Last night on Tuf
Actually an interesting episode. Serra ( K Serra Serra...) was humming his usual put downs on Matt Hughes. And the Hughes guy put on an interesting fight. He's a strong, tough wr...

(Book with) Chinese Martial Arts Anecdotes?
Hi all, Can anyone recommend books that are heavy on anecdotes from the Chinese martial arts world? Recent history or stuff of legend --

Sometimes it really pays to just show up
Last night I went to my MMA class as usual, in spite of not really feeling like it, and I noticed that Dennis Kang was there. "Wowweee," I thought, "a real live MMA star!" Then I saw he wa...

OT - House Approves Sexual Discrimination Bill
Does this cover drag queens? Can Wannabe come to work dressed as drag queen? When will we have bills for the fat, the skinny, the tall, the short, the bald, the hirsute ( the ...

Iron Palm and Iron Vest Workshop: Earlybird Discount Ends Soon!
Greetings Friends, This is our last workshop in our continuing education series for 2007 and it's going to be dynamite (see full info below)! Good iron body training is rare and h...

Attention - Implications for Self Defense- Threats and Assaults
This is interesting. It comes from research that a gentlemen did some research for a defensive firearms course. In the first part, I have removed the firearms portion for our foreign frien...

UFC January 2008 in Newcastle, UK... but who's fighting?
Hi all, I wonderred if anyone knows who's on the fight card for January's UFC in Newcastle, UK? I've heard rumours that BJ Penn in fighting. Has the full fight card been released ...

O.T. regarding that Islamo-fascism awareness week
meanwhile as the world turns, we get more daily items like these- just looking at my daily news reports..... just a small part of todays news. My gosh, it must be the Islamophobia that caus...

Great fitness equipment, in your home and gym?!
Guide for cheap gym and house fitness equipment

A glimpse of Chineseculture and sceneries
A glimpse of Chineseculture and sceneries :

New Videos Posted
Hi Everyone, I just posted two new videos on my website: Armbars and Wristlocks.... Enjoy! John

Left-Fascism Awareness Week?
Considering the assault upon the freedom to discuss, debate, in universities,and colleges, last week, it is appropriate to post this article by Don Feder, which bluntly addresses the issue...

Dim Mak, Evangelical Christian Style
Benny Hinn is also the master of the no touch KO. If only we could get him to enter the UFC....he would undoubtedly no


IQ and race: maybe it's environment
So, here's an interesting article: from Flynn, the guy who discovered that IQ scores have been rising significantly in the US ...

Young violence, and a question
A story for you all: 20-year-old boy. No criminal record. No history of violence. Graduate of Palo Alto high school, a well-k...

BJJ: Defense v. torreando (bullfighter) pass
I have problems when I'm playing open guard and guys keep away, careful not to let me get a grip on them, and then they quickly dart in and take knee grips and throw my legs one way and run ...

is this a silly question?
why do people keep their pinky semi-extended while shadow boxing, or when hands are up on guard? Sometimes you see the thumb extended as well. I figure its something to do with st...

BJJ in Singapore...
Are there any other BJJ clubs in SIN besides the John Will affiliate? TIA!

(Video) The Comb Over
Thanks for all the views RSPW!!! Youtube lets me know how many viewers I got and everytime after I post a link here I get about 50-100 more views. So as always, thanks for t...

Why I moved to China
I can buy beer at 4am. Or if I want, Henessy, I might add that a 4 pack of heineken tall boys cost about five bucks here. You can't do that in Canada, and I might add there's less 7-11's the...

'Vladolf' 'RatPutin' - The Free Press catches on (Vadimir Putin) {HRI Note 20071103}
'Vladolf' 'RatPutin' - The Free Press catches on (Vadimir Putin) 3 November 2007 ...


(TUF) Is this the worst season of The Ultimate Fighter yet?
Boring personalities, boring feuds, awful amateur fights, Dana being a wuss... so far even Season 2 is looking better than this one.

Stupid Mistake
I'll bet some of you have experienced some really interesting mistakes in the various martial arts. Does anyone have anything fun they'd like to contribute to ? ...

OT:For our English friends

Mixed Martial Arts Rock!
Mixed martial arts provide a framework for the practioner to build the attributes that worth more than any one system as far as street practicality is concerned "Absorb what...

It's time to showcase your talents!!
We have a totally cool new site launching soon, It will be the ultimate online talent show where you can show the world your martial art skills, or any other talent you may...

GD CNN sucks
They just did a spot on this "Tucker" show (I am in the NW airport club lounge in DCA) where some idiot from the LA Times named Joel Stein is trying to explain the relative popularity of Ron...

electric-shock games ? has anyone tried these? They look fun, the four-way-grip one in particular, or perhaps the ball. I wonder if there are different brands...

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