amazing fight tactic
More people need to start trying this!

Daughter of Friend Mugged
The other night the daughter of a friend of mine was mugged in the French Quarter in New Orleans. She was leaving a play and getting into her car when two young blacks approached her. One ...

Vancouver Public Safety?
There have been a series of attacks on women at a particular Skytrain station here in Vancouver this year. In spite of having equipped the transit police with guns. So, rather than concent...

Tai Chi Theory (for knotbinder)
Hello, just thought I would start a new thread about Tai Chi, mainly because knotbinder and a few others on Malkavian's introduction thread seem to be itching for a chance to show me up agai...

Bob Wall vs. "Our boxer from Rusher.."
Who wins and why? My money's on Ohara.. Bob Wall's a badass, he was a beast at full-contact Karate.. My cousin composed the score for a movie about his life that print...

Wrestling Submission PIC: UFC-Matt Hughes,USA-beating hell out of Carlos Newton,Canada
Wrestling Submission PIC: UFC-Matt Hughes,USA-beating hell out of Carlos Newton,Canada Bonus: 2 Super Hot PICS, May 31, 2007 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to...

Save Jericho!
please join me and others to support and save Jericho show, should this show be wiped out on air? this show offers a perfect portrayal of modern family. The Save jericho campaign was made to...

Improve Your Fitness And Learn The Ancient Art Of JuJitsu
The mind, your mind is an amazing thing - it has the ability to process information at such a speed it is astounding, unfortunately in a confrontation the mind freezes. We have been conditio...

Sword Fighting Photo Gallery Eric 20 year old in Connecticut
Martial Arts Sword Fighting Pictures I am 20 Year olds and a Lightweight Amateur Boxer 125 lbs 5 feet 7 I also luv to Sword Fight Here my picture Gallery site I will bew pu... -- Build and Discover on-line Martial Art Community
Greetings everyone, we have been working hard in the last few weeks/months on a new site called, with the goal to build and discover on-line martia...

A small note on homicidism
The discussions about the Religion of Pieces has brought people like me to mention that 10-20% estimates of those in Islam who support those who bring 'Jihad' to the world.

Quinton Jackson v Cyril Abidi (kickboxing) videos
Videos from 2002 of fights jackson had in K-1 against Cyril Abidi

Karo vs Sokoudjou in a judo tournament
I'd expect them to be in totally different weight categories, but here they are:

Lesnar's MMA Debut This Saturday June 2nd
Source: - Brock Lesnar is slated to make his Mixed Martial Arts debut this Saturday night (June 2nd) against Korean fighter Min Soo Kim at the K-1 Dynamite PPV event...

Check it out:

new chuck liddell fight vid
great stuff:

I sometimes browse the net, and I come across many discussions about capoeira, and so many of them seem to center around people's perceptions of it being pointlessly flashy. Not many other <...

A little help/advice
Folks I'll get straight to it - my little brother has produced a martial arts site that he's hoping will prove popular in time. As he's mad busy work wise (and I'm not nearly as b...

A little help/advice
Folks I'll get straight to it - my little brother has produced a martial arts site that he's hoping will prove popular in time. As he's mad busy work wise (and I'm not nearly as b...

Funny this UFC year
It can be argued that boxing has got the fists and the fists only to contend with so it is easier to be a master in theory. The UFC or MMA has the same with fists but grappling as we...

Guru John 'BladeMaster' McCurry Contact Info?
Does anyone know contact information for Guru John 'BladeMaster' McCurry or know where I can order videos by him? Thanks.

Why is it...
When you take a bit hit it takes 2 or 3 days for the bruise to come out? My knee is only just starting to turn black after the hit I took on Sunday. -- Fraser ...

Martial Arts make a come-back in Euroa (Euroa Gazette)

Anyone See Rampage VS Chuck Liddell ?
Did anyone see the match? It sucks that Chuck got knocked out. I guess Dana White is really trying to put over Pride now cause he said this next match was going to be huge b...

Great Fight Scene
Some say Steve Foxx is the world's greatest martial artist...... And wtf is all this about? http://www....

Chavez == Dictator
To those of you no-minds who shouted me down in the past for calling Chavez a dictator, I would just like to say: I was right; you were wrong.

"42 Iraqi Captives Freed - US Forces raid al Qaida Hideout after tips form residents"
"American forces freed 42 kidnapped Iraqis - some of whom had been hung from ceilings and tortured for months - in a raid Sunday on an al Qaida hideout north of Baghdad. Military off...

1000 more dead
From The Associated Press, 5/27/07:,0,308608.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines U.S. Deaths Near Grim Memoria...

Bruce Lee and Chos ought to settle "it"
We know Bruce Lee is living, staged his death, and taught Muhammad Ali, as well as Joe Frazier, who both in my mind could whop Mike Tyson. But Chos don't feel that th...

Liddell Loses
It's too bad likeable Liddell lost lousily. Oh well, back to the training gym!

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