year end
4816 two days of not running f you w don't worry about what people think about you! because they aren't thinking about you

Adkins/low carb diets and running
hello folks. Just wondering if anyone follows a low carb diet while participating in a serious running program. Do the lack of carbs create problems or does the body compensate? Tha...

Running Gifts? Anyone get Goodies?
Hi Group, I have never received one *real* running related gift. (OK, I found a pedometer in the gutter one day, and it works!..but that doesn't count) I still have to buy my own Thorlo...

Doug, MHRRC Recover from the Holidays Run
Where is this held? Is it in a state park? Doesn't look like a blizzard this year so I'm thinking of coming down for a possible 25k or so.

Running in Las Vegas?
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Running in a swimming pool
Hi. We're researching what the optimum specs would be for a swimming pool designed for running (indoors for our gym) - to suit people of various heights - anyone got any ideas or suggest...

rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 1 of 2
Archive-name: running-faq/beginners/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING BEGINNERS' FAQ and Interesting Information The...

rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
Archive-name: running-faq/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING FAQ and Interesting Information This posting contai...

Proper warmup suggestion?
I have seen that if I jog very slowly for about a mile , after that my runs become smoother in the sense I can run faster with lesser effort and my runs become enjoyable too. However it...

Las Vegas runners?
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Selling Runnng to your Kids?
Would appreciate suggestions from running parents who've had some success in starting their young kids with the running habit. My daughter has just reached 6-1/2, and could use the exercise...

Experience of using SOF graphite insole ?
I have totally flat feet and therefore suffer from severe over pronation and associated problems such as pain in the arch / plantar fasciitis. An option available to me is to fit the SOF gra...

mad cow and running
i was wondering if any runners out there quite eating beef due to the mad cow scare?? why/wht not?? plodzilla

Re: From the "Uthu Side" (Nelly)
Israeli groups seek way to help Iran earthquake victims By Yam Yehoshua, Haaretz Correspondent, and The Associated Press Delegates from Israeli huma...

I am back...slowly
Hi ladies and gents, I used to run, I used to visit here and got a lot of fine advice. The wind's rather out of my sails after reading about Laurie. :-( I am back here after strug...

Which foot do I start out on?
Not just in the morning, but for running, do you find you run faster if you start out on your right foot? Or left?

How do I crap?
I've forgotten how, please help me!

Glucosamine -- 3 week results
Four weeks ago I inquiried about usefulness of glucosamine in treating and improving joints for active people. I used to runa lot and have been having joint issues lately, which prevented me...

Exercise Bike riding position
I've been doing 30 minutes on an exercise bike twice a week, for supplemental aerobic conditioning, and also to help strengthen my quads as I've had knee problems. The club has two kinds o...

newbie report
I recently posted about transferring treadmill running to an actual 5K. Thanks to everyone who posted back with advice - BUT - I'm not doing very well. I can still run 3 miles on the tread...

rec.running IRC channel
I'm going to be on the IRC channel #rec.running or today, if anybody cares to join me they are more than welcome -- luc wastiaux - [email protected]

I've forgotten how to fart, please help.
Help me before I explode.

Nose Breathing (Repost from 1997)
Nose Breathing 1997 Austin "Ozzie" Gontang, Ph.D. <[email protected]> Breathing through the nose on the inhalation: 1. Warms the air

Home-made Energy Gel
Energy gels seem to be very effective, yet they are exorbitantly expensive. I'm considering making my own energy gel from malt extract and some other assorted ingredients. A couple questions...

do shin splints have to be at front of leg??
i get the same feeling as shin splint but at back corner (outside back) of my leg (same place vertically, and same feeling - very tight muscles causing pain). i can slow down and ...

How to eat food.
Hi fellow boners! I have a problem. When I'm running and I try to eat, I choke it right back up. I find steaks, spare ribs, and chicken bones particularly annoying. I try and try, but I...

Training Year Ending 2003
Greetings, rec.runners! Please feel free to join this thread and submit any information you have compiled regarding your year. You don't have to answer all the question - feel fre...

Training Week Ending December 28, 2003
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON)

CamelBak opinions
Hi all, Thinking about getting one as I prepare for my marathon, as I have no other way of rehydrating during training. Our parks etc over here do not have water fountains, and I ...

Nose/mouth breathing again
There have been many past postings on the possible (theoretical) advantages of nose breathing while running. Other mammals with similar airway anatomy to ours are obligatory nose breather...

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