Side Effects and Training.
Hi I just finished Radio Therapy 3 weeks ago and over 40 sessions I gained about 5 kilo's because the doctors insisted that I eat huge amounts of protein and during that time I was too tired...

Side Effects and Training.
Hi I just finish Radio Therapy 3 weeks ago and over 40 sessions I gained about 5 kilo's because the doctors insisted that I eat huge amounts of protein and during that time I was too tired a...

Mark Hunt to fight Semmy Schilt under K1 rules
Looks like Hunt has rejoined K-1 and is scheduled to fight Semmy Schilt in April. As much as I'd love to see Hunt ktfo Schilt, I think it'll be an easy points win for Schilt. Hopefully we'...

name of this weapon?
I saw what looked like a six foot wood staff with a 1 foot blade on one end and a chain with a weight on the other end. Looked more likely to injure a user than an opponent, but nifty. Anyon...

Ten-brick breaking Awesome power.

US is "out of control" Quantum's Jim Rogers says US 'out of control' Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent Jim Rogers -...

Dan Henderson - Anderson Silva predictions
In an all out fair fight a white man will beat a black man every time Henderson KO2 Silva

Kung Fu Murderer Caught Got him! Kung Foo skilz failed him in the end.

Defence Against Machete-Wielding Robbers? Nice work, boys! -- GDS "Let's roll!"

House approves new taxes on big oil companies
When I heard big, I immediately thought of Aramco or Rosneft. Imagine my dismay when it was a little oil company like Exxon, which is #12 in the world in size. None of the really large oil...

The Chi FAQ section 2: Is Chi a Scientific Theory?
Please note; this is not an automated posting. This is a cut and paste from an original PDF file; images, hyperlinks, and other non-ASCII images (such as Chinese Characters) have not been pr...

Wrt the Wing Tsun in actual fight thread
It started out as good intentions, but has turned into a trainwreck. Leave the sinking ship before you drown.

Hasta la vista, baby
John Connor: No, no, no, no. You gotta listen to the way people talk. You don't say "affirmative," or some shit like that. You say "no problemo." And if someone comes on to you with an attit...

OT - weird stuff - Taliban
This is Afghanistan during the reign of the Taliban. Remember TV and movies were forbidden by the Talibs. Along with music, dancing, photographs, and kite flying among other stupidity of t...

Many Companies are seeking persons for doing simple computer
Many Companies are seeking persons for doing simple computer typing jobs. Any body with basic computer and Internet knowledge can do the work. Need to spare 5 to 10 hrs. a week. The more you...

Victim kills assailant with his own knife - then faces charges for murder A shopkeeper could be charged with murder after defending himself against an armed robber who was killed ...

stretching - a waste of time? Sam

A government "gun control" program I can actively support. If you are a US citizen. If you are a member of an affiliated club/veterans organization/collector's club/etc. (My life membership in Amvets, frex) If y...

I've been doing MMA for a bit, but that class got moved to a time I can't attend. Muay Thai was put in the time slot that the MMA class used to be, so I just started that instead. Then, ye...

OT-More Bush Legacy Report reveals truth on war: "The Army brass had no intention of dropping that volume on the desk of their volatile...

Global malaria distribution map released
Global malaria distribution map released BEIJING, Feb. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- About 35 percent of the world population, meaning 2.37 billion people, are at risk from malaria, one of the worl...

To ponder: Bellfield murder trial over
Let's just put our good-natured bickering aside for a while to ponder the horrific reality which is out there. Young women murdered because their killer hated women, blonde women. Bludgeoned...

Mayweather vs. Wight
Man, what a fight! Undefeated pro boxer Floyd Mayweather (39-0), at the top of his boxing career, but only 5'8" 150lbs, will take on Paul Wight, who is 7 feet tall and 430 lbs! ...

If you haven't seen this yet: *swoons*

OT - Science Fiction Fans.... Repent!
R2D2 is a demon? WTF??? GDS "Let's roll!"

Martial Arts Strategy - How's Your Acting Ability?
Even 'No-Strategy' Fighting Has a Pattern Would you like to know a secret? The big rough guys who don't believe in "no darn strategy," are sometimes the easiest ones to deal with....

Sell HID Conversion Kit $45us/pc
we selling HID Kit in $45us/pc and very cheap UPS shipment. the first kit shipment is $37.5us and the other kit shipment $26us/pc. for example:if you ...

If you learn languages as a hobby in your extreme part time or focusing on learning Arabic to achieve something of your own, you will find those sites very helpful to you. Online learni...

so where oh where did 2 trillion dollars go?
Two trillion dollars just vaporized into nothingness in the mortgage meltdown. MUCH more to go bye-bye very soon. So many of you believe in the myth of "creation of wealth" judging by how ...

Portugal is an amazing country to visit. I think that in the States it is a little underrated, or at least not well known. But I think it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world....

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