wing chun classes in hicksville,long island.
come study pure wing chun in hicksville,long island with master terrance yip of hong kong.classes are held saturdays from 2:30 to 4 at the black belt academy in hicksville.all inquiries shou...

Violent duel!
WARNING: It is pretty violent. Not for the faint of heart!.

2007 Here We Come!
2006 is almost over, 2007 is on the way! What do you guys see yourselves doing, martial-arts wise, in the coming year? Myself, I'll be training in taekwondo. Hopefully, I'l...

Bruce Lee supremacy over Chos TKD
I watched more Tyson fights, and more Ali fights, to compare Ali to Tyson, Tyson would not stand a chance against Ali. Joe Frazier would have no problem dominating Tyson because Tyson ...

and this vid just gave me the giggles

neat grappling: Shinya Aoki VS Joachim Hansen
I think this might have been earlier last year. Anyway, some great grappling from a Judo+BJJ player, with a bizarre sankaku-jime at the end:

Fedor vs Hunt - wow!!!
not sure when it happened, but jeebus, that was an exciting fight!!! Highly recommended to all; I won't spoil it with details:

They did it!
They accomplished it - 3000 USian soldiers dead by the New Year! 111 in December - best month in over 2 years! Gotta admire the enthusiasm, energy, and intiative of the Iraqi Resista...

Streetfighter 2: The later years

Shintaido - Waterfalls & 6th Sense. I have done that sort of waterfall training (not with Shinaido though), I must say that it does seem to improve on...

One man VS three men Didn't happen. -- AKA "Dobbie The House Elf"

New Years Eve and Martial Arts - The Connection
It is when someone spills your beer at the nightclub and you must forgive him with true spirit and compassion when underneath you might do worse but you choose to show restraint and refrai...

Chaku Master- Billy Chong

grappling injury
Just wondering if anyone has advice on this type of injury. After grappling my biceps and triceps are in such agony that I can bearly drive home. Without something like 'icyhot' it takes abo...

Happy New Year!
Tonight, I get to go the sports bar and sit in my front row seat and watch UFC fights. Tomm. night is New Years- We'll sit at a friends house with the kids, a fire...

Att: Kirk
Kirk (1) Did you get my email from a few days ago (2) Can you give me the URL for the Bowie knife DVD you were pimpin' a few weeks ago? I think it was a CaffePress productio...

What the f**k ????
This is some sick shit. I don't know what to make of it, why it was done or who is supposed to be entertained by it, but it is ma related (I think). Make your own mind up, but don't s...

Kung Fu vs MMA Here we see a C-grade mma guy putting teh hurt on a Kung Fu master. What happened to the chain punches? Where's th...

OT :once more we are treated to the idioce of humans

Windows Vistas
All right all you computer geeks.. Any accuracy to this? thks P.

Tae Kwon Do vs. Muay Thai

Surprised little peckerhead
On Dec 23rd Karyn and I were just finishing up some Christmas shopping and hopped on a bus heading home. As we're getting on the bus we see some young doofus decide to tag the bus with a co...

What a Nail-Biter!
Will they make it or won't they? So close! 103 USians killed by the Iraq Resistance this month so far - it'll take 4 more to top October (106) and set a new record for 2006. ...

The boys of the Taliban
Of interest.... Happy New Year... be safe and strong Mark ---------------- Boys of the Taliban By Jamie Glazov | December 29, 2006...

No legged combat
Anyone got 'oil' on this style? seems it is the leg equivalent of UNARMED.. This UNLEGGED thing has possibilities I ask sincerely for some clarification my brothers <...

Are you asleep?
Let's get busy, eh... What's the lowdown on the UFC fights tomm night. How do the fighters look, injuries to them, what do you guys think Everybody is loggy from all that ho...

Orangutan vs Sumo Wrestler
OK. A 4' tall, 180lb orangutan vs a 360lb sumo wrestler in a tug of war. Who wins? -- GDS " Let's roll! " <...

Butterbean is back
Here's Butterbean getting his ass handed to him at Cage Rage:

unarmed vs armed
a skilled wise man will never fight an armed man

Gatka Manual now available
I've finished transcribing and publishing the Gatka manual. _The Art of Gatka-Fighting_ by K. S. Akali I've published it on Lulu. Download as PDF is free. You also have the

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