MaHa Guru Stevan Plinck's Silat 2006
Silat-Bledek, <>, in association with Santa Cruz Silat <> is proud to present: Guru Stevan Plinck'...

Shaolin Ninjitsu: A WAY OF LIFE
Dear Reader, So many people on rec.martial-arts and other martial arts discussion forums make such a big deal about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling being so great. These armchair gra...

Dude tried to steal the wrong purse Shawn

More on Canada's homegrown terrorists
Frankly the justifications Mr. Amara seems to have relied on are fucking weak. Cry me a river you pansy boy.

Friday Funny
For Canadians, have a good long weekend; for Americans, have a good *almost* long weekend.. :D P. The International Rules of Manhood 1: Under no...

To hell with terrorism, you're more likely to get killed by a cell phone
Get the next to last paragraph: 42,000 people killed by EACH YEAR by drunk drivers. That's FOURTEEN TIMES the number killed in 9/11 EACH YEAR. Yet you don't see the Republicans ...

Knife Fighting Turnament
They've decided to have a knife tournament for the first time at ISMAC this year. I'm not sure what I think of the rules yet. Check 'em out.

Vancouver Anti-War protest
A while ago I gave the finger to some anti-war protest posters. Anyhow, by luck, I ran into the protest being advertised last night. Yes, I have photos, I'll post those later. Des...

Early 20th C. martial arts
Review of the Bartitsu Compendium Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

I particularly like the section on "Which is the Best Method of Self Defense" which compares Boxing and Ju-Jutsu. There has been much controversy as to which is the best system of <...

Ok, you brainless leftwingers... There's shit been going down with Israel and Palestine for the past 3 days. Got an opinion on it? Or are you waiting for some blogger to do your ...

Ok, you brainless leftwingers... There's shit been going down with Israel and Palestine for the past 3 days. Got an opinion on it? Or are you waiting for some blogger to do your ...

real footage of Chas Clements & Steve Gartin This I swear to god, is Chas Clements and Steve Gartin in costumes, to hide their identitys from us on the internet. This...

WOTDYWKIYPAIHS: Weekly OT Definitions you would know if you paid attention in high school
I remember what they did to Tories during the American war for independence. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Historian and philosopher George San...

[UFN5] Silva knocked Leben out 3 times before they stopped it
The favoritism towards Leben continues. Just like in TUF1, he gets 3 chances to fail. I have to wonder, just what is the relationship between Chris Leben and Dana White and the ...

[UFN5] Rashad/Stephan was a GREAT FIGHT.
I see a lot of people criticising Rashad for 'lay and pray' and being 'boring'. I also saw a lot of people say the Forrest Griffin/Stephan Bonnar fight was 'awesome' and 'the best fight th...

true about Ung Yong Kim (Chos control him) Richzooie says: A lot of places put his IQ level at 200 others say it is unmeasurable. 'Testers have only be...

I may have to start watching "reality TV"
Host Of Cheaters Show Gets Stabbed LIVE Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

This should be enough
This should be enough to revoke citizenship and expell them from our country: Pier...

Just ordered
Keiko Fukuda's "Ju no Kata" book. I figure my own study of Ju no Kata is wa-a-a-a-a-y down the line, but I also figure if the last living person to personally study under Kano has ...

Pa Kua
Estoy practicando Pa-Kua, esta bueno! miren en

New holocaust denial site solid proof it didn't happen Absolutely phoenomenal, the Jews don't have a chance in holding up the scam anymore. And I like how on the last episode here, singles out Steven Spi...

haha, this is so funny...
At least they're fighting fair and no one is out of control. This reminds me of Chas Clements, I saw him sparrin...

Girls fighting, pretty interesting
Out of all the fights I've seen recorded by phones, in everyday America, I've seen some disturbing things that bothered me, such as numerous people beating up one person, where originally th...

Chuck Liddell teaching Chos TKD
Won Cho to the left of daddy Cho, taught Chuck Liddell. The way I know this is by a number of factors. First of all, the demeanor & behavior of Chuck Liddell, is very indicative...

110% Chuck Liddel is Chos TKD Anyone at Chos TKD, who takes lessons (that would be many RUSH/Newbon people), after watching this Chuck Liddel highlig...

Antipodean - 10 Questions.
Repost for Antipodean. If you *do* know Judo, this should be a snap. In article <[email protected]>, Chas says... > >"Tomas" ...

Chos TKD & Richard Strong Incarcerate America
I suspect Chos is more responsible than the other two. Chom Son Cho said with his own mouth to me "Americans have too much freedom, some of it needs to be taken away" and by thi...

Chos, Strong, Spielberg disgrace freedom
Chos TKD, Steven Spielberg, and Richard Strong operate obediently to a group of women that practice witchcraft. This woman cult, which is destructive and evil, has caused the prison populati...

Judo (glug)
Don't follow MMA too much but came across this vid of Hector Lombard, Cuban judoka now competing MMA, not sure what league: Seems pret...

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