Killing Pressure Point
Is there such a thing as a pressure point that can cause instant death with even a light touch at that point ? It seems a bit too good to be real ,but i've got some people telling me th...

BJJ or Judo ?
I'm getting confused ,are they the same or different things ? ,i saw a video of bjj and it seemed pretty weird ,but the guy won Dunno :D Leito

funny girlfight CLIP What is the deal? I can tell these girls use drugs, by their broken down muscular forms. Neither one of them has muscle f...

niggas fightin in a diner CLIP Weeew, they're even throwing chairs, lucky they're all drunk, otherwise someone might have gotten hurt. WOnder...

Maybe ninjutsu techniques are partly derived from Iranian martial arts?
I saw a Hong Kong martial arts movie last week (or the week before last) and this ninja woman explains that ninjustu moves are partially derived from Persian martial arts. So if this is true...

We Hire Illegals
Just found this website. Supposedly shows businesses in your area who hire illegal aliens. Check it out. If you find a biz that you know hires...

Top Ten ways?
Top ten ways to beat MMA fighter: 10. Mix 'vanishing cream' in with your vaseline; old ninja trick. 9. Whisper in clinch, Ref Big John McCarthy slept with sister before show. 8. T...

Qs: Pointing Your Elbow Into Your Opponent's Punch
There's an old old bareknuckle boxing technique where when your opponent throws a punch at you, you thus point your elbow into his foreknuckles to break his fingers, so I am wondering how mu...

Are the Gracies hispanic or caucasian or both?
Are the Gracies hispanic or caucasian or both?

outstanding odd streetfight Vid Clip this needs some expert explanation

"I Turned Left!"
Like Derek Zoolander, the Krabi Krabong player says the difference between them and similar arts is that they can step forward with the left foot. "Many [right-handed] fighters a...

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Ricardo Mayorga , May 6, 2006 - 'DANGER ZONE
Should be bang-o-lischous! Can't wait! -B

Brain Games, redux...
Can you exercise your brain? (duh). Video games, energy drills, juggling all may promote this effect on improving the blood...

OT: new topics in robotics
Since we talk about lots of things including geek and nerd topics, I thought that contingent would get a kick out of the newest advances in robotics. Using concepts derived from h...

MAVIS I would Back
Mavis vs Wannabee = snap lock supplex on the kung fool as she says Tickets are only $19.95 Guys honestly what do we think about Kung Fools? are they worth t...

On topic: Video games, laparoscopic surgery, rest and recovery
A new report is out suggesting that If you play vid games three hours a week you will generally be 40% better at laparoscopic surgery. This is a well-controlled study headed by Lap super sur...

True Tale of Minor Self Defense
A friend of mine went to San Antonio, Texas, for a week. While walking with his family ( wife, two little girls and one nine year old boy) a big black guy stuck out his hand and said Hi. (...

Free issue of JOURNAL OF MODERN COMBATIVES! Click on the 'Free Issue' link. Read it then email your opinion of the listed address. Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk (no,...

Sen. Specter threatens to cut off funding for secret wiretaps Sen. Specter threatens to cut off funding for secret wiretaps Thursday, April 27, 2006; Posted: 1:51 p.m....

Where to train?
Hi All, Not sure if anyone can help with this, but worth a post, if only to see how many others have the same problem. I'm currently training for my Chinese kick boxing gre...

watch out for baggy pants
An argument in favor of school uniforms Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

What should i choose
I used to go to shotokan karate lessons a while ago ,about from the age 8 to 12 ,now im 16 and i want to go to a new martial art but i don't know which i should choose ,most of my friends to...

TUF - ep 3
Dayum, Mr Shamrock is looking worse and worse with each episode. Doesn't he know he's being filmed? This is his big chance to salvage what's left of his career and he's watching vids of past...

Makes me sick
Merciful Heavens. I'm horrified, outraged, disgusted, and filled with a desire for righteous vengeance. =================================== Man charged with murder for tossing ba...

tanto dori techinics in karate
Where can i find tanto dori techinics whit pictures and text explanation

OT: National Anthem in Spanish?
The National Anthem has been slightly re-written and recorded by a spanish artist. The re-writing was mostly done so that the words would rhyme and flow better in spanish, but also to de-emp...

OT:What are your local tourist attractions.
I have a dream of travelling to meet some of the regs on this group. Hard bit is convincing wifey that she wants to traipse all over the world to meet people she has never spoken to. So ...

Mirror muscle
Just had an experience with a barbody - guy who does benches and curls for an hour 3 days a week. Conceded: getting a straight armbar on him was impossible for me. Gave awa...

Why getting in car accidents with old ladies in Texas is not a good idea Not sure if this phone conversation is real or not but it's funny never the less. Tymm

Question about caring for hardwood weapons
Have some hardwood Filipino sticks(epee, kamagong) and some are drying out. Friend recommended using Mineral oil on them and then sealing them with wax( I forget what kind...) An...

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