Interesting Comment from CCW Class
Most of our CCW ( concealed carry class) classes are limited to 6 to 8 students. A lot of people are there because something has happened to them. At the last class, we had a Neuro - psychi...

New software tool - dojoSentinel Martial Art Dojo Manager
For all those with dojo's and studios, there is a new subscription service called dojoSentinel, from JavaDojo ( that supports total dojo management through a killer applicat...

Dog shoots man
this guy ought to go hunting with Dick Cheney... Hunter recovering after being shot by dog Pooch accidentally stepped on owner's ...

Four knife attack
Saw this in a local newspaper, woman defended herself with four knives, killing her attacker. Prosecutor called it self defense, no charges. But the article said she picked up fo...

Shidoshi, looks like we did something right!

If there were no combat sports what would Chuck Liddell do for a living?
wash dishes in a bar?

Calling All Martial Artists!
We have a totally cool new site launching soon, It will be the ultimate online talent contest and will be your chance to show off your martial arts skills, or any other tal...

Whoa! Defense-band!
Who the fuck knew this bloody thing would be anything more than just some joke novelty bought only by a few losers? Anyhow, a very "defense band" like object was featured on CSI: Miami last...

Things that hurt
Getting slammed by a 230lb football player and getting his shoulder in your ileum. That's high on my list lately. Pierre

A Story About Pro-Wrestling
There is this guy Chris Jericho, and he beat the crap out of Bill Goldberg. Now it's like how can Jericho do that to such a muscular guy. It's cause Jericho is a real wrestler, while Bill ...

Fight Videos, MMA, UFC, Pride

Antique Boxing Manual for download on Lulu
Billy Edwards, The Art of Boxing and Manual of Training: Billy Edwards, born in England, traveled to the United States of America to pursue his passion of boxing. Facing such greats as...

Wayne Dobson is Liberator
Have either of them ever appeared in the same thread?

Wayne Dobson is Liberator
Have either of them ever appeared in the thread?

San Diego fires
I thought that Katrina "taught us" that only black people suffer from natural disasters!!?!? Trav

Dennis Kang gets arse fucked in his Heroes debut
Yet another PrideFC star gets shown up,

Arguing against the startle reflex
Kinda "Basketball Hands (from the October Blog) A while back I read an interesting college lab study on reflex response, a subject near and dear to us all...

how do I start a fight?
In partner bokken practice, the usual starting position is both standing in a guard position with a few inches between the sword points. It seems to me that this is a stand-off, jus...

Self Defence Pen
So - Local law prevents you from carrying ANY kind of weapon for SD. Seriously. Not even a fucking pen-knife. What are your opinions of "Self Defence Pens"? For example -

Hardcore Holly(On Steroids) VS Matt Hughes(On Steroids) Who Would Win?
Ok, let's go into a little fantasy land and pretend that they can santction a fight where both fighters allowed to use steroids. I mean all the fights already do involve steroids they ...

the AIM of LIFE .
What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Peop...

(Video) My Brother The Theif
He steals two things from me in this video. My dignity and my respect.

OT Our new Betta
Hey, it's a "fighting fish." That's martial, right? I just bought a Betta today so as to use that 1 gal tank I got when we first got goldfish (before I knew what goldfish space require...

American jiujitsu

Who would win?
Lucky Luke or Hamilton (from "Over the Hedge") /on/ Coke? Seriously guys, no troll replies please. LL

MMA Fight/Fighter Database?
I'm looking to get my hands on a fight database with all the fights listed in order by date. Anyone know of any fight databases where you could sort ALL fights by date? Anyone know where She...

Why shouldn't we rape our mothers and daughters?
Why not, indeed? I have posted repeatedly here, trying to get through to rma-ers minimal standards of civilized thought and behavior, minimal standards of human decency. <...

Chuck Liddell VS Hulk Hogan (Both In Their Primes)
I'm not saying Hulk Hogan today, he's like 50 years old. But back in his prime if you pur him in a fight agsint Chuck Liddell in his prime, who do you think would win? I thi...

ping?, that is...
To bring back a topic I raise from time to time, is anyone else who isn't (or is) affiliated with anybody in particular one of the schools/clubs in Maryland, US, Montgomery County, intereste...

Advice on Fighting
"The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the br...

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