Han Suki Villari Style
Villari wants your money< muhuhahahahahhaha! http://homepage.mac.com/villaris/Education2.html

Google Playing Up!! +!
"Unable to retrieve message [email protected]" I'm getting this message went I try to post and its rather irritating. I've not posted much of late because of this! <...

Name of this movie and actors in 80s?
Back in mid to late 80's, my local TV station would have a "kung fu" theatre on Saturdays showing many martial arts movies. On 2 to 3 consecutive weekends, they would show a movie where a bl...

In Re Hal's "Poor Innocent Muslims" whose side he takes:
From: Islamonline Blog: http://www.islamonline.net/livefatwa/english/Browse.asp?hGuestID=pL4f9i Name: Mary Question: It is permissible for us, as Muslims, to make du`aa...

Time for the US to get out of Iraq
Along with the media I'm sure that rma wishes to just forget about Iraq and all the US bullshit from WMD through "yearning for democracy." But neither Iraq nor I am going away. So here's...

Newb Looking for Style Suggestions
Hi, Sorry for the newbie question, but was hoping for some insights. I'm looking to start training in a martial art in San Francisco, but can't quite decide on what/where makes t...

MMA: Who won (Yoshida vs Gardner)?
Summary? Link? Clip? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Han Suki Villari Style
I am starting to learn the Han Suki form (I may have the spelling wrong) in the Villari style. Has anyone out there ever studied it? Do you have any pointers? VILLARI F...

New Forum
I am starting a new forum WeaponsForum.com. So if you love guns, swords, martial arts or any type weapons, including military systems, I would appreciate it if you would stop by and reg...

Should I fight?
I sold something for about $1000 to an acquaintance two months ago. We both participate in a sport where comraderie is high. The article i sold him was equipment for the sport. He has ...

K1 and Kickboxing rules
Could someone explain the differences in the rules of K1 and Kickboxing competitions. Cheers.

Jet Li Survives Tsunami
Asian action heroes spring into The action star Jet Li and his family were evacuated to Doha, Qatar after their hotel in the Maldives was swamped by tidal waves. Li reportedly inj...

Humanity, Practicality, and Reality- Real Life
PRACTICALITY: Obviously, Hal and a few others waffled around and wandered off into some other subject, as usual; and did not answer the question about torture and again proved good litt...

need a teacher
Hey there... Anyone know of a good teacher or school in the San Diego area? I've trained primarily in Hsing-I. I will be interested to hear of anyone's recommendations and/or ex...

Greetings All!!!
Greetings All, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the group and I was happy to see such great converse going on here. I currently study Kali (Stick Fighting), Muay Thai, B...

Good News about Vandit
I dropped Vandit and email right after the disasterous damage done by the tsunamai. For those of you who don't know Vandit or what he is doing now, he was a frequent RMA poster an...

You young and invulnerable guys can skip this: For those of you are are older and more fragile, a bit of medical lore. I've jammed my left thumb so many times the connecti...

? who wins?
Gracie is fighting a huge big Sumo in the name of Akebono .I suspect Royce will choke him out even though he is tripple his size. I would like to see Royce go against someone in the name of ...

Holy Cow! US Treasury tells truth about deficit!
Yes, boys and girls, the wheels are falling off the last superpower. The deficit is not the official $412 billion - stupendous as that is - but rather $668 billion. The source? Some...

Luther Jackson
My name is Luther Jackson. I study TaeKwonDo. And I am gay. I am proud of both.

Bruce Lee Pictures
pictures slide show of bruce lee http://www.jainsworld.com/brucelee/

Grad Paper on Kata
This "paper" on Kata (http://www.brandeis.edu/gsa/gradjournal/2003/pdf/langsner.pdf) was posted to a Livejournal group (http://www.livejournal.com/community/martial_artists/). And I ...

calling Geddy Lee out - debate
He has participated with sending 1000 people to Colorado to get me into music, to be a musician to lead a revolution. Uh, But Geddy, who's the revolution against? Ahhh, Jewi...

new group
This group is for people who love boxing and / or are fans of Wladimir & Vitali Klitschko. If you are interested, please join. http://groups-beta.google.com/group/K2-boxing

This shit sucks
Im on a dsl line now, everything works betta but I cant figure why RMA now sux. I mean when i go on the site it aint in a convenient box which i can mark read, an basically run thru 100...

I am finally coming out of the closet
Well I been posting here for a while as a BJJ practitioner and now it is time to reveal why I love it so much. Fact is I am a homo who loves to take it up the ass. The bigger the pointer the...

Power versus pushing
Hiya group, I hope those who celebrate Christmas had a good one. My awesome family got me a free-standing Century Wave bag for Christmas. We have been doing bag training in ...

"Dr" Alvin Donovan
Greeting surfers and martial artists "Dr" Alvin Donovan has inhabited both alt.surfing and rec.martial arts for some time now. He has continually posted to the latter ng on...

OT - The Harm That False Beliefs Create
http://www.mesotheliomaresource.org/news/alternative-health/alternative-health-p-7535.htm Yeah, what a great service these YB quacks deliver to the world. Charlatans and frauds ....

Japanese martial-arts actors in block prints?
Possibly a bit OT here; would appreciate referrals to other suitable NGs... Many 18th-19th c. Ukiyo-e prints depict actors in historical dramas playing samurai and related roles. Seems...

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