30 Jan 2007 17:43:18

First off, I would like to say Hello!! I am part of an organization
called Jamoja. Our Mission is to allow and help any & everybody to
express themselves through their love of sport. We have launched a
brand new Sports Online Community. www.jamoja.com. We have been up for
almost 4 weeks. What we are trying to do is build a world for all
people who love sports. So that everyone that has a passion for any
sport can come together and interact with one another. You can
Promote and Advertise Yourself, your leagues, your clubs, and anything
about you and your friends that you would like to share. You can also
upload & post your videos, so that people can see and keep up with
you. We have made it a safe, friendly, and a positive place for all.
If you are a athlete, a coach, a fan, a trainer, or someone who loves
sports, I think you will really like this site. Basically we are
trying to build a database for all athletes in the world. The website
is really cool and simple. Sign Up its Free! www.jamoja.com In
addition, We also try to do our part in different communities. Each
month since August '06 we have thrown a free sport clinic for kids.

Thank You Very Much for Your Support!!