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Shaolin monks say they can beat Ninjas!

My new blog
Hello guyz, I have my new blog up called "Boxing World". Here i will be posting all the news about upcoming fights and stuff like that so i suggest you check it out. ht...

Troll: Attacked by a diaper wearing crazy astronaut OK, so now that she's free to sneak up on people without her tracking collar on, how does one defend oneself against a bat shit crazy...

OT: Friday
A young reporter went to a retirement home to interview an aged but legendary explorer. The reporter asked the old man to tell him the most frightening experience he had ever had. The o...

The Flying Knee
Watching the MMA fights last night a fighter, named Jim Ervin, I believe, won a fight with a flying knee. Just as the other fighter was bending down for a takedown, Jim Ervin launched hims...

Troll: Kirk's moma wears army boots
Discuss. -- Dan Winsor Soy un poco loco en el coco.

Chen Xin's new book (REVIEW)
And remember, you heard it from me first. ----- ----- Happy to report my book has arrived. Hardcover, 750 pages. ...

The Troll posts
Kirk - Is your point you are tired of the trolls? Or some other reason? Love it.

Troll: Academics punnished for politically incorrect research
Apparently if your research goes a direction that politically incorrect, you'll lose funding. Heck, pay attention to the article and you'll notice that if you're even vaguely associated wit...

Troll: School bans 'tag' - linked to agression Well, some kids claim they were being chased when they didn't want to play. Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk ...

Troll: Less than half of all Published Scientists endorse global warming
Well, it's far less than that if you count primarily anthropogenic global warming and a bare fraction for *catastrophic* results. Peace favor your ...

Troll: New Peer-Reviewed studies chill global warming fears
Well, more like "dispute" the significant anthropogenic causes and catastrophic results. Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk FREE ...

Troll: Greenpeace founder says DiCaprio is Fearmongering
That about sums up his regard for DiCappuccino new scare-tactics movie, _The 11th Hour_. Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk FREE ...

Moo Kwon Forms / Hyung
Hi All Has anyone ever heard of the Moo Kwon forms? Apparently they were created and briefly taught by some senior Korean masters (not sure exactly which art) in the 20th Century....

And what of the Rampage Jackson vs Henderson bout...?
I really never followed their careers. I saw Jackson's methodical demolition of Chuck Liddel. That impressed the heck out of me. For all his 'rampage' he trained well and wa...

Krav Maga coming up on History channel
Realistic or a waste?

The conspiracy 'theorists' are Right. Watch 9/11 Mysteries today.
Watch: 9/11 Mysteries: 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with eye- opening witness testimonia...

Only in Amearica.
I hope the world is watching and taking notes. Bombs bursting in air, the rockets' red glare, cue the fighter jets, fly over.

(Notice) Good silat camp
I'm forwarding this on behalf of friends, they really are just *excellent* people: Chas (begins) Guru Mike Roberto; Santa Cruz Silat <http://www.s...

Chos have FBI agent Doug Schroeder attempt coverup
Chos have Special Agent Doug Schroeder who used to run Arrow Auto for the FBI, insist that all the FBI under cover agents - Shaun Lescow at Chucks Auto on McKinley, Paul Neuman at North Aven...

Pencak Silat in South Africa
Goodday, I hope anybody can help me, I'm looking for anybody who does Pencak silat in South Africa. Thanx

The writing is on the wall -

Aiki boxing
Started this one over at judoforum but it's probably applicable here too -----------------------------------------------------------...

BJJ in Action
Blogland steps up once again -

CNN Hero Vet Teaches Jiu Jitsu
Did anyone see the story on CNN today about the guy who goes to Walter Reed to teach the wounded soldiers Jiu Jitsu? He lost a leg in Nam. He teaches them so they can defend themselves even...

OT - Nemo Turd's Land
Hey Nemoturd, you need some better PR for your boys you admire so much: page 46 Iran - ...

Embracing Animal Agression
There is a line in the mind that separates civil and passive behavior from acts of aggression. The line that separates a verbal argument from a fistfight. A line that must be crossed befor...

What did Gonzales exactly do wrong?
That might sound like a stupid question, but I am still confused about this issue. Was dismissing the Attorny General itself and illegal act or lying about his involvment or the e...

The Fight Bruce Lee/Wong Jack Man
There are so many variations to this fight that happened in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1964. I've even heard from some of Wong Jack Man's students who actually witnessed the fight. Of co...

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