Polar Performance Software
Hi Everyone, I have a question re: lap distances in the Polar Precision Software for running. I get arbitrary and incorrect tiny lap distance values (eg .032) which really messes...

What do goal-pace 400's do?
I started doing these recently. I run 400, then jog 400, twelve repetitions. Last night I was shooting for a 6:40 target pace, but did most of them faster, at 6:30 to 6:35 pace. T...

Sunscreen vs bug repellant.
It's 85 degrees out, and the horseflies are on runners like flies on turd. So which do you put on, bug spray, or sunscreen? I go for the Deet spray (oh shut up already, Deet is good, questio...

Help me design a training program?
Hello, I'm kind of a novice runner with two 5ks under my belt. Last year I finished at 30.44 and this june I finished at 29.59. I plan to run another 5k on july 24 and would like ...

power line & radio transmitter interference w/pedometer
There are certain areas where my pedometer runs either inaccurately or not at all. There are power lines and also a 50,000 watt fm radio transmitter in the area. Would any of these affect ...

What determines running speed? watts?
For cycling you can train with a power meter and essentially the more watts you can produce, the faster you can ride. What is the determining factor with running? Its cert...

Running in the morning
I was wandering whether it is more beneficial to run first thing in the mornings or am I better of running in the evenings. I'm running to lose some fat. Thanks in advance. ...

Anyone take this ? Advice

Heart rate over 200 bpm?
I'm new to running and decided to participate in a 10km (6.2 mile) run in September. Running on the track(400m), I can run 6 laps at 2 minutes but then my heart rates goes to about 190-200 b...

burning off muscle?
yeah i guess this may sound a bit strange, but here goes.. after years of lifting i have pretty beefy, muscular legs for a chick...and i'm getting frustrated by it. i've read many articles...

Alan Webb teleconference
Alan Webb will be doing a media teleconference 1 July 2004: http://www.sportsfeatures.com/PressPoint/show.php?id=10037 It will be interesting to see the reports that come out of this c...

Calf pain when walking and not running?
Hello everyone, I'm a new runner that is experiencing excrutiating pain in both my calves. I'm learning at a running clinic where we take turns walking and running in one minute i...

Plantar Fasciitis Survivors: How did you cope?
I appear to have developed a case of Plantar Fasciitis. It was probably caused by some new shoes bought last October, which have since been replaced. To those that have coped and...

Running in NYC
Hey all. I'm in NYC on business and taking the occasional morning run in Central Park. I'm wearing a running hat designed after the Texas flag. Wave to me! Say hi! -- ...

pedometer doesn't work in certain areas
My pedometer doesn't work in certain areas. There are power lines and also a 50,000 watt fm radio transmitter in the area. Would any of these affect the pedometer? I'm thinking magnetic f...

running blues
Running is the best exercise until I damaged my knee in Yoga!! Is there anything that can be done? How long should I wait before I run again or should I take up walking? I will not go to ...

Using HR to pace my first running marathon
In another post (thanks for all the responses) I shared that I just recieved an HRM for father's day. Can/Should I use it to: A. Pace my long runs and eventual (no time goal......

first podiatrist visit
Hi folks-- Just had my first podiatrist visit, for some foot and ankle problems that I've had for 3 months or so and haven't gotten any better. I'm now taped up on my right foot ...

"a frank exchange of views"
"YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF AS...." oh wait, that's Itchy Cheneys line.

911: Bush's shame.
This is something to ponder.... Since America is typically represented by an eagle. Saddam should have read up on his Muslim passages... The following verse is from the Quran, (the Islamic B...

Waking Up
For the life of me, I am no longer able to wake up in the morning to go on my run... I find that in order to get the distance I want to complete, I need to wake up at 5:15 so I ca...

a asics shoe question
i was wondering if anyone has tried out the new asics empire? a concern of mine when i was getting info on the shoe is it's weight of being 13 oz. i find that to be quite brick like. so i w...

GPS and HRM watches?
What do you run with? I see the new Suunto models: X6 with heart rate monitor X9 with GPS I am wondering what features I would use more. I have never had a HRM b...

Marathon Questions
(1) In the Midwest Region, does anyone have a great suggestion for a first marathon? I was considering the Columbus Marathon but would appreciate some input from other runners regarding the ...

rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 1 of 2
Archive-name: running-faq/beginners/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING BEGINNERS' FAQ and Interesting Information The...

rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
Archive-name: running-faq/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING FAQ and Interesting Information This posting contai...

Misc.kids FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 1/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part1 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ******************************* *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 1 * ...

Misc.kids FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 2/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part2 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ****************************** *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 2*

Would cutting milk delay lactic buildup?
I wondered if cutting back on milk consumption (containing lactic acid) might delay the lactic acid threshhold. Any thoughts?


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