Anerobic or Aerobic Excercise/
Which type of excercise would you call a karate form, pyong, or Kata - aerobic or anerobic?

RMA vs. half-wit webforums
I'm a long time lurker, and I've learned a lot over the years from RMA. Recently I checked out a few different web-based forums that I heard about. I actually think I went to them after se...

Good silat!
I joined an Eskrima club, they meet once a week. Playing with sticks is something new for me. At the end of the last class, someone asked about self defense without weapons, does ...

OT: Hulk on USA now 445 EST
If you're able to get this message check USA channel if you haven't seen it for the cool Hulk vs Dogs scene coming up in about 5 minutes. Directed by Ang Lee. Awesome. ...

more cooperation between bjj and judo clubs nowadays?
From a thread in the forum, about a judoka's first bjj tournament (he was asking for advice, then posted afterwards: **************************************************

GAO report: it is indeed looking more and more like a stolen election
The 14 Characteristics of Fascism by Lawrence Britt Spring 2003 Free Inquiry magazine Political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt recently wrote an article about fasc...

Teenage girl fights off attacker with a punch in the nose
Guess nobody ever told her striking styles don't work. Guess she really should have gone for the two legged takedown and choked the guy out, but, hey, ended up well anyway. Hal <...

Interesting UG post (long)
This is a post from the Underground ( The thread is about who really invented Gracie Jiu Jitsu...Carlos or Helio. Can anyone shed any light on either the judo aspect of this p...

Hypertension ( HIgh Blood Pressure)
I have seen a number of young people with hypertension. Hereditary I guess. Now I understand it in old fellows like myself, who had a terrible life style and ate everything bad for us; but...

angles for strikes(pictures)
does anyone have pictures or a link of pictures for the basic 12 angles for striking in most stickfighting styles? I know there are styles that have 12, 15, 30 angles, etc but im just looki...

For Bob - Cycling honeys? Worksafe, mostly. Might not be wife safe, lol. Think Heidi on EPO? -B

Ben Franklin > Zionist Jews & their safety trick (terrorism)
"The society who gives up liberty for security will wake up one day with neither!" -Benjamin Franklin "The society who gives up liberty for security will wake up one day with neit...

Any D&Ders Out There?
Anyone into D&D. I am. My favorite character class? The monk, of course!

my son is *so* RMA...
OK, so we went out to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner tonight. My 4yo is sitting in his chair and picks up one of his chopsticks, puts it up beside his head, pointing out along his line of...

GoJu Sanchin
I understand that Sanchin is dynamic tension. What is it for. And, is it potentially bad for your health to practice ?

Teaching Martial Arts
Hi, Im soon to start my instructors course and I was wondering if anyone knows any online resources for teaching martial arts to adults and children? Things like warmups, methods to k...

Glima wrestling book scan?
Hi all, I see that there used to be a scan of a Glima book available from which has been taken down due to bandwidth limitations. Anyone know if it's available for dow...

Photos from my Martial Arts blog
Hi ALL Please visit for updated photos from my Eskrima class. Thanks Kit

Japanese GoJu. Tell me more . . .
I have the chance to learn GoJu. Before I make the commitment to learn, I was interested in learning more about the style. How does Japanese GoJu compare to other GoJu styl...

OT: Shopping mistakes
Well we went to the mall together for the first time in a while tonight. She: "I need to drop by Belk to pick up something" He: "OK" <not paying attention. We walk...

OT: Air Force coach reprimanded for trying to increase diversity and stating the obvious
In unrelated news, the emporer has no clothes. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g...

New Kyokushin Dojo in Denver CO
Hi everyone, I'm Steve ,Nidan in Kyokushin Karate. We are opening The first Kyokushin Dojo in Denver starting from november 1st. Osu !

Sticky hands vs. hard style one-steps
So lots of excellent comments and discussion about sticky hands. Thanks. Not a heck of a lot of bashing against WC though, although some objective criticisms. Now, maybe it's just me, but ...

QUESTION: Any Shotokan Dojos in Austin Tx/ Round Rock Tx area ?
Hi all. I'm new to the Austin area, I was able to locate the JKA Austin but it is restricted to UT students apart from that does anybody knows another dojo ? Thanks.

Warp speed Mr. Sulu! Mr. Sulu? Oh Mr. Suuluu??? Get out of that closet Mr. Sulu and take us to warp speed!
LOS ANGELES - George Takei, who as helmsman Sulu steered the Starship Enterprise through three television seasons and six movies, has come out as a homosexual in the current issue of Fronti...

I might be moving to LA
Anyone from LA LA land? And who's someone good to train Bjj in Los Angeles with? I'm going after a job with Universal Studio's and it seems I might just get it! I'll know for sure in a ...

OT: AP anounces that there are no blacks in the Domincan Republic or Cuba!
Ezequiel Astacio, Jose Vizcaino, Willy Taveras, Jose Contreras, Orlando Hernandez, Damaso Marte, Luis Vizcaino, Pablo Ozuna, Juan Uribe, and Timo Perez may be surprised! http://ww...

in search of pride video base?
please post some reliable sites where from I can download pride fights...that are relatively recenc (new) thanks in advance !! (p.s. - plenty of Mirko's fights...

Something that's been missing from RMA of late!
This is so beautiful you've just got to see it! Scary.

WOTT: Neck Strengthening -- how to do it?
Its fair to say that most everyone into martial arts is a proponent of compound strengthening exercises these days. One exception I'm looking at making is the isolation of the neck. A stro...

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