Dumb gesture?
Okay running through the frozen tundra that is New England this afternoon, I was into my second mile and getting warm and getting focused. All of a sudden the blare from a pickup truck...

Yo dudes and dudettes!
How's they hangin' folks? I've been away working on my new book "The Roger Chronicles" and just thought I'd stop in to say hi, and lo and be-holed (no typo, it's me remember?) I'm being impe...

Runners Workout
Hello all, I was hoping someone out there could help me out. I have read a number of running books, and I looking for a runners specific weight program. I have tried a number of different ...

Polar S410 for dummies
I just bought a Polar S410 and am trying to figure out how to best use it. This came with PolarPrecisionPerformance ver 4.00.025. In setting up the Exercises (in PPP, which I'll then t...

Buying a new Treadmill HELP! True? Fitness Experience?
Hello all, I had a Trotter 540 treadmill and it has seen better days and was put to rest recently (it had been thru alot of use and abuse, i got it free/broken and had it fix...

Treadmill Motivation
Help! I live in a freezing cold, arctic, god-forsaken part of the US. In order to maintain my health and safety I am currently running on a treadmill at the fitness center - desperately tr...

Update: Dally Does Distance
I ran my race today. You may recall a tiny thread about running a 5K when I can't? Well, it turned out to be a four mile road race instead of a 5K. I was pretty scared about it, but sho...

On TV tonight
(from a friend) ESPN 9 will be televising the meet from Boston tonight (Saturday) from 6-7 PM EST. Gebeselassie is going to try to get his 3000m record back. That will pobably ge...

Training Week Ending February 1, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.allfalldown.org

Highest Marathon in the World
Announcing the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon http://www.100k.org 29th May 2004

FS: "1996 Olympic Marathon 100 Anniversary" Wall-Plaque (Factory-Sealed)
"1996 Olympic Marathon 100 Anniversary" Wall-Plaque (Factory-Sealed) I have for sale the "1996 Olympic Marathon 100 Anniversary" (Factory-Sealed) Wall-Plaque. The Plaque measures 18"x2...

Another Question: Need to Improve 1.5 mi Run Time
Hello all. I need to improve my 1.5 mile run time and lose about 20-25 lbs. My status: My best-ever 1.5 mile run was at the age of 27; my time was 10:10 and I weighed 153 lbs an...

Hard Run Induced Chest Congestion??? Or Coincidence?
Hello all. I'm not a big runner at all. I've been running a SLOW pace on a treadmill trying to get in shape for a couple of months (running 2-ish miles a few times each week). O...

Injured Back when trying to run to lose weight
Listers, Like another lister who mentioned getting back into running after 10 years, I too have been trying. I ran since about 1978 when I originally lost 30 lbs and kept i...

Arm Swing Gyroscopic Effect?
Got frustrated this morning with slowing down for the many slippery sand-covered concrete tight corners I run over (this a.m. was a particularly dark moonless morning), and decided to push h...

A Shoe With A Story
http://www.boston.com/sports/schools/articles/2004/01/18/a_moving_tribute_ found/ -global

rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 1 of 2
Archive-name: running-faq/beginners/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING BEGINNERS' FAQ and Interesting Information The...

rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
Archive-name: running-faq/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING FAQ and Interesting Information This posting contai...

My first running injury!
Is a big sore on the side of my hip which looks revolting and is from my MP3 player accidentally being clipped onto my udnerwear as well as waistband! In other news I have moved from 3kms to...

Won't be able to take nutritional supplements: Senate Bill 722
STEVE BAYT (Parma/Brook Park, Ohio) This group keeps asking some great questions, except for the guy who is promoting masturbation to save your life. But, all you...

Treadmill Training Question
For the last couple of months I've been concentrating my cardio workouts on treadmill running, a change from the eliptical machines I had been previously using. I've gotten to whe...

serious knee locking problem
Hi, A friend of mine has a serious problem and will undergo scope surgery in about a week for a 'locked' knee. I think he has a meniscal tear of some kind on the medial side...

Treadmill Software
Hi all, I recently bought a treadmill (for those very cold and very hot days) that has iFit.com technology. Then I found that there is software that can create the tones needed. (www.i...

Persistent Calf Injury
Hi everybody! Hope somebody can give me some advice! I was a reasonable club runner 15 years ago (I'm now just turned 41!) and after a lay-off (when I did other sports- foot...

hrm with no chest strap
greetings: recently ran across an ad for one of these in a magazine (non running). was wondering if any of you have used one of these and how well they work. it's simply a watch...

Chaffing question
Anyone used a product by a company called Bodyglide? I (hesitantly admit) I got my first case of runners nipple on the weekend, in prep for my first marathon, and after running 22kms I...

Screwed in 10 Inches
I took my screw shoes to the trails today which contained 10 new inches of fine powered snow. Conclusion - I don't need no stinkin' shoe shoes! ;) It was so nice to be back on the trails ...

Take note treadmill owners
From the Lexington Herald-Leader: "One of the secrets (why) I've been running so well the past couple of years is that I bought a True treadmill," [Jimmy] Hearld said. "A...

Upper Limit on Fat & Protein?
Anyone know if there's an upper limit on the number of grams of fat & protein (& cholesterol) one can eat safely? Most of the information I've come across sets limits based on daily di...

Numb, heavy feet
Been running off and on for 20 years, since the summer I have picked up more seriously but now find soon after setting out my feet and lower legs feel heavy, numb, sort of tingling.

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