Another Victim
Simply because of the color of her skin.

Will cold and heat work if you cant feel the pain except when running
if you can massage the painful area ie lower shins and feel no pain, does it make sense to apply heat and cold?

shin splint pain in lower shin
I can walk without pain and i dont feel pain when i massage my shin. I only feel sharp pain when I try to run.

My 150 dollar asics have failed me
I caved into all the propaganda that expensive shoes make a difference . they dont. shin splints worse than ever. im going back to buying ten dollar shoes at zellers.

~ * Everyman ...
Everyman is late-15th-century English morality play. Called by Death, Everyman can persuade none of his friends ~ Beauty, Kindred, Worldly Goods ~ To go with him, except Good Deeds.

ANN: Free Trailgauge 3D GPS Mapping software
Hi all, Just a short announcement to let you all know that I'm giving up supporting and developing Trailgauge because of family and work commitments so it's now free. ...

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That's Comedy - Over 460 Pages of Little Snickers, Medium-Sized Chuckles, and Great Big Belly Laughs:'sComedy.htm **...

Is cotton ok in the summer ?
Is there any advantage to synthetic materials in the heat ? Im living on west coast so it is always mild . I guess in the rain your cotton pants and underwear and shirt absorb alot of water ...

New ultra event (Scotland)
For anyone looking for an event to do in the run up to the full West Highland Way race (or just fancies a good run in lovely surroundings) the Highland Fling may suit. Unlike the ...

Amnesty for illegal immigrants will not happen this time.....................
Our politicians lead the league in all talk, no action. Is blowing us some sunshine good enough? Read what The Expert thinks: <...

Will illegal immigrants get deported?.........Of course not.....................
Our politicians just wanted to blow us some sunshine. Get the details from The Expert: *** Free account spons...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
The way our politicians rushed to talk about illegal immigration this week, maybe they thought it came with a free lunch. They won't do anything about it, but it will get them some mon...

Strange Shin Pain
I've been a consistent long-distance runner for more than 15 years. I know exactly what type of shoe to wear and how my body reacts to each and every run. Lately, I have been getting stran...

London Calling ~Twittering~
>From the BBC:

Re: Atypical Plantar Fasciitis?
>Did you try "Life Without Running" for 4 weeks or more?? 4 months as of 3/30. > No offence, but there's probably a handful of >folks here on

sex at night running at morning
If I had sex last night, should I be running this morning or would be better to have more rest? I fell a little bit tired at morning if I had sex the night before. But running can cheer me u...

Atypical Plantar Fasciitis?
1) Pain Worse in Morning. NO. Pain levels constant throughout day. 2) Overweight. NO. Bodyfat in single digits. 3) Sudden increase in activities. NO. Activity l...

Knee/tendon? injury advice
Hello- my first post to this group. I was a long distance runner for all of last year, doing 10-14 miles a day, 5 days a week on average. I've had shin splints before when I upped my mileag...

light footed vs heavy footed: a question of coordination?
I have very bad coordination. I have a hard time hitting a golf ball far because it is hard to coordinate everything so hips move with right timing to real knock the ball sailing. i imagine ...

Effect of excess weight on performance?
Hi, anyone ever heard of any approximate calcuations for the effect of excess weight on running performance? I know at least with cycling there are some pretty good equations that'll tell y...

Nuke-Marine's Running (Jogging) Post
Purpose: Detail my running habit on a daily basis on the assumption if I post it, I'll more likely keep it as a daily habit. I'll reply only to this message. I'll post my weight every Sund...

10% off promotion code for new balance shoes
Enter 1022VEQK to get 10% off at for new balance shoes. You can get 10% off on already reduced prices. Like, other websites are selling 992 (the latest shoe) for 134...

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# Barking ___ seldom bite. # Beauty is ___ skin-deep. # Beggars can't ___ choosers. # Better late ___ never. # Better ___ safe than sorry. # Bett...

good thai girls for marriage
looking for marriage to an oriental lady, try here:

~ ! Fluctuat nec mergitur ~
"Fluctuat nec mergitur ~ It is tossed by waves But does not sink if sailing The Kitchen Sink." ~ Adlesheim "Gnosis and Nothing Otherwise, A Flower Mill's...

Avoid a Red Fox ~ !
"Ask Amory, if hungry, but no BBQ, Nor be a slavin' Carnivore, if creature Of The Disenchanted Forest, you, For La Carnivale, Roman a treble clef Elf Removes from a shel...

My son John Hanson
Dear group, I wanted to apologize for my sons behaviour here. You see John was "touched" as a child, and never really got over it. We tried meds, shrinks, even the old "herbal remedys",...

New Fitness Site! Let me know what you think.
Check out and let me know what you think of it. Give me some good ideas. Derek

New Fitness Site! Let me know what you think.
Check out and let me know what you think of it. Give me some ideas for it.

Nasty Women @ the Gym
I have noticed a trend of women at the gym using the equipment, such as the exercise bike, sitting on it, and not wiping the equipment when they get off! The other day some woman ...

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