Get Moving Tucson 10 miler
Short Report: Get Moving Tucson 10-miler, Oct 29,2005 Time: 1:18:46 (7:52.6 per mile pace) Results: 6/48 in AG (45-49), 39/333 for Women, 188/636 Overall URL: http://www.azro...

Rod Dixon
Two separate links, same interview...great interview too. The stuff with him & Prefontaine hilarious.

safety vest company in china
We are the leading manufacturer and the professional exporter of the reflective material in Asia. The company has state of the research and development centre focuses on producing a diverse ...

Heatrate monitor
I also bought a Heart rate monitor. What should my heartrate be while running? (Iam a total noob when it comes to stuff like this) I dont know what 80% or 60% of my Heart rate is etc....

Foot Pain
I have a treadmill and I started running the begaining of this month (haven't ran for like 2 years) At first, I started one of the treadmill programs that had an incline of UPTO...

Colder Temperatures Cause Injuries?
Once I went runing with shorts on in 35F temperature. This caused a knee injury which caused me to take two weeks off. It was obvious that the cold caused this. Recently the temperatures wer...

asics gt-2110
i noticed that asics is discontinuing the gt2100 in favor of the gt2110. has anyone tried out the gt2110 yet and if so how do they compare to the gt2100? i wonder if the upgrade to the gt2...

Westmont, Illinois running
I will be in this area for job training next week. Any advice on place to run would be appreciated. Area Code 60559 Thank You, Jack Coppess

Turin drug policy
What do you think of the IOC trying to get an exemption from the Italian law which hands out prison terms for doping offenses? Personally, I think if you're an "athlete" using performance ...

Quote of The Day ~ 10.30.2005
"Don't forget who hurt you And how, so you Won't be hurt again that ~ a ~ way, Because let me tell you a little secret ... That's evolution, That's hard ~ earned, hard ~...

foot "pad" injury?
After about 4 miles of jogging I start to get a feeling that I have something in my shoe just under the flat part of the foot behind the toes. It's as though my sock has wrinkled up but if I...

taper works
At least it seems to be kicking in. [a] I'm already getting noticeably nuttier after just a week with no doubles, two days off, and after tomorrow somewhere near 60% my avg weekly...

Bush crippled by his own lies

Training Week Ending October 30, 2005
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David Hirsh, director Southern Ontario...

Throbbing Knee Ligaments & Menisci?
-when sitting at a desk for example I will feel a "pulsing" and or "throbbing" it's random...within my knee. nothing surrounding the patella, and I sense it's my MCL & medial meniscus. which...

Expectations for runnier over 45
My question is: what is reasonable to expect for a runner over 45?. I am 47 and have been running for a year and half. I had improved a lot and my pace is about 5 min / km. I have don...

Does anyone know this sprinter
Payne-wiggins Is it the same person as Marise Andrea Williams? She used to run in the late eighties and early nineties for Canada, has one silver medal as 4x400 or 200 ...

My stalkers real ID
If anyone wants to know my stalkers real ID (and ISP, for obvious reasons) feel free to go back into the archives of Re.nude, and you'll find where he repeatedly said he was going to get me,...

Me and my stalker
God you gotta love this guy, dontcha? I start the trolling, but he joins in because he hates me, but instead makes the situation a 1000 times worse! I mean think about it for a minute....

Shoe rotation recommendation
Hi all, I'm currently running in ASICS Gel Evolution; however I'm thinking about buying a pair with less support to rotate with. I am currently considering a pair of GT2100 or DS TRAINE...

the double whammy
I just stumbled across this months-old discussion spurred by some claim on (which is also new to me), at Haven't gotten all that far, ...

Running Briefs - Bunhuggers
It seems that every year there are more and more highschool women's teams wearing bunhuggers or briefs for running, and they are pretty ubiquitious at the college level. Do you think that t...

Can you eat pizza on the run? He can run 75 miles and wake up the next day without feeling sore. For this latest feat, he trained by running upward of 175 mil...

track vs trail
is it harder to run a mile quickly on a trail compared with a track? i'm having trouble breaking 7:30 on a trail, and i know i've done 5:40 on a track once. i'm not sure if i'm out of shape...

What is this Injury?
I have been running for years now and today about 2 hours after my run I got up from sitting down and felt a sharp pain in what feels like the center of my heel and lower ankle. I can not wa...

Muscle ache: hope to recover soon ?
I am 47 and have been running for some 1.5 years. I did my first race, 10 km of lenght, in 50 minutes two weeks ago. I was all happy. But instead of resting, I kept on running hard, and a ...

Another type of interval
This one is suited to those who have non-running friends (spouses, whatever) they'd like to be out with. Find yourself some scenic loop. Send friend walking in one direction ...

miniature earth

My wife bought an iPod shuffle for me for my birthday to take on my runs. Trouble is, the earbuds that came with it won't stay in my ears. Those of you who like to run to music, ...

They should have left the Enron name on the Houston ballpark, since it's full of assholes anyway. You guys suck!

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