Lucid Libby... funny stuff
Just for your entertainment... I figure they dream this shit up. They may as well let us laugh at it; since it IS for our entertainment. Aric Fowler From: <[email protected]

Subject: CDC Has Issued A Warning New Virulent Strain of Sexually Transmitted Disease The Centers for Disease Control have issued a warning about a new virulent strain of se...

Video Capture
Hey guys (especially B-South), I've been dubbing VHS tapes out the wazzoo for the bata group recently. I'd love to transfer it to a VCD or maybe DVD. I borrowed a Dazzle VC...

Going berserk
"These berserkers became frenzied in battle, howling like animals, foaming at the mouth, and biting the edges of their iron shields. " Berserk is defined as a frenzied, completel...

What hit Pentagon on 9/11? (You will need Macromedia Flash.) For whatever that's worth.

OK wannabees, time to show your stuff
For all you wannabee warriors who love the war. Time to show your balls are really as big as your mouths. The Special Forces is in desperate need of a few good men. Hal

[Seminar] Sword Fighting in Philadelphia
Introduction to Sword Fighting Saturday's April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th, 2005 from 1pm until 3pm (Final Registration starts 12:30pm on the 2nd) This series o...

Think Jay Lee would have run out to smack this guy around?
Look at the one marked "2 big guys battle it out". The winner makes Mark Jones from the Pizzeria beating look like your little sister. (So does the loser for that matter) In a situation whe...

OT - 3 British Soldiers Sentenced to Prison of abusing Iraqis.
Three British soldiers were sentenced to as many as two years in prison and dismissed from the service with prejudice. Lance Corporal Mark Cooley was convicted of simulating punching a detan...

Funny clip - How not to train to be a Ninja
This site has numerous idiot fights from what I've seen so far but one that's truly hilarious and not even a fight is the one labeled "How not to train to be the ultimate Ninja" h...

Quality Newsfeed for new Martial Arts store needed
I've just launched Fighters Zone [ ] which will offer martial arts equipment and related products. I want to put a good quality news feed on the site that true martial ar...

More Fights!
Here's some interesting fights, ranging from quick to sexy to bizarre.

Just for boredom and kicks
Just thought some of you may like to know that TODAY is libby's day off from work. This is why he hasn't posted anything tonight. Even cops get a day off. Doesn't say much for the scam th...

Senegalese Luttes (west african no holds barred)
Has anyone heard of this style of fighting? There are some very big and agile guys who participate in these weekly fights. Most notably a guy by the name of Tyson, who got his name because o...

Women better at fighting than men?
Is it true that a blow to the testicles will disable even the strongest man? That it will make him feel excruciating pain, make him queasy, send him into shock, and possibly even cause him t...

Mylinda not pregnant
She started spotting last Wen. Got worse by this sat. morning. Called the OB/Gyn. Went to the e-room. Long wait / exam / ultrasounds / bloodwork later: Blighted Ovum. ...

Not a Pizza Parlour, I guess -- Chas ...

making weight
I have 2 weeks and 1 day to lose 9 pounds for a mma competition. I'm about 16 % body fat. What shall i do. And please some good advice, not just eat less and move more. Thanks in advance. I ...

Best Defense Against Sucker Punching
First off, does such a thing exist--is there a defense against the sucker puncher? Are there any ways to see it coming (such as the guy positioning himself)? This comes down to street smar...

Ward Churchill, punch kicker??
And continuing with our theme of highlighting punchers in pizza parlors, etc- here's the never ending story of that phony baloney Chompsky hate freak, the fake Indian himself, who la...

Any bouncers in here? What's your legal standing?
With an eye on the Pizzeria beating, curious if anyone here works as a bouncer and what advice if any you've been given as to what you can and can't do, what legal protection you have etc.? ...

Disturbing input from Police re: Ohio pizzeria beating
This whole issue of whether the guys who stood around with their thumbs up their noses in DaVinci's while Scarpino got pounded on got me to thinking, okay so what exactly is your standing as...

Anatomy of an all in Bar Room Brawl.
A punch in the face and the etiquette of fisticuffs is a very easy concept that everyone learns in school yard fights. There was a time when street fights had an unwritten law which stated t...

He he...
So GDS Jnr and I are on the mat one night this week....doing a few beginners classes to get him back in the groove....there's a few new white belts of them is a twenty-somethin...

Choose Kirk's Nick
OK, here's your chance to participate. Choose Kirk's Nickname. So far we've got: Badger [Fill in the blank] Rikki-Tikki-Weasel-not-a-Badger "Rabi...

Saps, blackjacks, and batons
>From the "the fact that he's better than me doesn't mean I have to loose" files, I've been thinking about picking up something blunt to compliment my something sharp, just in case I'm de...

Pentagon Strike

Canada tells the US to stuff their missiles in their Bush
Oh jeez, yous guys gone and done it now. You refused the Emperor Chimpolean from Yankistan. You guys better get ready. You're on the list after Iran and Syria. Hal ...

Pizzeria Ass Whoopin - watch the video I personally would have head butted that bitch, then screwed my glock into Homie's ear. And for the life of me, I can't understan...

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