Anyone interested in Critiquing some pages from my new self defense book?
Hi guys, I'm new here and I love the group already. I just published a self defense book myself. As a martial artist of 30 years in various systems, I think it's pretty good. But...

UFC on Spike
For those dweebs, like me, sitting at home on New Years Eve, heads up for UFC on Spike. 7-8pm, and then 9-12 Best UFC of 2005 The wife and daughter are out eating dinner with her...

OT: roof block
Sheesh, it's always something. Five o'clock on a Saturday before New Years and I discover a nice pool of water in one corner of the basement, under the backside corner of the house. Triangul...

ever so proud
one of our students was in a wrestling competition recently and was being illegally choked from behind. when the ref refused to stop the action, he flipped the cocksucker over his...

Longtime Lurker finally decides to become a Poster
Hello RMAers! I've been lurking on this group for years, and I finally felt compelled to post if only to express my gratitude for the tons of excellent information and entertainment I've gle...

O/T: The digital pimp hard at work
Observe my mad pick up skillz - If it flies, floats or fucks, you are better off renting it. *************...

End of the year topic.. sort of.. :)
Strategic thinking Obviously, strategy and planning are a large consideration for any martial artist.. what do do if... how bout when... etc. For years I've heard that spe...

What form of martial arts is this?
I found this very strange and interesting. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks! -- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-...

martial artist in need of help
i'm a web designer from new orleans. i recently moved to texas due to the hurricane. i've been noticing there are alot of panhandlers and just how close i am to street corner pan handling. a...

Oriana Fallaci- Woman of the Year
This was awarded by Frontpage to her. She is a fascinating woman, a real warrior, a real tough broad, and a fighter. She likely won't live to see 2007 and I'm glad she's getting

Count Dante Book?
Does anyone know if the book "World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets" by Count Dante is available anywhere? The last I heard someone named Ashida Kim was selling it, but the people in...

Tae Kwon Do is good for staying alive.
I was skiing the other day and as usual spent some time in the "Park". To gain access to the "Park" one must buy a pass for five USD, good all year. One must fill o...

I take it all too seriously
I think that GDS is an illiterate twat, with nothing other than a mantra. I think that he filmed a few wierdos with his camera; so what! Other than that, he is nothing at al...

King Kong is a master of Tae Kwon Do.
I just saw the King Kong movie. He is definitely a master of Tae Kwon Do. Heavy on the foot work as he kicked four T Rexes asses wile holding his Barbie Doll. He does posses some grappling...

Rodney King - essays
Though he has some trouble with spelling and syntax, (why is it people can't spell 'lose', lol?) I think it's worth a read of his blog page for the three or four essays he does on coac...

Fear Destroys What bin Laden Could Not
Fear Destroys What bin Laden Could Not By Robert Steinback The Miami Herald Monday 26 December 2005 One wonders if Osama bin Laden didn't win after al...

Looking for Arnis (FMA) classes in Edmonton
Does anyone know of a good Arnis (FMA) class in the Edmonton Alberta area. I was about to start classes with Guro Rogelio Paclibar but the class closed just before I joined. I was told one ...

return of the space cowboy?
just a test for my course work!

Knife-wielding Man Shot In New Orleans
Where is everybody on this? This seems like a natural for this group. I can understand shooting a guy with a knife if you have no training and no protection. If I were carrying a gun and wer...

Tactical Baton Certification Seminar in NJ
Date: March 25th & 26th, 2006 Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (both days with 1 hr for lunch) Place: Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy,10 N. Arlington St.Manville,NJ Cost : $100.00 Equipme...

Silat Gayung now in Croatia
For information about Silat Gayung in Croatia please visit THX -- Lijepi pozdrav!!! (Nice greeting!!!) Hruskar Antun e-mail: antun....

Life and death at Christmas
Dec 23 2005 at approximately 3am in the morning, we lost 4 family members in a fire that totally destroyed my mother in laws home, my sister in laws house and burned a thru my own kitchen wa...

Steve Gartin seeks my love!!!!
OMG!!! I'm going to forgive Gartin for all his hoodwinking, his espionage, his phonyism due to never sparring anyone, and give him a big hug for referencing me in a life two lifetimes ago!! ...

STEVE GARTIN makes an appearance !!!!
The king B.S.'er, non-sparring kata king, talkin jive but never alive in legitimacy, Steven Gartin is BACK!!! He even says he's going to use a RUSH song for one of his kata dancing

Martial artists have a significantily lower IQ than average !!!
All those hits on their heads are taking their toll ... Yes, martial arts is bad for your brain, better study math, physics or computer science if you don't want to become a moron by age 50....

OT - oh no not again
" Canada Worm In the bud Vancouver A surge in gun crime Canadians love to boast that theri society unlike Americas is not crime and gun ridden. But hold on. In Vancouver, whi...

melbourne yellow bamboo master wants to kick fraser and peters ass Hey Fraser- the guy is in Melbourne waiting for your call :-) Mat

O/T: Britishers: New Dr Who was LAME
Christmas Invasion. Pffft - Christmas Turkey I can't believe I waited 3 damn months for it. Bring back Eccleston. Rob? Karim? Back me up here people. Billie...

Martial Arts Blog:End of year edition
Hi all I updated my blog for an end of year special.Features Eskrima and Capoeira pictures Thanks to all who have read i...

Judo in Alpharetta, GA
Hi, I'm looking to introduce my 6-year-old daughter to judo (which was my first MA)... I googled for hours but found little evidence of judo instruction in Alpharetta a...

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