LA National Guard - The Real Story of Katrina
When New Orleans starting descending into anarchy everyone expected theNational Guard to be sent in immediately to maintain order and allow rescuers in. Instead the LOUISIANA Office of Homel...

Whitewashing Katrina
So if the failure of the government is only on local Democrats like Ten-day Herb wants us to believe, then why are the Republicans once again stonewalling an independent investigation...

Scotland the most violent country in the developed world.,,2-1786945,00.html Scotland is followed in second and third place by England/Wales. Anyone here know of anything that they have in common t...

OT Bone Headed NO Mayor
The bone headed New Orleans Mayor, Nagin - D, is now bringing people back into New Orleans. He wants 180,000 back in a week. The Head of FEMA is objecting because the sewer system and the wa...

WOTT - By Hook or Crook
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): By Hook or Crook - How useful is the crook of a cane, really? Seems like everyone who picks up a crooked walking cane and tries to incorpora...

Paying for Katrina
Of course the GOP wants to cut spending... on social programs. Highway repairs won't be getting done for awhile. Looks like the Republicans don't mind us getting into more debt with foreign...

Iraq invasion radicalized Saudi fighters
Go figure. Bush's stupidty blowing up in his face again. Or maybe it wasn't about bringing stability to the region at all? Hal From Reuters, 9/19/05...

Have you guys ever known batik?
It is here at

Updated Martial Art Blog for September 12 to the 16th
Hi all please visit I have updated it with new pictures. Thanks Kit

National Talk Like A Pirate Day!
I never even knew we had one much less that it's today! Arrrg! Me harties! Peace favor your sword (IH), Kirk

The Martial Spirit- the Metarie Militia
Metarie is a suburb in Jefferson Parish ( county) that borders on Orleans Parish ( New Orleans). Seems a group of 8 guys, mostly in their fifties and sixties, got together in their neig...

"No Kids, Please, We're Selfish"
"Not to disparage old people, but "senescent" is not a pretty word. Large sectors of western population have broken faith with the future. In the Middle East, birth rates are still sky-high,...

more joint-pain treatments
just happened across an interesting page on joint-pain. It seems that besides good old glucosasime and omega-3, there are some other supplements that might be valuable. from www.brinkz...

What's Bush's Position on Rowe vs Wade?
He doesn't care how people got out of New Orleans. Regards,

What is wrong with me?
There is something wrong with me. I can't stop posting in rec.martial-arts but I like pussy. I like pussy still to this day. Pussy ruined my life. Pussy took half of my stuff and my entire...

David Kahn October Krav Maga Seminar (London,UK)
David Kahn will be conducting his first ever UK Seminar, in London, on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of October (2005). Davids reputation within the Krav Maga and worldwide Self ...

Emin Botzepe (sp?) was in town recently. Apparently the second day of his seminar involved tuition in 'anti-grappling'. I've heard of this before, but I really don't know exactly what...

Att: TravisGod
Trav You train around Llyod Irivin's crew, yeah? Ever get to roll with Rhadi Ferguson? If so, how was it? *************************************************...

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choking in BJJ
I started training in BJJ about a year ago, and was wondering what people think about choking. While practicing chokes I'd get pretty close to blacking out, and for days afterwards would f...

The argument against the practice of mma
Oh, I hurt everywhere. You know, I can roll hard 4-5 days a week. If I did that twice a week I'd be hurt and marked up all the time. Getting hit - we practiced No He...

Best Seminar/Clinic
Martial artists like to do this...go to seminars and clinics...sometimes away from our regular training partners/coaches/sensi to see how others do it, or sometimes someone from the same '...

Important, MMA/BJJ lurkers must read.

Fun class
Had a new guy start BJJ today. 6'4" 110 kilos and can do the full splits. Here we go I thought as we went for a roll. I was amazed. He swept himself, gave up his back and just about arm...

New Archaeological Evidence! ( A must see and must laugh)

How many different styles of Eskrima and photos from my Eskrima class
Hi all Has anyone got a list of all the existing Eskrima styles or can name a few of them please? I have updated my weekly blog with blog journal and photos from the Eskrima ...

Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders
Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders ========================================================================= By DONNA DE LA CRUZ Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - A P...

Re: Bush pleads guilty for Katrina mistakes, promises grand reconstruction
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Re: Bush pleads guilty for Katrina mistakes, promises grand reconstruction

Re: Bush pleads guilty for Katrina mistakes, promises grand reconstruction

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