Great Feats of Wannabe! And of course we all know Wannabe can pull a shopping trolley co...

Kata....what is it good for?
I've been reading an article by a well regarded martial artist who also happens to be a Bjj bb. He talks about kata. I won't re-write it right here, right now (it's a long article, not on ...

OT -Movie reviews for you.
By accident I managed to see some movies so here is the crtiques: Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon - miss it. dumb show. Bacon's son is killed by gangbangers in their initiation r...

For Kirk: Cane design!
Kirk, you'll like this one. Pierre

Strong Dollar Policy?
'The policy of this government is a strong-dollar policy." President Bush has consistently stuck to this story throughout his White House tenure, which spans three Treasury secretaries. Just...

OT: Friday
Been a tough week for me - enjoy: A young man was walking through a supermarket to pick a few things when he noticed an old lady following him around. Thinking nothing of it...

money making opportunity
Proven by various, highly-respected U.S. TV and Radio programs as being 100% legal, feasible and true.** **Oprah Winfrey and ABC's investigation team 20/20 also prove it can be

Shogun speaks of loss
"I was Really very sad, was the worse defeat of my career", declared Shogun. "I had never gassed as i gassed in this fight. But he does not advance to invent excuses, the error wa...

Girl Attacked by Gang of Youths (Street Wars) This ties in quite nicely with the "Self Defense or Self Deception for Ladies?" thread. Perhaps people can expl...

Breathing and Heart rates
I have an MMA tournament coming up in two months time, I am running about 3km (1.5mile) up a pretty steep hill twice a week.. I have noticed I can get a lot further before stopping each tim...

I know he wasn't on a horse.
What is a flying side kick good for?

No touch KO proved a fact.
This is video proof of the no touch KO.

Marching to war
of course, here is the real reason we are about to invade Iran: Irania...

MMA Weight Classes - A Fairer System?
You can read my whole take at, but here's what I think the weight classes will look like within a couple years: I see something akin to... 155 lightweight ...

History Channel-Axes, swords and knives
Last night as part of it's "Modern Marvels' series, the history channel ran an episode called "axes, swords and knives'. Cool stuff. As a they cut to a commercial break, the...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bitched slapped.
Ahmadinejad was called stooped and petty to his face by the president of Colombia University. What a country. I did learn there are no homosexuals in Iran though.

Pride has been exposed as fixed.
Really, I don't see how anyone could argue against it. It was already known as fact that early Pride shows had completely *worked* fights - outcome predetermined, both fighters and bo...

Advertise for FREE at WWW.QUICKKER.COM
Advertise for FREE at the fast growing community of companies and individuals! All you need to do is to Register and start posting your ads. Posting is very simple: You...

UFC 77 tickets

Thanks to all that provide some great information
I have been lurking on this group for a while, with an occasional post, but mainly reading about how to work out well and stay strong, flexibility, weapons training, injury prevention and tr...

Dilbert on Ahmadinejad
A Feeling I'm Being Had I was happy to hear that NYC didn't allow Iranian President Ahmadinejad to place a wreath at the WTC site. And I was happy that Columbia University is re...

Keith Jardine def. Chuck Liddell via Split Decision (29-28 Jardine, 29-28 Liddell, 29-28 Jardine) after 3 Rounds.
-Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine Round 1: Good leg kick and solid hook from Jardine lands flush. Another leg kick from Jardine. Liddell with a good shot. Another good punch ...

Jon Fitch def. Diego Sanchez via Split Decision (30-27 Fitch, 29-28 Sanchez, 29-28 Fitch) after 3 Rounds.
-Diego Sanchez vs. Jon Fitch Round 1: Diego comes out like a mad man when the round begins looking for a takedown. Fitch defending well. Diego gives up the takedown and the two se...

"Lyoto" Ryoto Machida def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.
-"Lyoto" Ryoto Machida vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura Round 1: Good body kick from Lyoto early. Leg kick from Lyoto. Nakamura bull-rushes in. Knee to the body in the clinch by Lyoto. Knee...

mma Angle

Even the Mexicans Are Fleeing the U.S. for Canada
This is the beginning of the end for the short-lived mighty U.S. empire. Seeing that the once mighty U.S. of A. is heavily debt laden through wanton foreign invasion and sin...

Killing, starvation, now disease !
Yippee. Ain't genocide fun. First we bomb the hell out of them. Then we starve them, now disease. Works as well as the cholera infected blankets sent into the northern plains Indians. We...

Conservatives Without Conscience: Rise of authoritarian conservatism
Why Authoritarians Now Control the Republican Party: The Rise of Authoritarian Conservatism Part Two in a Three-Part Series By JOHN W. DEAN ---- Friday, Sep. 21, 2007

OT-How to win an argument on the internet

There is no comparison
Tai Chi is what old kung fu masters use to defend against the years of training they gave to the younger kung fu artist

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