Huckabe Unveils Ad Only to Disavow It
How can I be blamed, when the future President of the United States does it too? -

Or.... Timbbbbbbbbeeerrrrr...... Fedor Emelianenko def. Choi Hong-Man via armbar, in about one minute and 54 seconds. I didn't see it. How much would there have been to see? <...

Action Is The Key
Did you know that the only thing standing between you and all you want in life is your ability to act. Did you know that procrastination does more to destroy dreams than anything else in lif...

WHAT is GOING ON in South Korea? Chom Son Cho cannot seem to keep the peace. How often is this mass rioting going on? I would ask Elvis Presley to crush Chos...

lol, Korean Swat demonstration video Korean Swat police training. Training works good for opening beer bottles. Anyone know if that female is still conscious?

End of Year Cheer
To each and every rm-a 'er, I wish you all the best for 2008 and thanks for an entertaining 2007. Despite our many and varied opinions, styles and interests, and indeed *because* ...

To roger taylor and group
I need your opinion, should I use the diamonds or the squares on this quilt? This is a present for my new daughter in law so it has to be perfect! The picture is below: Thanks...

NYC Police Officer Charged with Rape
"Briefs" "Middletown, NY - A New York City Police officer has been charged with raping a teen student at his martial arts school and led her to believe it was part of the program...

Police Corruption of the Worst Kind

The Worst Self Defense Scenario - Home Invasion
No one is going to argue with the conventional wisdom that it is always better to stay in one place and not go prowling the house after a home invader. Hole up in the bedroom, call the pol...

help me
Hello world ! My name is Noor Hisham Bin Ahmad from Malaysia. I want to set up the online business but I'm not money. Can you help me? My acount number 0210029816898886 ( Bank...

And the results are in...
Chuck Liddell decisively decisions Wanderlai Silva, in three rounds. Silva is a tough guy, who took Chuck's shots, but Chuck came to fight, and I mean fight. He wasn't the guy who got outb...

Q: British martial arts journals to write for?
Hello, I am trying to find out what are the most main-stream martial arts journals in the UK. Both as regards sports and traditional MA training. I would like to submit...

Tips to live by
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, Glass of wine...

More stupid rednecks with guns
From The Associated Press, 12/29/07:,0,5030779.story 2 Shot in Tab Spat at Hooters in Tenn. By Associ...

How to Get That Rock-Hard Six Pack
Learn the truth about six-pack abdominals. For more information, click here:

Classic Terrorism
1.Because she is a real threat to the terrorist organization that cannot rule democratically, kill the popular leader with the people behind her . 2.Because he is unpopular already, blame t...

The Worst Self Defense Scenario - Home invasions
Probably one of the worst self defense scenarios occurs when a home invader enters one's home. I had posted some of the this earlier. It concerned an individual who did a study of home inv...

Discovery Channel Tonight - Weapons Masters
Weapon's Masters. Looks like a program similiar to the one that appeared on the history channel. With two fellows traveling around in search of arts that use weapons. Either 9 or 10pm...

Lessons in Self Defense -Rogue cops - back to martial arts
Forget the actions of the rogue cops for a minute and think about this lesson. There are martial arts lessons to be learned in a lot of posts. In the post on the Melville Rogue Cops by...

I am back
Defender of rogue cops, the devil's advocate, the one who challenges everything. I am here to give you a bad time and needle you give you something to fuss about. Crabby as ever and mean a...

Bjj vs Kung Fu
Sweet... and also... -- GDS "Le...

Bob Sapp vs Bobby Ologun, predictions?
muwahahahaha another fine K-1 match up for New Years Eve :)


O.T. Bhutto assassinated by the Religion of pieces
Benazir Bhutto was assassinated as were twenty other civilians, by the assassin, who then blew himself up.

15% Off ALL Xtreme Couture!
<a href="">TKO Warehouse</a> just announced this morning that they are temporarily offering <u>15% off ALL <a href="

Taking a gun to the beach
If this is what you have to prepare for, maybe it's not a bad idea after all. This story (two links) really sucks btw...

:) Merry Xmas to all and may evfgeryone keep kicking in the new year OSU Bruce

This sat night's fights ....
Let the predictions begin... What say ye...... Mark

With Best Wishes... Definition of Peace - {HRI 20070520-V2.1.2}
Definition of Peace 20 May 2007 {HRI 20070520-V2.1.2} ...

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