So long and thanks for all the fish...
Okay, gone for good this time ;) For what it's worth, my flight was delayed. Good luck and keep on truckin' - "To search for the old is to understand the new"

Religion of peace demands execution of teacher!
How much more peaceful can you get? Everywhere islam is, you see shit like this, stuff that is so insane that it is bordering on a caricature. You could not MAKE shit up that was...

OT - For the Gloom and Doom
Lately that is on topic here. MRSA, avian bird flu, monster hurricanes, Marburg virus, Hot zones, Global warming, flesh eating bacteria, mutating bacteria that are resistant to anti b...

Headbutts and Renli joins that wrestling jerkoff
Do the BJJ ppl in here do any headbutt related stuff, defending against, gaining position with? How about grinding your forehead into your opponents face? Are these admissible in vale tudo...

China getting pushy; Europe decidedly short on opium this time -

It's like watching a slow motion train wreck.....
America's Day Of Reckoning Is At Hand By Paul Craig Roberts 11-27-7 Pat Buchanan is too patriotic to come right out and say it,...

US Navy *can not* detect new Chinese subs. -

Nemo's Money and Wannabe's Freedom Fighters
a.. Canadian Defence Minister - Dirty Bomb or Nuclear Device Greatest Threat To North America You are going to blow yourselves up in a blast of poetic justice! Har har har. ...

How China is Dumping the Dollar
Most of you don't understand the currents that control your lives, not least of which is economics. But for those of you who are not complete mouthbreathers I will give a peek into the me...

Martial arts event in Kissimmee will determine 'King of the Streets' (Orlando Sentinel) 11/29/2007: Who will be named the "King of the Streets"?

There can be only one
Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species. To this end, I hold M&M duels. Taking two candies betw...

Korean supremacy demonstrated in arts? Ever see anything like that? I saw Hitler create a swastika with people and it changed, but nothing like this. Chom Son...

WOTT - Carjacking Scenario
Let's say you're driving down a road with light traffic. There's a sick dog on the side of the road, and you swerve to avoid him. Just then, a truck coming the opposite way hits the dog, and...

Online Sex
Good site that featured some interesting issues and viewpoints.Very entertaining!Lisa--24 Hours Of Sex--

Killing Zone (tm) Revealed!
Well folks, it's taken a lot of time and research, but I've finally discovered a clip of Wayne Dobson's 'Killing Zone' (tm). Note the training environment (soccer moms). No...

Don't bring a machete to a gunfight
Sean Taylor, probowl safety for the Skins, shot dead in his own home by an intruder. He responded to loud noises by retrieving a machete. A lone gunman entered his bedroom, fired...

Winston Churchill in 1920 says Communists are Jews
Everything that Winston Churchill says here is what is happening right now in your country - a meltdown, a social meltdown of all vital infrastructure. That is definitively communism. The ho...

Fulfilling a dream
I just bought and paid for a ticket to Vegas on the 26th of December. And now I am booking my tickets for the UFC. I've always dreamed of seeing one live and I figured fuck it the time i...

The Perkoff Video You All Have Been Waiting For

Looking for advice for a total newbie
Hello all, I have recently begun my search for a martial art for self-improvement. I have read the existing FAQ's posted here (and thanks much they are pretty useful!). I guess ...

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it has all the latest music, ringtones and jokes!

Wrestling Is More Dangerous Than MMA
Agree or disagree?

What drugs does the FBI/CIA use to trigger cancer?
Anyone know what drugs the FBI/CIA use to trigger cancer? This is how they assassinate people secretly...

Silat on TUF?
There's a new thread on the UG (MMA.TV) that talks about a recent TUF episode where Silat guys were invited to show their wares. From all accounts it was far from impressive. Se...

WOTT - Weapons disarms
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): Weapons disarms - Rank what weaposn are most difficult/dangerous to disarm and why. Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk -- FR...

Things BJJers say can't happen
Turkish guy takes on a crowd of people! Japanese guy fights off crowd

Japanese guy fights off crowd -- Wayne Dobson AKA "Dobbie The House Elf"

OT - What's a trichobezoar?,22049,22827004-5001021,00.html Now you know. -- GDS "Let's roll!"

OT - Maybe - Elementary Watson
Subject: PRO gun article from the London Times > > > #From The Times > September 8, 2007 > Wou...


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