Brian Maxwell
I recently read a post on hear by some guy who was claiming that Brian Maxwell's heart failure was caused by a combination of his being "overweight" while still running as hard as he used to...

Garmin Forerunner bicycle mount for sale No bids yet

Sporting Life 10k Elites
Here's a little article on the race I will be doing on Sunday. It looks like there will be some good runners there. ...

ESPN's toughest sports they have a list of 60 sports. the factors taken into account include: endurance, speed, strength, agility, flexibility,...

Increasing Stride Length
I was reading some articles on pponline regarding various subjects, and as I was reading about stride length I came across this excellent quote: "Rather than reaching out with the...

Consistant Pace VS Consistant HR
I have been using a HR monitor for about a year now. Mostly it has been to keep my overall training in check and to accumulate data so that I can get a feel for what the heart rate really means....

Is my therapist whacked?
About a year ago I ran 20 miles and the next day I went for a fast 60 miles on the bike. I shouldn't have. I got a pain behind my left knee on the upper half of the knee. I took a week off a...

"Vasque Lightspeed" -- offroad shoe review
Ground my poor ASICS Gel-Cumulus road shoes into nothing on the trails, and since I have another pair of those NIB, I opted to get at least one pair of trail shoes and see what I think of th...

Introducing FotoAlbum Pro 4.1
DALLAS, TEXAS, April 29, 2004 – FotoTime, an online photo service specializing in sharing and organizing digital images, today announced the availability of FotoAlbum Pro 4.1. FotoAlbum Pro...

polarized or not?
I want to get a pair of sunglasses for running. Could you please make suggestions for something stylish? Should they be polarized?

Back Surgery and Marathon
I just had lumbar discectomy and laminectomy. I have been running long distance for 7 years, 15 marathons, 40-50 miles per week, best time 3:08. I am 52 years old. Anybody in this group ha...

Whats the machine called that you attach to oneself that tells you the distance that one has run ! Gaz

Bloomsday 12K Race is Sunday morning
The Bloomsday 12K Race is Sunday morning. It is one of the largest foot races in the country (world?), regularly attracting over 50,000 participants. A few years ago over 65,000 people

Essex Races
Grange Farm Trotters and Dunmow Runners will once again be hosting the Dunmow 5 on 6th June 2004 at 11:00 A Scenic undulating 5 Mile road race - Certified by AAA Helena Roma...

African-Americans call for "Revolution"
African-Americans in America Openly Call for Revolution and the Rule of African-American Culture By PATRICK E. TYLER and DON VAN NATTA Jr. Published: April 26, 2004

high pulse, low blood pressure
My pulse during the day such as just typing on the computer is on average between 80-100 bpm but my blood pressure is always very low. I was wondering what this might mean? I have factored...

Flying Pig Marathon
Anyone running the Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday? Dave

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Half Marathon -- brief report
The Kentucky Derby Festival races (a marathon and a half marathon, the latter known as the "Mini Marathon") take place the week before the Kentucky Derby. Both races start at the same place...

OKC Memorial Marathon Report (Long)
Sorry for the length-just couldn’t find a way to condense it. Save some for later if needed. There are few more moving scenes than the softly lit pre-dawn visage of the Oklahom...

Y'all still quite tedious...
...I pop back to see how you're doing and what do I find? Dullness with an extra helping of stupidity. Where is the satire, the confrontation, the high principles, the morality,...

Copenhagen Marathon
Anyone else running this? Check out Jonathan

Race Strategy - Marathon
Flying Pig Marathon - May 2, 2004 Goal: BQ - 7:26/mile avg. pace The 6th annual Flying Pig is this Sunday and I am trying to set a game plan. This will be my second marathon (and...

Alcohol and Running
A few times a year I have long business lunches when I have too much to drink. I'm wondering if I could get in trouble running after work being half in the bag. I'm careful to hydrate. Does ...

Running and cycling with GPS the new website for runners and walkers with GPS systems the new website for cyclists with GPS systems

I Strangled My Dog Then Fucked it
Pictures of me strangleing and fucking my dog bobo

Physical Therapy Hourly Rates?
Any estimates of what PT hourly rates to expect would be much appreciated as I would be paying for this myself (location is Seattle-Portland area), and unfortunately it will come down to a c...

Race Report, Pinckney Trail Half-Marathon
It seems lately that whatever race I run, it's wet. Last race I ran was the Turkey Trot 10K, and it was drizzly and gloomy. Today, it was the Trail half-Marathon, which is run in the Pinckn...

Teenage Boys Shat on By Fathers
My own Personal Pictures of Teenage Boys Being Shat on

Race Report: Skinnydipper Sun Run 5K, Decatur, Texas
I ran this race last year, at a naturist resort outside Fort Worth, on something of a lark, but I had a good time and won my age group, so I decided to try more of the local events. This yea...

Knee problem?
I just got May's Runner's World and page 45 caught my eye. It's titled Preventive Steps. I read it and this seems like what I am experiencing. It is just in my left knee. A few weeks ago...

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