Hey Donovan
Nice time in the Queens Half. And despite being on Long Island the course takes you up and down a lot of hills. Andy

Improving fitness ?
What is better for running fitness ? I don't seem to be making much progress in my 5K times. Is it the consistency /frequency ? Is long run base training at slower speeds b...

pain when bending knee
Hello, I need some advice. Mom (57) is not a runner, but she is on her foot a lot and recently developed a problem in her left knee. Knee is swollen above cap and in the side (ante...

pain when bending knee
Hello, I need some advice. Mom (57) is not a runner, but she is on her foot a lot and recently developed a problem in her left knee. Knee is swollen above cap and in the side (ante...

A new PB for me!!
Ran a new Pb time for 10K of 48:26 this morning - the Lung Run 10K round one of Europes largest urban parks - Sutton Park in Birmingham . Very hilly in places but the weather was cool and cl...

1996 Boston Marathon Finisher's Medal & Shirt

Marathon Advice
I originally posted this in misc.fitness.aerobic and a helpful reply suggested I try in this group. So I read the beginner FAQ and the 8 part main FAQ first. I completed the London Mar...

This is a longer shot than my "running in St. Petersburg (Russia)" query of last year, but: how about Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine? I'm going for a week or ten days, soon, with perhaps a s...

Training Week Ending April 29, 2006
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David Hirsh, director www.urbanburn.com - half marathon, full throttle!...

Tim Downie
I buggered his arse the other night, and it was tight. "Was" being the key word. But he did improve his PR with all that stretching.

Why do I lose at this game so much?
I've never made it past level 1, and never even fired a shot, yet I just play it for hours losing on purpose, butt I don't know why. Please explain. http://www.resist.com/racistgames/pl...

Heart Rate Monitors
Check out Monitors at www.Heart-RateMonitors.com

For Edinburgh runners...
Hi, Anyone know any good routes in the city? Currently I live in Fountainbridge so to get out to Arthurs Seat I have to run 2.5 miles dodging traffic, plus 2.5 back! It's not so b...

Anyone Stretch Out before A Ride?
So does anyone actually stretch before riding? How long? What's your "routine"? Just curious. Did y'all catch the report last year about how stretching showed no discerni...

has anyone tried Act?
I am new to this market and I found this website offering free samples of the A.C.T. energy drink. I don't really know too much about it, but I am kind of excited waiting for mine to come i...

Whew! 21K tonite....
hey, i put off my usual Monday long run (very windy, miserable weather) in lieu of a shorter run on a treadmill. wimp! so today, i headed out in pouring rain to do this thing. for the first ...

new runner. shin pain and knots
Hi. this is the first time i've posted here. I've been running recreationally for probably 5 years but when on a hiatus for almost a year. so i guess its only been 4 years ;) for the pas...

Upper thigh and hip pain
I have been runnine for about 4 years now, nothing for marathons, but in the process I have managed to lose about 30 pounds. I read somewhere that sometimes if the muscles in the leg are no...

Ankle Problem Suddenly
Hello Everyone, I have been running for about the last 7 years but recently (the last 5 months) I have been really stepping up my game. Last week while I was running I noticed a ...

Frequency or Distance First?
I am coming back from a long layoff, and am back to comfortably running 30 minutes every other day. This seems to agree with me recovery-wise (I tend to get some soreness in my knees if I s...

Sponsor one step in the Badwater Ultramarathon this July?
Hey there, My name is Bobby and I was one of 90 "lucky" individuals to be invited to compete in the Badwater Ultrmarathon in Death Valley this July 24th. The event runs 135 miles from D...

rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 1 of 2
Archive-name: running-faq/beginners/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING BEGINNERS' FAQ and Interesting Information The...

rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
Archive-name: running-faq/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING FAQ and Interesting Information This posting contai...

iPod mini earbuds while running
I was very happy using my iPod mini while until recently when I started using it as my running partner after I saw many runners using what looked like an iPod , but here is my prob...

A Question
I am a slightly overweight, 53 year old male. Up until I was in my early twenties, I had trouble making it all around a 1/4 mile track. I attribute this to 3 things -- my general lack of fit...

Heart rate and recovery time questions
I have a resting heart rate that varies between 55 and 60. When I exercise, my heart rate jumps up VERY quickly. For instance, today, I ran 1.5 miles (6 laps around a 1/4 mile track). Lite...

Confused over hip problem
I've had a slight hip issue for years which puzzles me. My right hip flares up if I run, but seems to depend on quantity. I could do 10 mins on a treadmill a couple of times a week, but if I...

Internet equivalent of Streets and Trips
Does anyone know of an Internet equivalent of Microsoft's Streets and Trips that would allow me to estimate the distance I am running? Thank you Jeff

NYC marathon - does crowd slow you down?
Hi all...i am planning training for a fall marathon, my second marathon. I am hoping to PR (shooting for around 3:40 ish). I have prequalifed for NYC marathon and I am tempted, but ...

Polar HRMs - F series vs S series??
I can't figure this out. It seems that all F series HRMs have a calories burned feature, but no recovery calculation. Conversely, the S series seem to have the recovery feature, but no cal...

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