check this...
free flat screen tv! as seen on BBC and CNN News. just sign up for a cool free offer, refer some friends and your done. U.S. residents only though(sorry!) see for yourself: http:/...

Landowner Says Next Time, He'll Bring A Gun To Check Out Trespassers Hunter Charged With Aggravated Battery After Sauk County Scuffle Landowners Says Next Time, He'll Bring A Gun To Check Out Trespasse...

WOTT - Sizing up an oponent for weapons
This installment of the Weekly On Topic Thread: Sizing up an oponent for weapons So, how do ya do it? It'd sure be nice to know if the guy with the 'tude who just walked th...

Gold medalist to fight MMA
Egyptian wrestler Karam Gaber may fight in the k-1 in Japan against Bob Sapp or the like.... Here is a video of him doing his stuff:

Girl Fight (Video)
This video (see link below) makes me feel really good I study BJJ. Since most guys I have seen fight have been every bit as clueless as these girls, I can expect an easy time winning. (Unles...

"Pain Is Just a Sensation" -- SJSU Video Clip
Nice judo video clip. I like this one a lot better than the Kyoto University clip someone posted here. (Go to the right side of the page below and there is a link to the video: it...

The Professional Hunter Report now online at:
Read and post reviews on experiences with Professional Hunters, Outfitters, Booking Agents, Guides, Travel Services. Share your knowledge with hunters everywhere.

How Liberals Teach Tolerance
Steve Gardner served on a Vietnam swift boat crew with John Kerry. He was the only member of the 12 man crew who spoke against Kerry, thus becoming a key figure in the most fascinating and...

What was the last 'streetfight' you were involved in? What happened eg what provoked it, any injuries or surprises (something you train in didn't work etc) ? I'm also curious as...

It's really gotta make ya wonder...
Subject: IQ and Votes For those of you who are depressed by the 2004 election results like me, here is a piece of fun for you to enjoy. Sounds like nothing can explain the ...

Lunar Helium 3 Could Meet Earth's Energy Demands ================== Posted by timothy on 02:33 PM November 27th, 2004 from the bring...

Steve Gartin won't post - he's fraidy cat
Steve Gartin & Chas Clements have bee instructed by their fake instructor not to post anymore, because I was destroying their reputation extra fast like, faster than had Chas & Steve not ope...

Kirk- BKB re Gannon-Slice
so there's your bare knuckle boxing- how does this look compared to what you imagine of the 19th c. matches? what set of rules would you concatenate to make a modern, challenging BKB...

BJJ in Australia...?
I'm probably going to be heading down to Melbourne, Australia around the 17th of December for 2 or 3 weeks. a) Who's down under? Fraser? b) Any good clubs in Melbourne if the...

OK, how bout a T-rex with a head mounted laser? -- Dan Winsor Soy un poco loco en el coco.

Hunter shootout staged by government (PSYOP)
This PSYOP is targetting many liberties of the American citizen. It's propping minor misdemeanors as crucial, in that they should be more than misdemeanors. The guise being used o...

Streetfight Video: Sccer Kick and Punch
I hope the link still works:

BJJ and Sunburn
Went fishing yesterday and got burnt to a crisp. Doesn't work well with BJJ in the morning. I just had to have someone touch my neck and I was tapping. Damn. Hope I am ok by Wednesday. ...

NY Tai Chi & Push Hands News
Hi Everybody, A lot of time has passed since I've sent out an update. It's been just over a year since we moved to Wu Teh and practice continues there on this schedule:

Silat FRAUD EXPOSED - Don't laugh too hard!! OMG, I can't stand it, I can't, I can't, Silat is a comedy routine, Lucille Ball hired Garti...

a website for the Hal's of this world
Dick C wrote: > msgoldberg wrote in >> I see and hear so much hatred come out of this self love that it is stunning. >> >...

new source of enthusiam
Hi, I posted about a week ago that I was having trouble getting back into training. I went to a tournament on Saturday as a spectator and watched my dojo fight, and I tell ya I CANT WAI...

For Jilly Manner (about
Hallo Jilly, Do not be so frightened ;-). Finally it is you who decides what knowledge will be sold. I have alerady earned more then 1200 USD in few evenings with no effort and I ...

Exercises to stronger, faster mawashi geri?
Hello all, Can you suggest weight/bodyweight exercises to make my mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) faster and stronger? The obvious one seems to be quad extension, but then again mo...

FA: JKD magazines I have a few of those up and some martial arts related items.

OT: Caution trojan
I'm not sure where I got it, but it may have come from visiting a site in a message, but I had a rather harmless trojan install itself about 3-5 days ago. Scan for 'netdaemon' and...

Are most skateboarders white trash like Bam Margera is?
Have you ever seen this guy on his show on MTV? It's called Viva La Bam and it seems to be nothing more than a showcase for Bam and his family to show what complete and total which trash...

I Owe Simon McElvanney An Apology
Recently, I posted Simon's home address on rec.martial-arts. Since then, I have come to thoroughly dislike the idea of making a man worry about the safety of his loved ones. (I'm sure ...

FS: Krav Maga Basic Combatives DVD New
For sale: Krav Maga Basic Combatives DVD. New, sealed. $20 includes shipping. email jeffreyfass-AT-happyeyeball-COM

Martial Art video clips Online
There are some Samurai Sword training video's online at I don't claim they are good are legimate, they just are. Master Hun Video's

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