Ok, I thought Marc had an axe to grind based on what I've read of his lately. And now it seems I was right. A recent posting of his, which I will not reproduce here, on the Eskrima mailing...

For Martial Arts seekers

Just a quick question
My eight year old son is beginning Brazilian Ju Jitsu classes today. We visited a few different dojos in the area with a few different styles, but he liked the bjj the most. Does anyone ha...

OT: High Court blocks Livingstone suspension
[ ion.html] High Court blocks Livingstone suspension Tuesday February 28, 04:34 PM LONDON (Re...

Question about the WOTTs
OK, I've still got something over 30 weeks worth of WOTTs on my list (assuming that Bob doesn't trump me again. ;-) But eventually I'm gonna run out of WOTTs (I suspect). S...

custom tonfa
Inspired by Lauren Radner's query: Does anyone know of a good, reputable place to get good, hard, custom-made tonfa at a reasonable (<$150) price? The standard tonfa you...

Something to train in WashDC Area?
Hey all: So I trained in Aikido for eight years and years ago in karate and tai chi. I haven't trained in maybe a year though I've been doing lots of cardio and weight training...

How has Creatine helped/not helped you?
Hi, I'm thinking of obtaining Creatine Monohydrate to shorten recovery between workouts. Have any of you used it? How has it helped you? Is it that big of a difference, with and w...

WOTT: Grappling, striking or sticks first?
I think by this stage, we all acknowledge the presence of the 'dirty dozen' - martial arts that 'spar with aliveness', produce efficient exponents relatively quickly etc (yes, I'm...

UFC Question for MMA
These guys fighting - it seems to be mainly fisticuffs with very little grappling and use of legs. So what's the deal?

Kung Fu Elvis Sighting
Kung Fu Elvis Sighting This is topical, as you'll see. Scary

Maha Guru Stevan Plinck's SILAT 2006
Silat-Bledek, <>, in association with Santa Cruz Silat <> is proud to present: Guru Stevan Plinck'...

Why karate is better than other arts, including Bjj ibid "As anyone who's watched one of those awful Ultimate...

Which martial art would be apropriate?
I'm 17 nad planning to study martial arts but I'm not sure which style to chose. The reason for entering martial arts is self-defense and combat. When I was in elementary school I was bullie...

WOTT - School Enrolment - How do you keep the students you've got?
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): School Enrolment - How do you keep the students you've got? It's cheaper to keep 'em then to get new ones so what's the tips and tricks to keep 'em?

WMA & frappr Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

Classic Dempsey fight - Dempsey vs Wilar.
Saw this on another group that I read. ============================= Dempsey -Wilard A terrific beating. Dempseys form looks great unt...

The perfect valentines day gift for RMA folks... Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

OT Denmark, Riots and Cartoons
In Denmark Muslim make up 5% of the population but recieve 40% of the welfare outlays. Jizya? Riots over cartoons indeed.

The last dragon.
Finally saw this cinematic masterpiece. It's cheesier than a double cheese pizza. Fraser

Fighter Aura: Cultivatable?
You know those fighters with the stare. Ken Shamrock staring down Royce Gracie. Cro Cop staring down Remy Bonjasky. Cro Cop & Wanderlei staring at each other. Matt Hughes staring ...

The Rickson thread got me thinking.....who have been the most dominant sportspeople of all time? Possibly a martial artist? Probably not. One sign of dominance is whether the game/rules ne...

Nemo: wrt WTC
Nemo, if I remembered correctly, your opinion was that the fire collapsed WTC due to poor build quality (consruction company cutting corners, corruption, etc.), but the more intense 1975 f...

shogun coleman fight
crazy stuff

wannabe loves the anvil (n/t)
No text neccassary

Are there any other savateurs out there?

Help Needed, a decision.
Firstly, I'm new so please forgive any faux pas. I'm looking for a Martial Art to help with an anger issue I have. It's medical and I've had it since I was a kid. I have only just real...

Wanted: Traditional Kumite books or DVD
I was interested in a book and/or DVD that covers the traditional Karate way of fighting. Hopefully, the material will cover attack and defense.

Rickson Gracie
While I am sure this has been discussed countless times probably in this group (sorry), I am curious what the general consensus is currently on Rickson Gracie's all time win/loss record an...

Instructor question
Questions for instructors please. When a student with a black belt from another discipline ie. shotokan starts in your studio, say TKD, do you allow the student to wear the black belt?

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