Boston Marathon wanna-be
hello all, i am pushing 38 yrs old and for some reason can't get the lure of the BA out of my mind. i've just begun, albeit in a very unscientifical way, to train. after two days ...

romance does not hurt running
NY Times says that sex before a race does not hurt times: (SAme column that said running does not increase arthritis.)

Re: Race report: Longford Half Marathon
Colm wrote: > I put my head down and sprinted as hard as I could > and crossed the line just ahead of him. My El Guerrouj moment :-) > Time: 1:46. A PB by 3 minutes, but ...

Running Times prophets
I opened the latest issue of Running Times last night to find a feature on Mizuki Noguchi (published before the Olympics). So if any RT editors lurk here: Congrats on the great call! <...

Race report: Longford Half Marathon
Date: 29th August 2004 Location: Longford, Ireland Course type: Country roads. Fee: 35 euro This event has both a full and half run at the same time. About 600 or so (ju...

Thigh strain
**** Post for FREE via your newsreader at **** Hi, I have been doing various kinds of sports since my childhood (I am 33 now). And I wanted to specialize just a little ...

Ipod skip when running?
Folks, What's the experiences out there on using an ipod for running and training? Skips?? P

Re: Delurk and a question
Bob Schroedter wrote: > A first step would be better organization through the shoulder girdle > in holding static postures helps, but reeducation of faulty > neuromuscul...

Gmail Anyone?
A few months ago someone on this board was nice enough to pass along a Gmail invite to me. I have several invites now I'd like to give to fellow runners. If interested emai...

Link between Olympics marathon and Sherlock Holmes
... and why Frank Shorter was booed when he entered the Munich Olympics Stadium at the end of his marathon victory in 1972. ;-)

By the nunbers training schedule for newbies
1. I am a 21 year old student living in London who is considering taking up running. However, since Central London doesn't give many opportunities for outdoor running I will be doing most of...

Setting running rhythm
As someone just returning to running after many years, do you guys have any suggestions on setting a running rhythm/pace when running by yourself? I do an occasional run with a pa...

Seeking Stretching advice
Hi all I am not a runner.. but I have recently started playing softball again. Any reccomendations on properly stretching the lower leg muscles etc Thanks B...

Question for Brian Wakem
Hi Brian, I saw your post regarding running logs and posted a reply, but I don't know if you saw it barried in the thread. My question was regarding the screenshot you pos...

Olympic Marathon
I taped the men's marathon and watched it last night. Congrats to Meb for a very well planned race. I kept track of the mile splits (which was a great feature, thanks NBC). I was ama...

Survey for college design course.
This semester I have an Introduction to Design course. In it we will be designing fitness equipment and we need to do some "market research". I'm trying to get as broad of a demographic as...

Delurk and a question
Hi Just found this group and had a read through it. I've been doing a bit of running since March when I was challenged to do a 5k run. After nearly killing myself I realized I q...

attack on mars marathon?
your all f bing nuts, you know this. as far as director 49 year old lady. who run in rain flint saturday......won olimpic standard greatness award at closeing....... :>) (soory I ...

George Bush Jr.
-- His top aides illegally exposed a CIA agent to coverup lies about Iraq -- Lied to congress and used forged documents to get approval for war in Iraq -- Convicted of drunk drivin...

ran with the olympians!
Although a 6-8 miler is normally plenty for me on a treadmill, today I ran with the olympians. I started when they did and even bumped up the icline when they were running the big hill. It w...

When running on my treadmill at speeds above 8.5 mph it feels slippery. Could it be my stride or is the mill doing something, not keep up the speed?

Training Week Ending August 29, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.absolutelyaccurat...

Shame on TheBillRodgerz
Shame on you TheBillRodgerz. Your language is deplorable and your posts have very little to do with running. The few posts that you do offer up about running are misleading at best and qui...

Re: Ganglion cyst?
I had one of these on the top of my foot. Had it surgically removed, was back to normal running in 4 days. You can wait for it to disappear or get proactive and find podiatrist who will remo...

Family Running-A Race Report-Long
In the last three weeks my children have developed a new respect for my running. They have spent most of their lives with a running mom. Most of those years I've been a slow runner who...

rec.running troll screws up Greek Marathon?!
Athens -- Lead runner of Olympic Marathon sidelined by troll. Loses lead soon thereafter, shortly before the end, from injuries. BILL R?! On-line wasn't enough?!...

Is it advisable to start running after age 50?
I have always been fascinated by running, but never got started. Cycling is my sport, which I enjoy quite a lot. I have read that running (even short distances) cannot but result in knee a...

my first half marathon, advice requested
I am a new runner in the "over 50" bracket and will be running my first half marathon next Sunday 9/5. Last weekend I did a 12 mile run ( with a few walking breaks) so I think I am relativ...

back again
**** Post for FREE via your newsreader at **** Hi I was a member of this group back in '93 when I was a student and doing an internship at the Wageningen uni...

Hicham El Guerrouj - why is he becoming a sensation?
I must admit I haven't been following the Olympics, but it seems news sites on the web are getting crazy over El Guerrouj; what's the big deal? El Guerrouj seems to have captured ...

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