Dog vs Cat
First the Dog Then the Cat

Everybody was kung-fu fighting "Everybody was kung-fu fighting Those cats were fast as lightning In fact it was a li...

Fraser: What is Yellow Bamboo's Favorite Song?
Is it "Shaking All Over" ?

OT: Kalgoorlie
The local newspapar travel section had an article on Kalgoorlie, Australia. Supposedly one of those godforsaken 'end of the earth' holes, which is exactly the attraction. The Wild West liv...

Columbus Kung Fu Schools
Hi all. I am considering martial arts classes in Columbus, Ohio. I mostly want something to be active and get in shape, but I'd rather learn something useful than not. I am co...

The Bushes (again) confirms Clinton's "adoption" into their "family" ============================================================= Is there a new member of the Bus...

The Bushes (again) confirms Clinton's "adoption" into their "family" ============================================================= Is there a new member of the Bush family? WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pr...

Get Rich
Take advantage of a great deal

Kung Fu Cartoons
"Two beginners were accepted in Kung-fu school. After a short but compulsory ceremony they started their training's outside. The master let them know beforehand that the weakest of them woul...

OT - Editorial & TV show
For those that are interested a thought provoking editorial appeared in the Monday, Jan. 30,2006, Wall Street Journal entitled " Our Right to Security," by Debra Burlingame. Good points we...

I will be in Vegas for UFC 57...
I'll be at Terribles Hotel and Casino. If you see me in the hot tub, bring a hottie for me. Hopefully I will get a chance to hang with Couture and Hendo again! Also, 3 guys from my gy...

So what happened with Yellow Bamboo?
I haven't been here in ages. Last thing I read was when someone had turned up in Bali and it had been videoed. YB were then claiming they had fulfilled the James Randi challenge. But ...

Abs exercise
fyi... I dropped into a karotty class last week, did something new (for me, that is). Get down into a pushup posture, about halfway up, and hold it for 2 or 3 minutes (I'm not ex...

Hey Kirk! Is someone plagerizing your Telepathic Chi course? Badger Jones "Never, under ANY circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."

WOTT - Expectations set by Movies
WOTT (Weekly On Topic Thread): Movies give the public an unrealistic expectation of martial arts - Is this good for the Martial Artist or bad for the public? On the one hand...

A new fight clip....
A friend of mine sent me this link... What looks like 2 students going at it over some silly name calling... The smaller guy seems to ...

A badger with a bit of Pepper
Hey Badger (N). Remember that Pepper manual you generously sent me a copy of? Well, I scanned & PDFed it and sent it to my friends at The Exiles. Now it's showing up in lists of WMA source...

FS: $50 - Zatoichi Sword + sleeve cover
FS: $50 - Zatoichi Sword + sleeve cover Product description : * Zaitochi Sword in wooden scabbard with cloth carrying sleeve * Sword is sharpened, fully tempered * Total length 40-...

FS: $70 - Chinese Dan-Jian Sword + sleeve cover
FS: $70 - Chinese Dan-Jian Sword + sleeve cover Product description : * Chinese Dan-Jian Sword * Hard combat steel, not sharpened * Sword length 40-inches * Blade length...

FS: $150 - Shuang-So-Dao Pole Arm ( Kuan Dao variant )
FS: $150 - Shuang-So-Dao Pole Arm ( Kuan Dao variant ) Product description : * Chinese Shuang-So-Dao ( Double-Handed Sword ) Pole Arm * Non-sharpened, light spring steel blade

Checking In
Haven't had much time to post on RMA lately but wanted to check in and say hello. I don't know if Bill still posts here much. We moved our gym. It's a long story and maybe i'll post mo...

Katana Saya Mon Emblems Decals Kill Bill Style
Like a lot of katana owners I was desiring to have some emblems on my saya, similar to the ones depicted in the Kill Bill movies. This is my solution: While at an indoor swap meet I came acr...

Return of the Ninja (new Sho Kosugi film coming out this year)
To all in the Greater Toronto Area: For all who grew up in the 80s and were taken up by the ninja craze of the 80s (and hopefully some are still ninja enthusiasts, fans) then I <...

Defence against knee to groin or headbutts
Hi, I was wondering what's the best way for someone with no martial arts experience to defend against knees to the groin and headbutts? Thanks in advance.

review this street fight video
Guy fights fair & square and wins, but gets sucker punched and kicked by "wiggers". Your typical /wigger crowd who have no respect or honor. The little kid was granted grace...

O/T: Full of shit
Dare I say this challanges even the fecal capacity of certain RMA shit-talkers - If it flies,...

DEj ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! DEj

did Bruce Lee found Ji Do Kwan TKD?
To all you dumb females trying to own my soul by practicing craft!! Obviously you failed, continue to fail, and cannot trap me to your "ways" which you call teachings, in that you've attempt...

Chos TKD support Israel & Jews? Awe man, I wondered what that voice inside me was warning me about, pertaining to the Cho family. Heh, they're friends with the Irania...

Why Tyson failed MMA?
T. Wrote Mike Tyson was the best boxer in the world, one of the best in history. There is nothing unarmed you can do that will get you ready for him. Boxing, for example, w...

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