Unfriendly Trick or Treater
Hey guys. Just thought I would let you all know that my first trick or treater this year was a guy in a Halloween mask, who instead of candy, demanded all the money from my office and our w...

OT: Halloween Readiness
I am ready..... almost. I gotta set up the smoke machine which I got special just for this year. I am loaded for bear with 84# of candy. I have 47 plastic and/or rubber skulls, 1...

Gun seizure
So the Victoria Police dept. is trumpeting "one of the largest caches" of firearms in the City's history. 662 guns, many of them "miltary calibre". Yeah, they seized these guns, not from a...

wrestler v boxer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAIgNhVT3Zs Wrestler Tom Erikson against Boxer/Kickboxer Matt Skelton

Flawless technique, simply flawless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVE82gH-v-g&mode=related&search= and there's a few more at YouTube worth a look. -- GDS ...

I watched "Extreme Judo"
Man, I feel dirty now! Dimitri

Pride FC DVDs?
Which DVD's would you recommend seeing of the Pride FC ? I haven't seen any myself yet.

New nickname for Pawel Nastula
I vote for Pawel "Chemical" Nastula. http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=2858&zoneid=13 Quote: "In addition to testing positive for the ana...

follow up to the sheik and the meat...
Sheik blasts judges over rapists Even though the notorious Sheikh Al-Hilali, who blamed women for their own rape, has taken a leave of absence, things are getting worse in Austr...

Manual of Karate Japanese combat FA
The Manual of Karate by E J Harrison (Judo 4th Dan) Based on a recent publication by the Society for the Study of Japanese Karate in Tokyo and the Standard Work by Reikichi Oya Really u...

Why do you watch Martial Arts films and why do you watch them?
Hey! I am doing a study on Martial Arts films and I would like to know the general target market for Martial Arts films. Why do you watch them and why would you choose to watch Martial Arts ...

GoJu in OC
Hey, Does anyone know of any GoJu schools in or near Orange County California? Thanks! Stu

Stormfront; exceptional forums
Culture, fitness, race, politics, to name just a few. http://www.stormfront.org/ Stormfront Fred

Off-Topic. Starting the week off with some corrections to some flagrantly made intentional inaccuracies!
Starting with the Washington Post ... ******** Unpublished October 27, 2006 Letter To The Washington Post To the Editor: Your article and th...

Carmen, a new musical
Hello! There will open a new musical called Carmen in San Diego June 2007. Carmen will be directed by Franco Dragone, he did almost all of the shows of Cirque du Soleil and ...

Beautiful women, aged clones, and Ultimate Fighting Championship
Friend, I'm always looking for good and intelligent individuals like you to visit my website, www.ChezBrandon.com , and it has pictures of beautiful women, information about aged ...

Step-bystep instructions on how to "Google Bomb". Could have been written by Hal or Nemo.
Here's a discussion on how it's possible to influence the results of google searches. http://www.drunkreport.com/reports/google.bomb.htm -Mike K.

Kali Combatives Demo highlights clip
Highlights of the FMA Demo at the 28th Annual Fayetteville International Folk Festival held in Fayetteville, North Carolina. DAMAG-INC Kali ... all =BB Combatives was there to represent this...

Any of You Still Not Get It?
The Iraq war is over. The US lost. Bigtime! From the outset it was a criminal enterprise based on lies. All is now exposed: the lies, the corruption, the aggression, the torture, t...

Taekwon Do exam and demo movies
Hi magnet:? xt=urn:bitprint:W7PWFBG64UN5KHPTKNKV47XMBSKAVOPW.HSXTQ35VJV6LZS3QN5NMDT5DD4 TJZTGAS6ZTO3I&dn=Martial%20Arts%20Taekwon%20Do%20Demo%20ITC%20UTI% 20PresSem04_www.uni...

The pussification continues: the beat goes on
From D Schlussel's blog site: Her article from yesterday Today's Wall Street Journal, "Washington Wire" column has this very interesting item: EQUAL TIME: New World ...

How long would it take?
If you just stopped working out altogether, how long do you think it would take to show physical signs such as flabby belly, etc??

why learn chiese kungfu and taichi ?
Why learn Kungfu and Taichi? Who shoud take this this class? Anyone between 5 - 70 years of age. For people who wish to improve their fitness, flexibility, coordinatio...

Self Defence, Dog Defence and Gun Clips
Have a look at these amazing clips. Great 'claw' defence, interesting take on the mounted position and the integration of Yoga . Dog Defence Gun Techniques ...

All my former opponents are cripples now !!!
Most of them have lost a leg, an arm, or a dick. It's their own fault, because I'm known as the most dangerous martial arts psychopath around and I have the right to rip off bodyparts t...

NNTP-Posting-Host: p-153.newsdg.com
i'm richy bullshit (Rts) and I smell bad and I should be locked up in a cage. I am ricky bullshit and I suck. I am Richy Bullshit the stoopid and I approve this message. So does ...

Re: why Tony's polite sticker fills, Edwin grasps in back of urban, closed evenings
I stink!

NNTP-Posting-Host: p-153.newsdg.com
i'm richy bullshit (Rts) and I smell bad and I should be locked up in a cage. I am ricky bullshit and I suck. I am Richy Bullshit the stoopid and I approve this message. So does ...

Bill Clinton Goes wild!
You demonize Cindy Sheehan, yes, Mouser YOU! You have to admit, Clinton gave it to Chris Wallace and good. The neocons are going down and the truth will bury them. The war is a mistake and ...

Is Ned Lamont a Nazi?
look in his eyes people, prove me wrong.....

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