring but they burned me completely out.... I think now that even though I (thought) I w...

question on timing sprints
Morning, I have a question regarding timing of short distances: I coach a Boys soccer team. And during our preseason conditioning period I would like to put the running por...

Asics Foundation VI or New Balance 857 for flat foot?
Which one is better? I am looking for: - arch support - durability - motion control - I probably overpronate as I have a flattish foot Any thoughts on the two?

Gate Gallop 7 - hot with stiles to jump over!!
My first time at this race and my first time at 7miles.I hadn't reckoned the heat would cause me much problems as I read the forcast as being cooler today. Yet in places the heat was b...

Leg injury ques/help
This wasn't done running, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similiar. I have a pain that extends from the middle of my left thigh up to my derriere (yes a pain in ...

Training Week Ending June 25, 2006
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David Hirsh, director - half marathon, full throttle!...

Best sweat protection for the eyes
I've been going crazy with sweat running into eyes and stinging them. What works best to prevent sweat from stinging eyes? I know sweat bands and bandana are options. What's the best mater...

Looking for running articles
Hi. i am looking for authors of running/Triathlon related articles. I have put together a site for Triathlon enthusiasts to meet, train and compete together (link on request so as...

reading "why we run"
On the recommendations of several folks in this group I bought "Why We Run" - by Bernd Heinrich I read this while I was on vacation last week. (It was hard to read s...

Spitsbergen is the main Island of the Svalbard Group. The Island is about level with the North of Greenland, Declared by International Treaty (apparently not signed by the Russian ...

Show and tell...
Here's a link to a satellite pic of my out-and-back run today (easy 10'ish, noon, hot, walked some steep hills). If you want to know which city I live in, just zoom in on the endpoint...

So did anyone have tendonitis in the knee? My sports medicine doctor says stay off running for 2 months. And also recommends PT three times week for 12 weeks. He also gave me this cool actio...

Daniels' mix workout
Yesterday at the Red Hook track (and damn, after this epic bust - - I guess I'll stop carrying my mini crack pipe in my key pocket when I head that way, since it's n...

What's the story on PowerGels?
I've never used them, but I'm having a good running year (high mileage, no injuries) and I think I might try a marathon in the fall. Do you take one before the run and then one du...

When speed work doesn't work
Just to prove that even after years of experience, we all make mistakes.... I had a really good Summer season (S.Hemisphere) posting some category (50+) wins including a Provincia...

ouch my friggin knees!!!
hello all, i'm a new runner and i've been really happy with my progress over the course of the last month. i've gone from being a smoker barely able to run a mile to running almos...

Am I progressing too fast?
Ok....I'm 50 years old and in reasonably fair shape. Two years ago I began walking twice a week and extending distances up to several miles. Last year I began walking daily ...

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