Advice on purchasing an Elliptical Runner
Hello NG, My wife and I have decided that it would be a really great idea to buy a sub-$1000 elliptical runner. I was looking at NordicTrack until people started to tell me that I...

Hi, I need to pick the minds of you folks. Sunday I entered a marathon, but due to a combination of several factors I decidied it was in my best interests to drop out at mile 16. ...

How to find out about races in my area....
Probably been asked but I'm new - the Runner's World finder seems to have been down. Would like to find a 5K race - had a baby 8 months ago and finally ready to get back into a few races. T...

6 deadly words
"I thought you were a runner" Spoken without thought. Not meant as unkind. So went the start of my saturday family dinner. I've been thinking about it ever since. It...

(_!_) holes
nuff said

Alan Webb!
Results from the Hengelo meet are in. Webb ran 3:33.7, 8th fastest American all time, 4th place, 0.18 behind Bernard Lagat. Apparently, there was a massive kicking battle, with the to...

Japan Marathons
Hi, Im moving to Japan in a few weeks. Im training for my first marathon which I will be running in Japan in the late fall. Any suggestions or experience with marathons in Japans? which...

Questions about first marathon
I am running Wahington DC marathon on October 31st, 5 months from now. My first! When I started training a month ago my limit was about 3 miles (in 1/2 hour), now I can run about 6.5 mi...

You can TRY to stop me, but you can't.
Bite me Google, your ass is mine.

Places for training around the world
I have three weeks leave coming up in September/October and I'm looking at places to go for a couple of weeks good training. I'm in Australia but I'm looking at heading as far as my budget w...

Introducing "Tanner's Law"
I think everyone should aspire to have a theory named after them, so here's my attempt: Tanner's Law -- There's really not that much difference between running 6 miles and 15 miles. I...

Race Report: Ottawa National Capital 5K
National Capital Race Weekend 5K Race Ottawa, Canada May 29, 2004 It was almost five years ago exactly that I started running. And in this race I set a new PR in the 5...

ING Ottawa Marathon
If you ran the ING Ottawa Marathon today, what did you think of the new course? Leave your comments at: Ken ...

To trail runners...mosquitos?
Would like to hear what trail runners do about the mosquitos, ( and other flying bugs)? Before each run I spray my hat, arms and legs but the DEET washes off after the 3rd mile of swea...

shin splints and bad calves?
I've been suffering from a bad bout of shin splints for the last 2 weeks or so and I'm not liking it. I think i've tried everything, in terms of stretching, applying cold after the run, etc...

Cracking during sit-ups
Hey, all. When I do sit-ups my back lets out a soft "cracking" noise every time I come back down to the ground. There is only one crack per sit-up, but it will happen every sit-u...

My cat is a catnip junkie, and I bought some special organic catnip for him on eBay and it's from Palmer! cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.allfalldown...

Ottawa MDS 10k run
Why are many people's chip time 1 min longer than the gun time? I was quite disappointed when I found my time was 2 mins longer than last year I knew I gained near 20lbs muscles ...

Nimbus vs Cumulus
if i had a bumpy ride in the Nimbus, would the Cumulus be a smoother ride? thoughts and counsel welcome! \ - - // ( @ @ ) +---...

Training Week Ending May 30, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) "The most insec...

running and abdomenal area
Hi folks. I see you guys are all professionals here, I wouldn't bother you if there's some running group for amaters like me :) Anyway, I've been running for the past 2-3 years, but not con...

Protein during exercise
I came across this article at According to this study, protein during exercise may have substantial benef...

shoes insert with high arch support?
I have a custom orthotics that is at least twice as thick as over-the-counter ones (e.g. superfeet) and the top layer is made of EVA (rubber-like stuff) so it is also shock aborbing. <...

Atkins Lawsuit Begins, could prevent mass funerals
STEVE BAYT (Parma/Brook Park, Ohio) So, a few months ago, I mass posted on many newsgroups the idea that people should start suing THE ATKINS DIET for the dietary disa...

Lydiard lacing...
All I can find is this picture: I can't find any other diagrams, even using or Google's cache... ...

Are there Port-a-Johns or Bathrooms on the course of the New York Marathon?
They are not on the course map. If they exist, roughly at what mile markers are they found? Before you get into Central Park, of course.


Cost of speeding
Is there a rule of thumb on how much it costs you over the whole race if you go out too fast at the start? Ideally for different lengths of races. Cheers, Paul

Coolmax Briefs?
Sanjay, you are obviously a towelhead, and we all know you don't bathe, so why bother with coolmax? Unless it allows you to go 6 or 7 additional months without stinkin', why bother?

Coolmax Briefs?
Anyone have opinions on these? Are these comfortable for races and to wear as regular underwear all day when you are not running?

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