Man with cane beats robber into submission ========================== Jul 27, 2007 11:29 AM Justin Piercy Staff Reporter Police in Durham Region say a 64-year-old Wh...

Schmelling vs Louis 1st fight - rigged? Why such different behaviors in Schmelling from 1st fight to 2nd fight where he wasn't aggressive at all.

Schmelling vs Louis 2nd fight - definitely rigged?
Who thinks this was rigged? I do I do! But why? Or, who thinks this fight was legit?

"A War We just might win" - Iraq
New York Times, page, A19, July 30,2007. " A War We Just Might Win" by Michael E. O'Hanlon and Kenneth M. Pollack. What is shocking is that the editorial appears in the New York Times. I <...

This is what I call a decent training schedule click on training to see Melvin's detailed training schedule

Silat body conditioning vid
True practice or not?

MMA fighters commenting on Fedor
Fedor is the best pfp fighter in the world -Randy Couture, UFC HW Champion Fedor is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world aside from bj Penn, those 2 are the best fighters...

Got headbutted in the eye tonight
And now I have a nice bruise. Man I should just take up boxing. This is my second one in about a month. It's not like I'm exactly pretty to start with. -- Fraser ...

Free Muay Thai book
Right here: 277 pages of MT history, information and techniques

True Joy Writes Back
All you guys should wake up. You'd be surprised (or more probably not) if you knew how many boys I give oral sex to. You should also be willing to admit that there is nothing you wanted <...

UFC Couture and Gonzaga
Alright... we have almost a month, so, let's begin the speculating. Couture, or Gonzaga. Will Randy C, use all the wiley smarts of a wrestler, puncher, and snatch victory from the ov...

Enter the Porn!!!
Pure 18 is a all new Teen Porn site loaded with movies and picture zip sets of super good looking girls having sex !!! Meet a girl in you...

Money AND killing
Here ya go rightards. Good bucks AND the chance to be a REAL warrior. After all, it's probably only about 110 deg F in Iraq, the shit and garbage have been piling up for years because we in...

WOTT - Knife carry
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): Knife carry types - holsters, sheathes, are arm or leg carries really feasible? (Credit: Badger S.) Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

Bearhugger / Pic Of Day / July 31, 2007 / Young Muscled Ragdoll
Bearhugger / Pic Of Day / July 31, 2007 / Young Muscled Ragdoll Man oh man do I love this PIC. Tell me if you agree. This is fierce! Safe PIC For All Ages! To view PIC go to: (Copy/paste li...

How to throw TAI CHI FIREBALLS by Oliver Richman
I completely endorse this blog article: "How to throw TAI CHI FIREBALLS from your PALMS" <...

Celebrity Wrestling 21, Aaron Carter vs Jesse McCartney
Celebrity Wrestling 21, Aaron Carter vs Jesse McCartney This is a safe site for all ages. World'...

Who killed Pat? July 27, 2007 Who Murdered Pat Tillman? Newly released documents confirm that it was a deliberate shooting that kil...

How many cops in your MA class
Seems to me that most grappling MA classes have quite a bit of cops in them. In BJJ there's one or two that I know, in a small nearby JJJ club were I trained for 6 mths there were two, and t...

Guy uses capoeira to beat up little punk (vid)

Sepultura - Attitude

Where does Eduardo Telles train in Brazil?
...and/or Andre Galvao for that matter. TIA!

Title IX, and Randy Couture...
No... not a play on words, or Randy Couture's titles- but an interesting discussion about the problems of title IX and it's effect on wrestling in particular. I came across thi...

Bearhugger / Pic Of Day / July 30, 2007 / Hot Irish Muscle Boy Crushed UpClose
Bearhugger / Pic Of Day / July 30, 2007 / Hot Irish Muscle Boy Crushed UpClose Safe PIC For All Ages! To view PIC go to: (Copy/paste link into browser): http://trilogywrestlingandb...

RIP Karl Gotch
Karl Charles Istaz, known internationally as Karl Gotch, passed away at 9:45 p.m. Eastern time tonight. He was a few days shy of 83 years old. A former place-winner in the 1948 Olympi...

Mexican hand wraps
-------- Original Message -------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 18:15:55 -0400 Newsgroups: Just keeping in mind what a club propietor said, that wraps are a must for

Which handwrap method, and why
-------- Original Message -------- Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 13:53:53 -0400 Newsgroups: Which of the methods at is ...

True Joy
There is truely nothing I enjoy better during the wee hours of the morning that having a nice, healthy 13 year old boy cum in my mouth. It is tops!

OT: Could this happen on RMA? So who's worthy of a visit here? Too bad Wannbes safe in his padded cell! Scary.

Movie review
Not by me... by debbie schlussel of that movie July 27, 2007 "Rescue Dawn" Every American needs to see "Rescue Dawn," in theaters nationwide today. If...

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