My Seattle Marathon report
Some of you may remember my "stomach difficulites" at NYC, so I did something that most of you would probably have told me not to -- sign up for the next marathon and try to redeem myself. ...

""MIDIcian" (tm)" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > > how is it you don't > > recognize Jesus as the Son of God ... > > I recognize Jesus as...

Re: Talmud (was Re: I CAN'T HEAR YOU????)
> > The Talmud is The Plan to Take Over The World and enslave all gentiles... > > Sorry, religious text is normally written to enslave the people of that > religion,...

Re: Talmud (was Re: I CAN'T HEAR YOU????)
""MIDIcian" (tm)" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > I'm thinking/recalling? - the tefilin is the leather straps used to attach > the Talmud to the forehead????

Running in freezing cold weather...
Hi folks! What is the best advice for running in freezing cold weather? I live in New Jersey. In this time of the year, it is very cold here. For some obvious reasons, I need to t...

Race Report: Seattle Marathon
Let me start off by saying "Hell Yeah" or "Fuck Yeah" for that matter. My goal was 3:43 and I hit 3:43.50. It was awesome and boy am I sore right now. Here is how the run went. ...

Ankle surgery pros and cons?
I have been out of work for 4 months with torn tendons in my foot and torn ligaments in my ankle as a result of multiple falls and sprained ankles. I have had cortisone shots that haven't h...

Winter Running
First seasonal running in tights, knit cap & gloves was this week. I'm making an effort in running w/elbows adjacent to ribs, fist balled (for warmpth) close to my chest and having as littl...

NordicTrack Summit & belt lubrication
In getting my treadmill ready for use this winter, I was going through the owners manual for the NordicTrack Summit and found the following under Operation and Adjustment, "Yo...

Monthly running data
Can one of you guys who knows what you are doing comment on my November running log? First off... my pace is slow, I know... I don't feel that I am losing enough weight for the di...

Training Week Ending November 30, 2003
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. **notice** in the last week of 2003 I will be posting the 'Training Year" thread, so get out your calcul...

looking for mosaic picture marathon poster
I ran the marine corps marathon a few years ago and bought the poster that is made up of all of the little pictures of the runners that make up one big logo. Bottom line, it just was lo...

Marathon tomorrow
I've got the Seattle Marathon tomorrow, but I've been feeling very sluggish these last couple of days. It's as if my body is using all it's energy to fight off a cold as a lot of people aro...

The beginning of the end of his end?
Undisclosed sources confirm that the jihad movement has slowed to a crawl. It is unsure what is the cause of the decline but top officials think that there may be a shortage of...

Running in the South
Sugar Land, TX... Ran 5 Mile Turkey Trot Thursday... 75 deg F & 100% humidity. The next morning... 34 deg F. CAJUNMAN

"The Zone" Diet by Barry Sears ??
Hello, I've just read a book named "The Zone" by Dr. Barry Sears which claims a lot of success especially with world class athletes including the Stanford Swim Team. I'...

Recommend a good running book?
I'm looking for a good book on running technique... I'm a beginner, now running 5k @ 10 minutes per. Want some help and a continuing reference as I get better.

More Marathon March 2004
Who is planning to participate? Thanks. also reply off list. Thanks!

Re: Talmud (was Re: I CAN'T HEAR YOU????)
I'm thinking/recalling? - the tefilin is the leather straps used to attach the Talmud to the forehead???? Stan +- +- +- +- +- +- +- +- ""MIDIcian" (tm)" <[email protected]

obstacle-running in the park
Itīs the same every day, there is dog - shit everywhere !

I wouldn't normally do this...
...but if you've a quiet hour or so you really should go and read (an admittedly lengthy) thread on started on 23rd Nov by Elizabeth Frantes entitled "Well, the word is...

Philadelphia Marathon....not a peep?
I don't recall seeing a single post here about the Philadelphia Marathon before it ran last week....and since it's completion. Perhaps I'm wrong but it just strikes as odd that the 5th la...

Sneezing after running?
I have a friend, female, 43 yrs old, excellent health (finishes 1st or 2nd in her age group), who has recently developed a condition after competing in races ( 2mi, 5K) of sneezing episodes ...

[Ann] Looking for Beta Testers for Training Log App.
Hi, We're looking for beta testers for the first release of TrainingLog for Windows. TrainingLog is a fully featured training activity logging program for multi & single spor...

Race Report - Turkey Trot 5 miler - Davenport, Iowa
I have not done any real running since the end of July. Even though I ran a marathon at the end of September, I sort of just hurt all the way through it. Yesterday, I knew I woul...

::: [Big News] Diet Handbag & Diet Bag :::
Hello. This is Do you happen to hear about "Diet Handbag"? Diet Handbag is made by textiles used for sports wear and diet wear. Diet Handags are composed of tote bag, ...

Race report - Autumfest 8k
Autumnfest 8k Location: Knoxville, TN Time: 8:30 AM, Thursday, 11-27-2003 Distances 8k (4.972 miles) Entry Fee $7 with local club membership, advance reg., no shirt # Regist...

(listen along with my cover of this cool tune, DL @ - ) Psychopath by Supersister It is not strange to be a psychopath The wor...

manchester road race
does anyone know who won(both men and women) the thanksgiving day 4.75 mi. manchester road race? also how did alan webb do? he was scheduled to run this race.

::: [Big News] Diet HandBag & Diet Bag:::
Hello. This is Do you happen to hear about "Diet Handbag"? Diet Handbag is made by textiles used for sports wear and diet wear. Diet Handags are composed of tote bag, ...

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