Race Report: Dave's Run for ALS
What: Dave's Run for ALS (www.azroadrunners.org) When/Where: Feb 27th, 8 am/Foothills Mall, Tucson, AZ Goal: 23:08 This is Long, you have been Warned! It was a nice mor...

Which pair of running shoes? Is the best to buy?
Is new balance shoes better to buy then the others out there? can use all the free advice i can get. thank you Alice One of my favorite places to shop online : www.yesterdayprices...

10km race
I have recently signed upto a 10km cancer research run, the race is on May 8th. I was just wondering if you have any tips which could help reduce my time, I did a 10km run last ...

!*Uncommon Wisdom!
"Folly? Today's Monday, Right? Any words of wisdom To get me going? One day, My dear goose, we should visit Lisbon!" ~ Twittering "O, my dear, Monday indeed. So, fo...

Misc.kids FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 1/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part1 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ******************************* *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 1 * ...

Misc.kids FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 2/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part2 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ****************************** *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 2*

Finger based pulse meter [heart rate monitor]
Hello fellow heart rate trackers Any found a finger based pulse meter that's acurrate or at least consistant and that holds up to sweat? Thanks for any feedback ...

NYC in March for a runner
I'm coming to visit New York City from Finland in March and was wondering what I should be thinking of doing. I've been thinking of going running in Central Park, as it can't be colder tha...

... for vindaloo, a late supper!
~ * ~ _________________________________________________ Morning Wood Star Manner Of ~ Of TRADITION of FAMILY Of ~ Of _________________________________________________ ~ * La M...

Ace of Spades ... ~ ~ ~ *
~ * ~ _________________________________________________ A Morning Wood Star Manner Of ~ Of TRADITION of FAMILY Of ~ Of _________________________________________________ An En...

Runner's Knee? & Combating It?
damn, it turned 42 and already i'm freaking that i'm falling apart. i did 9 miles yesterday, 6 miles into it on a single knee bend felt "that piercing pain" for the duration of the bend. t...

Old, but relevant.
Funny how some things remain relevant even years later when a new king is in charge. ============================================= A Warmonger (any republican)Explains War to a Peacenik...

! ~ Memorandum ~ !
~ * ~ _________________________________________________ A Memoria Technica ~ Of ~ Of TRADITION of FAMILY Of ~ Of _________________________________________________ "The Servic...

sun moon feb26 to 27 05. trig
Sun Moon this a.m. trigonometry. Group: rec.running Date: Sat, Feb 26, 2005, 8:57am From: [email protected] (Trio=A0Funingtrain) Date: Sat, Feb 26, 2005, 8:03am To:...

The Gates?
What a farce. Long drive for NOTHING!

Training Week Ending February 27, 2005
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.absolutelyaccurate.com

Sun Moon this a.m. trigonometry.
Date: Sat, Feb 26, 2005, 8:03am To: [email protected] Subject: sun moon standing by my weight lifting area and backyard sky gazer point. with a world map and tri...

Is SAS a good brand of shoe?
A woman at the grocery store told me she had foot pain problems until she purchased a brand of shoe called SAS. They have their own stores and not sold in any other stores. Has anyone ...

I ran today, and it felt great! Once the body develops the addiction, it's hell not to.

Even More Mechanics
Hi, PatB, Ozzie, Dot, Brian, Tim, Steve, and all. This follows up on discussions in the previous rec.running threads -- Subject: My achillies' heel, and my MD (Date: 10 Feb 2005) and...

Question about Life Fitness Treadmill
Thanks for the information, Red Rocket. I went to the same gym las night and ran on a different treadmill without any problem. I did loo at the treadmill I had the problem with and I...

5K run
I run on a treadmill at the gym 2-4 times per week. It takes me about 29-31 minutes to do 3 miles. I am going to run a 5K charity run in PA on May 26. I would like to prepare myse...

Noakes review
I though the following web page was an interesting, balanced and insightful review of Noakes. http://faculty.washington.edu/crowther/Misc/RBC/lore4.shtml There are some other int...

Le Mouse meets a pair of Mooses ~ *!
... a wedge of cheese appears. Le mouse perks ears ... hears, sniffs. * !*The Over Night Noir, A Vault ~ * ~ Overnight Music ~ "The Calder Circus...


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Just say "BUSH SUCKS"
Bush is a convicted criminal, has an IQ of a chimp, has more war plans than the japanese army did in WW1 while he says he's for peace, and his dick is 1.5CM.

Help me???
Nobody's replying to me anymore, but I don't care, really, honest, no fooling. To prove it, if nobody replys to me, I'm going to shoot myself in the head, until dead. I'm warning you all, on...

Sadly, lesbianism is "trendy"
It is being pushed on America's youth by the filth-mongers in Hollywood. While the situation is being fought tooth and nail, and we have hopes for it being reversed (thanks to our Bush in th...

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