Cyb Wrestling PIC Of Day: Hot Dragon Headlock
Cyb Wrestling PIC Of Day: Hot Dragon Headlock Shirtless Amateur Wrestling. Incredible Stretched Muscle! 1 PIC, Aug. 1, 2006 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to follo...

Massive Anti-Israel protest in Vancouver
Must be a reaction to Qana: Pierre

How to avoid being bombed by Israel
Turns out that there's a secret formula, no doubt a Zionist plot, even: Pierre

Hezbollah - After Israel, the Lebanese are next,,1832930,00.html Huzzah for the saviours of Lebanon! Hey, Nemo and Hal, look where these guys are holed up, too. Pierre ...

Hezbollah Destroys Israeli Warship?
Still waiting for confirmation from better sources but Kuwait News reports that Hezbollah claims to have destroyed an Israeli warship (SAAR 4.5 fast attack missile boat with crew of 53) of...

How Hezbollah builds it's "base" Hey, they aren't dummies: when they hide in Christian villages they kill 3 bi...

PRAISE GOD! A MUSEUM THAT TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT HUMAN ORIGIN! (note to half-wit atheists: it was not by any evolutionary process)
Museum uses bible to tell earth's history By DYLAN T. LOVAN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 27 minutes ago Like most natural history museums, this one has exhibits sh...

WOTT - Essential Drills - Striking; Punching/Kicking
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): This installment in the Essential Drills series: Striking - Punching/Kicking. So what are the drills for punching that you think every newbie ...


Article about the UFC in Baltimore Sun,0,673611.story >From the Baltimore Sun Fighting to be the ring leader Ultimate Fighting Championship has withstood a lot of...

Question for Trav
First up Trav, congrats to your coach Leo Dalla on his performance at the Mundials; he did really well in one of the toughest weight divisions going. You're truly lucky to be able to ...

Arabs Playing the Liberal Press again

Home workout
Hi all Have been doing Kyokushinkai karate for about 12 months Thought I would like to do some workouts at home in addition to my classes ( 2 per week) Could anyone sug...

Shannon Lee & BLEF
Saw the article in black belt magazine. Good news to see! I think they should commercialize JFJKD and just keep original students and lineage of those students in the contro...

wear full face - warning to macho types on motorbikes
Warning story with a happy ending, My labmate, a Master's degree student, drove his motobike, 400cc, into a barrier during a sharp turn last week, and came off his bike. He was aw...

There is Nothing, Nothing in Earth or Heaven, that can Justify Israel's Crime at Qana
Words fail me. There is just profound sorrow. Even the anger will have to wait. Regards,

Installing a punching bag
Hello everyone, I bought a 50 lbs hanging punching bag the other day, and my dad and I installed it today. We installed it on a large wooden beam in the basement's ceiling. My p...

I am free at last, free at last, thank bjj I'm free at last.
I, Robert Low, can not live a lie any longer. Today is the day I come out and declare my undying luv for Pepi Manguell. Pepi, Dame Mavis, Jeff and I are now tip toeing through the tulips o...

Hezbollah has shot more than 2,500 rockets and mortars into Israel killing 17 civilians. Last night gangstas in New Orleans murdered five with handguns. All inspite of the National Gu...

The underrated Billy Chong..

Chuck Norris in Octagon
Kinda felt sorry for him. Let's give him some air time.

Krabi Krabong and Mai Sok

Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen in "Hero"

Jet Li's first movie ever!

Jet Li vs. Michael Ian Lambert

Can I bite my opponent ???
Whenever I see a juicy ass, I feel the urge tp bit. Can I just bite and eat a piece of my opponent during a martial arts match or is that forbidden?

Natn'l Geo - Fight Science
Aug 20th 9pm. Though it's probably similar to or possibly slight improvement over the previous series "XMA" made by Discovery, 'Fight Science' looks like it might actually b...

A Pencak Silat/Karate/Kung Fu/Eskrima/Capoeira or Taekwondo School Where You Live?
Over 1000 Kung Fu, Karate, Pencak Silat, Capoeira, Eskrima/Arnis and many more martial arts schools and organisations listed worldwide. Kung Fu's External Schools listed in the followi...

Best hamburgers I've had
Not too far from here in Indianapolis, there's a sort-of fast food restaurant called "Culvers," one of a rather modest chain. (I've seen one in Plainfield and once picked up some literature ...

Nematode's Hero Osama is A Coward
"CNN documentary reveals bin Laden mocked by friends. by James Gordon Meek New York Daily News Washington - Osama bin Laden talks tough, but other mujahedeen laughed at him in Afg...

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