Anyone doing Milwaukee on Sunday?
I'll be there. Anyone else going? --Harold Buck "I used to rock and roll all night, and party every day. Then it was every other day. . . ." -Homer J...

Running in Savannah, GA?
Hi: I'm going to be in Savannah all next week on business. I'm staying at the Westin which is on Hutchinson Island. Unfortunately I won't have a car, so I can't travel anywhere....

Train Hard + Bed Rest = Super Runner
I discovered that if I run five miles a day for 5 or 6 days straight then take one or two days to do not much than lay in bed the next day I run I'm like a super runner. I've tried the off d...

electic body fat percentages
We have one of the electric (hand held) body fat meters at work and, having discovered this, I've taken a couple of measurements. After Tuesday's had it that although I'd lost 6 lbs (welco...

Twin Cities Marathon 10-3-04
Hey All: Anyone else running this Sunday? This will be my second. The weather report for Sunday in Minneapolis has been deteriorating all week. Now it looks like about 40F...

Mizuno Rider, Creation, Nirvana
Am looking for a second pair of choos. In the neutral arena. I stand 6', weigh just under 170, currently at 5 days/wk for 16 miles with my goal for a month or two out to be at a consistent...

Alternate Lacing Patterns
I have had some foot issues and I think finding an alternate lacing pattern might help. I have seen diagrams before, but I cannot find them now. Does anyone have an url that they would share...

Advice for begginer
Hi everyone, I am nearly 13years old and want to start running. I can manage a mile non - stop, and want to know, how far I can safely run without risk of injuring myself. Thanks, Natalie

Best runners over 10 miles
"'When the distance is over ten miles, modern racing sled dogs are the fastest animals in the world'. With a person and sled attached, these dogs can run 3.2-minute miles for nearly tw...

Weightlifting before 5K race?
I'm running a 5K race on Saturday morning. What should I do on Friday? Just for background: I'm not a good runner. I can run maybe four miles flat without stopping to walk, and I've...

LMFAO I got tossed!
Gawd AOL are such a bunch of lame buttholes! Now to TOS you they just send you a nasty email, and change your passwords. You sign back on changing your password, then you're cool. How lame. ...

Boulder pix up (retry)
Sorry if this is a duplication, but it looks like my first attempt may have triggered some antispam filters. Here are some pictures from the Boulder Backroads marathon, as seen ...

Boulder pix up

weird question for anyone who's done a long event
The last time I did an event over 15 hours in length- NOT running- when I went to bed later, I sweated. And not just a little. I had to keep moving around in the bed because the sheets...

...that Bill? I'm ready to pay up (no, I did not say suck up, not yet, at least). Get ready... Mum's on her way. _______ Blog, or dog? Who knows. But if you see my ...

TheBillRodgerz has been reported
profanity, obscenity, and stupidity - it's all been reported. It's just a matter of time, now folks.

Cho-pat knee support
I have had knee problems in the past and something to stabalize the knee was recommended by the physical therapist. I have used the neoprene knee supports with the open patela, but was thin...

Training Question
Please excuse my ignorance, I am still relatively new to all of this. My question. On many (most) of the training schedules I have come across, you will see something like 4x1:00 or 6x1... FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 1/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part1 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ******************************* *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 1 * ... FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 2/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part2 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ****************************** *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 2*

Vermont 50 mile rail race
Well,I went to a restaurant the night before to begin my the paelo diet. I asked for some dinosaur steaks and pterodactyl wings but they said they ran out. Then I was really taken off guar...

15 people reporting me.
So, it's now been 8 weeks since you and your 14 friends organized to report me to AOL and get me tossed. You said "it takes time", so I was just wondering how long it does take? It's been a ...

Electrolyte capsules for fall Marathon?
Is it recommended to take an electrolyte capsule or two for a cool-weather Marathon? I'm running Milwaukee this weekend, and it's along the lake. --Harold Buck ...

Power vs. speed and its effect on muscles
I have started running just recently, and there is a walking/jogging track close to my home. The track is mainly flat, but I occasionally go off the main track to run uphill as well as downh...

This guy ran a marathon BAREFOOT

FS: NEW BALANCE 609 Limited Edition Cross Training Shoes
For sale, the limited edition New Balance men's cross training shoe. Men's size 11D, unworn, brand new in the original box. This style was produced exclusively for a sporting goods chain ear...

Show your support for the President in Marathon's!
Come join the human bumper sticker project! If you're going to run one of the big marathon's in the next few weeks you can make yourself a Runners for Bush 2004 shirt. Yo...

Cold & Wet Marathon Preparations
I know it's too early to know for sure, but the October 10 forecast for Scranton PA (Steamtown Marathon) is "Clouds, cold and rainy, Low 38 F, High 57 F." If it is actually that cold, th...

Abstention and athletics
I don't follow boxing, but I happened to glance at an article Sunday about a boxer who just won a big fight this weekend. He said the hardest part about training was not having sex for...

Credit due...
"MOST PEOPLE on the Internet know about Eudora. The e-mail program, that is. Not so many, however, know that Eudora got its name after the Southern writer Eudora Welty." <A

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