program for a begginger
Does any one has a program or link to a program for a begginer. A begginer who wants to improve stamina and keep weight in check. TIA

Training Week Ending August 1, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.absolutelya...

July running
Rather than running week, a quick note about my running month. July is the first month since last October that I feel like I ran a decent month. 'decent' means that * I finally got ...

Ultra training.
Most marathon training schedules I've seen have the longest slow run at around 20 miles. Longer distance isn't recommended because of the length of time the body takes to recover, or so I'm lead ...

More on Canadian Olympic Standards...
The Canadian Olympic Committee finalized the number of people heading to Greece with a list that showed there would be more administrators and support staff in Athens (271) than athletes (26...

Running at 57
I know the story about seeing your doctor before you put on a pair of shoe and try to make it to your car so you can drive to the store. Basically I have been a strong hiker for most of my l...

newbie question about heat
Tomorrow I am running in my first race, the Breacon 10 mile (16.9 km). It looks like it is going to be a hot day (23 / 73 degrees). Can anyone offer any advice on things I should do befo...

Re: fitness and diet too!!!
susan wrote: > hi my is Susan and i need do some fitness and a diet too . so can anyone > help me thank u > > Susan M Fuentes69 Susan, we need more info...

Anti Depressent effect of runing on the beach
After a car accident, I was hurt anc couldn't run on the beach. I've been very depressed. He said the combination of both the sun and aerobics raises seratonin levels. Very...

Gels vs Sports Drinks
I've been doing a lot of googling for information on gels vs sports drinks. I can't find any evidence (other than from the manufacturers' web sites) that gels provide a performance advanta...

Anyone run after leg surgery?
Anyone who has had bow-legged surgery have problems running afterwards?

My first marathon
I am planning to run in my first marathon but have some issues.... The longest distance I have ever run is 12 miles. At about 6 miles, I always get the urge to go to the bathroom. #1 &...

Race Report: East Fork Backpack Trail Race (Long)
East Fork Backpack Trail Run (4.44 miles) East Fork State Park, Bethel, OH July 25, 2004 - 9:00am This race had two elements that I was wholly unfamiliar with. ...

100 Meters World Record
I have just seen the next 100 meter world record holder. I was pleasantly surprised that bbc 2 were actually showing athletics instead of countless home makeover/couples moving abroad for a...

Clicking knee
My right knee started clicking following a stadium workout on wednesday (running up and down the steps). There's no pain, just clicks when I straighten the leg - and it clicks every time. ...

treadmill adjustment exercare 2000
Can anyone help me to adjust the belt on my treadmill? I leant it to some friends a year ago and they have just returned it - having lost the manual. The belt is all the way over to the righ...

Newbie's Log 30/07/04
Last week I ran 30 minutes without stopping for the first time, and this week the goal was to consolidate that by repeating it a few times. One thing I've found about running 30 minutes non-...

What type of foot injury do I have ?
....enjoy hitting the treadmill running 4 mi every other day but noticed a dull, nagging pain on the ball of my rightfoot, so...I endure and keep going<---duh I've reversed an ...

My legs feel like weights
So I picked up my mileage last week going from about 12 weekly spread over 4 days (3x4) along with ultimate frisbee to 19 weekly over 4 days (6,3,7,3) and then played in a beach tourney last...

Water tight?
how can i make myself water tight for those times i'm really wet? stef

I am 14, about to be 15 and I'm about 5'2" and about 148 lbs. I have realized that over my summer break, I have gained way too much weight. I tried running but my knees were aching very bad....

Any Insoles to Recommend??
Any suggestions as to good insoles to replace the standard insoles. There are a lot of good shoes out there with less than good insoles so I usually replace them with different ones. Am al...

fitness and diet too!!!
hi my is Susan and i need do some fitness and a diet too . so can anyone help me thank u Susan M Fuentes69

Weight and Knees
When I was younger I'd run on a regular basis. I'd do three miles a day and typically a 10k on the weekend. I weighed about 215 -- which was a bit thin at the time. Over the course of 3 mil...

Help? Nagging quad injury - now over 3 years!
About 3.5 years ago I was running and felt a sharp discomfort in my lower left quad, right around or under the 'bump' at the bottom of the rectus femoris, about 5-6 inches above the top of t...

Polar reversal?
I was playing with a compass the other day, in Borders, and the needled varied in it's directional flotation, depending upon my relation to the compass. what's up? what's down? have t...

The UK government...
...has just launched a "what to do in an emergency" site. There is a nice parody of their site at:

blood pressure vs. salt intake
. A common recommendation to help alleviate high blood pressure is to REDUCE salt intake. It's also common to see recommendations for runners to INCREASE salt intake wh...

Heart rate
Nice to see that this news group is still active. I started running five years ago, and found this group really useful. However, due to medical problems, I stopped jogging until recent...

General Newbie Advice
Hi all, I started running about 2 months ago, primarily to help weight loss, but also to get fitter - I've got 2 young boys and don't want to be the wheezy dad that can't play in ...

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