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Green Tea Extract Increases Metabolism, May Aid in Weight Loss
There are two ways to lose weight -- either reduce energy intake, or increase energy expenditure. Because hypothyroidism -- even after treatment -- may reduce energy expenditure in some peop...

Mexican punk makes MMA racial
Some racist weasel named Miguel Serrano from UNLV wrote in his student newspaper: Marcus Davis said to Boxers that "You can't do it." Yeah this coming from a Pro Boxer who never m...

Isn't martial arts just an excuse to touch other guys?
I mean, dojos are the bathouses of the the new millenium. It's all about touching and feeling the sweaty bodies of other men. It's just gay softporn. Admit it, you guys just want ...

Steve Gartin goat partner Chas Clements
LOL, I see Steve Gartin is terrified of TKD, of which he was threatened if he posted again he'd have to fight a TKD knife fighter. But Chas, the old goat partner of Steve Gartin, is fr...

With all the talk about boy buggery in these groups these days, you'd think there was a faggot behind every tree and in every corner. Just for the record, I've never hidden behind a

This Morning
I ran across one of my little friends on his way to school today. We decided he would take the morning off and hang out with me and then go in to school at noon. I ended up making love

Good Thing
There is nothing better than an athletic 12 year old boy with muslces and his cock popping out everywhere, eager to learn about giving and recieving a blow job. All of you Scout leaders ...

Kimbo to fight Ray Mercer

Dr. Haha Lung (your opinion please)
Does anyone here know the author Dr. Haha Lung? I'd like your opinion of his books. He has published several books, including such titles as: -MIND CONTROL The Ancient Art of Ps...

sow Dale Warfel: Psychopathic Cat Killer & Failed Real Estate Agent has Nervous Breakdown: Now on Haldol and in Sanatorium for last 6 months apo
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Baguazhang Applications Workshop in Northern New Jersey
Greetings Friends, We have another workshop coming up this April. This will be a jam packed bagua applications weekend (Dragon Heart bagua) with Dr. Gary Torres, lineage carr...

Classic Howard Cosell **************...

some stuff i seen A chinese restaraunt had an english sign advertising "fried blood". A guy was walking his dog, it was a beagle or something. It has a pink balloon tied aro...

No-one has mentioned UFC buying Pride here
Massive news and paves the way for the best MMA fights ever to occur. I really don't want to see Randy fight Fedor. But now Chuck Vs Vanderlei might actually happen. -- ...

More on judo choke
I should have mentioned that I don't want the boy to remember being sucked after he wakes up. I plan to give him a private lesson, the last part of which will be to choke him out. Then

Fedor vs. Lindland
OK, so in a couple of weeks (Apr 14 I think), the very good wrestler and MMA fighter Matt Lindland is going to take on ... Fedor, probably the best MMA fighter in the world, and likely the b...

Gracie Fighting Championships
On May 19th, Marcelo Garcia will have his first mma fight in a GFC event in Ohio. George Bush will be fighting on the same card. I kid you not. It's there on's news p...

OT:dumbass in Thailand
This surfaced a few weeks back but I thought people might like to ponder the immense stupidty of this guy: I certainly do...

Merit badges
Is there a merit badge for boy buggering? I'm interested in advanced techniques. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This message was posted via one or more anonymous remailing services. ...

TaeKwon-Do Costa Rica
TaeKwon-Do Costa Rica TaeKwon-Do Costa Rica Un sitio dedicado al TaeKwon-Do.

Are there any safety percautions that must be followed when learning to choke a boy's chicken?

woc Psychopathic Cat Killer DALE WARFEL has Nervous Breakdown: Now on Haldol and in Sanatorium for last 6 months lrm
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One is the Fuhrers valid footage, one is staged by Jews post-war
Which one is valid footage of the Warsaw Ghetto? Is it the color one which was filmed by the Fuhrer, or the black&white one which says to be 1942, which was really after 1945, whe...

Big badda boom
Betcha my WMD can get your WMDs... U.S. tests 30,000-pound guided bomb WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M., March 26 (UPI) -- The United States has successfully tested a h...

Can RUSH use satellites to surveil?
No, but Elvis Presley/Chos TKD/Richard Strong/Steven Spielberg DO, and are. So how can RUSH expect to be operating on a level playing field with these presences, whom are all work...

Can RUSH use satellites to surveil?
No, but Elvis Presley/Chos TKD/Richard Strong/Steven Spielberg DO, and are. So how can RUSH expect to be operating on a level playing field with these presences, whom are all work...

Choke question
This doesn't really have to do with martial arts but i figured it was a good place to ask. a friend of mine (a record holding bench presser) decided to choke me (grabbed my throat and twiste...

Vancouver Officials Respond to Local Photographer :-) Badger North

Training with a black belt
Our black belt finally turned up from Brazil after a bunch of visa hassles. It was great to be on the mat with him. Learnt some new stuff and did some different warm ups etc. Great frie...

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