A Standup Mindset in Aust MAA.
In Australia from what I've seen not many clubs are training exclusively MAA, we've had some Muay Thai guys and boxers come to our Bjj club because we are a conduit into MAA events in Queens...

Dog problem
For that guy who was thinking of warding off problem dogs with a stick: www.wimp.com/intense/

Gichoke Invades Florida! MMA Tonight...
Bill's down there for the weekend cornering Joe Lauzon in the AFC. Should be a good event and Joe, who is on his way to the big show someday, is something else to watch. If you're down that...

Mark Zahn beat up Chas Clements
Chas tried to jump me after I beat up Steve Gartin, but I took off my socks, made a puppet, and beat him with it, he cried, begged for mercy. He then begged me to teach him Ji Do...

Mark Zahn beat up Steve Gartin
Steve Gartin & I sparred last Wednesday night, and I kicked the shit out of him. He'll admit it, just ask him folks. Chas was there adn witnessed this. He too wil...

4 on 4 BJJ action.
Had a great class today. Instead of rolling one on one we picked 2 teams of 4 and rolled as teams. The deal was as soon as someone was tapped they were our and thier teammates had to sur...

why is Muay Thai & BJJ so closely linked in MMA schools?
Hi, just about every MMA school i come across teach kickboxing (Muay Thai) and BJJ (either Gracie or Machado). Then there is of course Greco-Roman Wrestling. Why are these so closely linke...

Help for choosing a martial art
I am now in the process of training for a marathon, and after that I want to train in some martial arts. What I am looking for: -"Punch/kick" based (like karate, not like judo)

my first competition
So, after 18 months of BJJ participation I am going to take part (along with about 8 other guys on my team) in my first competition. I'll be competing in the intermediate division fo...

Dojo websites
Since it's a slow business day.... I always enjoy seeing links to regular (or non-regular) posters dojos, or gyms, whatever you want to call them. It never ceases to amaze me the...

No muslim link to 9/11
No evidence has been presented that proves in anyway that muslims carried out the 9/11 atrocity. Anyone that believes that muslims were responcible are non-thinking simpletons. To believe th...

Dear Auntie RMA.
Dear Auntie RMA. I had sex with one of the senior instructors at my Jujitsu the other night, he was Crap! And now I've got to go back class and tell him I don't want to continue with a relat...

Cuba: Enrique, 1964 Olympian in judo
"There was a cousin, Enrique, who Joe said was a '64 Olympian in judo, who had the crest ripped off his military uniform by Cuban leader Fidel Castro after daring to telephone the United Sta...

Combat Hapkido
Considering taking this art, but have not met many current students to get good feel for the quality of the training. whats the difference between combat hapkido and regular hapkido? ...

cold steel bokken
Found one of these at knivesplus.com for $17.99 Anyone have any experience with it? Slippery, or is the knurling of the handle good enough to prevent droppage? Is it weighted well "bala...

Input wanted (webcomic)
Some years back, Mark Hamill et al, put together a comic miniseries, published by Dark Horse, called The Black Pearl. In a TV interview, Hamill said that part of the purpose of the comic wa...

BJJ: FB's corkscrew sweep from delariva; other questions....
Hello, 1) I'm looking for more info on how to execute this technique. All I've got now is: get your de la riva hook, grab the far arm, block their far knee, extend your leg. Det...

FS: Comics, games, toys, weapons
Check it out: VERY low prices. http://stores.ebay.com/Postal-Universe RPGs: White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast, Mongoose, etc. Toys: ALIEN, Predator, TV and Movie f...

poofs and BJJ
terrible stuff my husband had a finger up his arse with Submit MY husband is Hetro No Poof but a losern of machado school tells him "Cop this loser" I ...

Clown Hunt
Given my own distaste for street theater, I think these individuals could provide ample fodder for an impromptu martial arts demonstration. http://radar.smh.com.au/archives/2005/...

Still losing the war: terrorist attacks up 3 times from year before.
No wonder why Bush killed the terrorism report. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content//article/2005/04/26/AR2005042601623.html The number of serious international terroris...

So who's REALLY pro gun control?
======================================================================== High court: Foreign convictions don't prevent gun ownership in U.S. By Bill Mears CNN Washingt...

Iran plans EMP Super-weapon for U.S.!!!
I'm forwarding this from another forum that I read. I normally try to avoid *starting* political threads but this one is just too good to skip. The threat seems, well, over-hyped in t...

The_Dojang forum
Do you practice Korean martial arts? e.g. Tang Soo Do, HwaRang Do, Kuk Sool Won, Taekwondo, Taekwon-Do, TaekKyon, Hapkido, Soo Bahk Do, Gumdo, Yudo, Hanmudo, Ship Pal Ki, Yu Sool, Kong Soo ...

Fighting in enclosed spaces
Almost every form of self defense techniques assume one thing - space. The space required to bring off the given technique is alway assumed and of course provided for demonstration. But ho...

SAVE International Founder Peter Letterese sued by former partner
A lawsuit has been filed against Peter Letterese founder of a self defense course marketed to woman and children and the Galileo dental consulting system. http://geocities.com/pet...

Gartin didn't show AGAIN!!!!
I waited outside Keith Moffets school, GArtin never showed up. Neither did Chas. But who'd of thought...

RFC - Subject: 10 - Deadly Force and the Force Continuum - RMA Newbies Guide to Self Defense v0.18
Please make comments and suggestions. Additional material or re-writen material is prefered. ------------------------------ Subject: 10 - Deadly Force and the Force Continu...

Survival Solutions
Anyone hear of these people, know anything about them? They telemarketed me today, soliciting their long distance, DVD training.... $1000 gets me certified as one of their instructors...

Classic Pugilism, American Bowie, Irish Cudgel, Highland broadsword, German Longsword, and Bartitsu.
(Shameless plug) Western Martial Arts weekend! Cumann Bhata Western Martial Arts Seminar (http://www.pareddown.com/cbwma/index.htm) Can't beat the price! $15.

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