gore-tex trail shoes
with snow, slush, and ice coming.....just passing along a good deal on merrell stormfront gore-tex trailrunning shoes. rei-outlets selling'em in most all sizes at $62, dealcoupon.com has a ...

podiatrist in DC
How would one go about finding a good foot/ankle guy in Washington, D.C.? My GP is an idiot.

treadmill running = no pain, road running = pain; what gives?
Some of you will remember my saga. I am slowly recovering from an ankle injury last May. Took 5 months off, and just recently started ramping up. So here's the story. I got to the poi...

New shoes
People say you have to "break in" new running shoes. I know this sounds like a dumb question, but does that mean something has to happen to the shoes, or that something has to happen to your...

How to solve our Virginiaz troubles.
Aside from signing her up to spambots, we should turn her into AOL for off topic posts. It is against AOL's TOS rules to continually post off topic posts, a few they will overlook, but not r...

Spank me! Please.....
I like to be spanked. Virginny Blog about dawg, or blog about hawg? http:www.virginniazIsNuts.org/blogs on dogs. I must be a neglectful dog owner, or my lil mutt wouldn...

Let.s fight against InfoRelation - spamming service!!!
Hallo, Here is Jilly. Let.s do something with this crazy InfoRelation. By accident I have visited this web... and I am teriffied with what people wish to know and the money they o...

Harassment start!!!!
More more, I crave the attention. Virgini

sore knee
I am 65 and almost daily have been doing a strenuous uphill climb on residential streets in Berkeley, California. Now I have a sore knee, it's especially sore on the inside just beside the k...

Harrassment start.
I crave the attention, i like a puppy dog, newspaper on rearend good. ha ha Rodents are Red, My hemorroids blue. My poetry sucks, And so do you! Virgini

Running store
I live in a area that has zero real running shoe stores but will be travelling to the Milwaukee area over Christmas. Does anyone have recommendations for a store in the area that will get...

BRRC North Central Trail Marathon
BRRC Northern Trail Marathon I barely met my main 4 hour goal (3:59:45), and way missed my wishful goal of 3:45. All in all it was a horrid experience. The weather was what I would

Shin splints?
I have recently developed pain down the inside of the shin bone between the middle of the foot and the knee. Is this likely to be shin splints? What is the preferred method of treatment?

treadmill question: creaking/cracking sound
Bought a pacemaster pro plus II recently. Loved the machine and for a while I was trying to increase workout intensity by walking fast (3.4 mph) with an incline for 6-7%. Initially, it was...

Hi all! I'm a new runner just starting out. For the first few weeks, I was ok, took it nice and slow. Now, after about five minutes of running, I get these darn stitches in my side. Re...

Harassment stop.
I have been receiving scary emails from strangers I do not know, who refer to my postings in this group. I am request that you stop harrassing me. Your comments to me are bizarre, and they...

Some pleasure, some pain, what gain?
* ~ That She, dear She, Might take some pleasure of my pain ~ The mirror window ~ How does this image Paint the set, the pair, snazzy, Our V&A? If they will be ...

Anyone ever done this...?
...run in shoes from different manufacturers at the same time? WhaddoImean? Well, two hours ago I had on my left foot a NB something-or-other whilst on my right was an Asics DS ra...

My "ITBS" Story (Long)
Hey there-- I started running again seriously again about 6 months ago when I encountered the first sports-related injury I'd ever had. I came to this group for guidance and I g...

Misc.kids FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 2/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part2 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ****************************** *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 2*

Misc.kids FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 1/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part1 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ******************************* *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 1 * ...

Training Week Ending November 28, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton ON) www.absolutelyaccurate.com www.allfalldown...

economic running shoes
Hi if you had only $40 to spend on running shoes , which one or one's would you choose (brand/model), I run alongside the city canal in dirt road, thank you. ps, i know $40 ...

Impossible jobs
Thankfully, with the advent of hi-tech finish line systems like Finish-Lynx, the era of the amateur track official is nearly over. I say thankfully because, while I enjoyed the opportunity ...

Dum de dum...
...dum dum. I'm bored. Again. Well, not bored, but in a thinking place where the thinking appears to have ground to a gritty halt. Dontcha just HATE choices? Like any o...

Finding it hard to become breathless
Following on from my ideal weight post, I would like to ask for some tips in raising my heartrate during runs. Because I'm a keen footballer I only go running twice a week and do so for...

Ideal Weight
A lot of people in this group seem to know exactly what their ideal weight is i.e. they claim that they are x pounds overweight. Is there a generally accepted reference for this? I know tha...

Interesting article
i came across this article this morning and thought it may be of some interest to the group. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/11/041123163757.htm ...

I'm sueing ALL of you!

Just a few randomized quotations... For you see, each day I love you more Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. ~Rosemonde Gerard Gravitation is not respon...

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