the ongoing punditry of Mike Sigman
Earlier today we were treated to Sigman being quoted as saying that he wanted another Civil War. How does he plead to sedition, and hanging out with Zionists? -- You heard ...

At Least 7 of the 9/11 Hijackers are Still Alive
The muscle hijackers 'picked by bin Ladin': Satam al Suqami, Wail and Waleed al Shehri (two brothers) Alive, Abdul Aziz al Omari Alive, Fayez Banihammad (from the UAE), Ahmed al Ghamdi...

[SPOILER] Pride Beatdown Video (Brutal)

Nasty surprise for robbers
BY R.S.N. MURALI SEREMBAN: Four armed robbers fled for their lives when they inadvertently broke into the home of a Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) coach at Taman Bukit Intan here. <...

detachable nunchuks?
Does anybody know if there are any nunchukus or three section staffs that are easily detachable and reconnected? If so, please list the company as I would be interested. Clint ...

knife simulation challenge - Steve Gartin
Steve, you claim that your knife fighting is superior. Why don't you & me have a knife fighting contest with the dead blade knives, the first one to make a legible cut/gouge wins? ...

Nifty little online m.arts mag
You guys probably know all abt this, but it's news to me. Akin to the 'Riposte' site of old ********************...

Chos laugh with me at Dethouars FRAUD I guarantee you, Chos are laughing with me, at this clown, this thief, this dirtying contaminating thief in the martial industry. Look at the third...

Iran Declares War on US!
Not militarily, financially! Iran, the No. 2 OPEC producer, has intentions to create an Iranian Oil Bourse, using a Euro-denominated international oil-trading mechanism. This wo...

Non-Partisan BBC?
Crying for the BBC She's shedding a tear for Yasser Arafat. Who is? Barbara Plett is. And who is Barbara Plett? She's the BBC's correspondent on the West Bank. Where is she shedding h...

Steve Gartin Fraud, KungTao Fraud, Chas Fraud
> > Steve, I wanted to get you to comment a little for us on the technical > > exercises practiced to develop timing & understanding telegraphy. > > > Sure, I'd be ...

Bush suporters can be hatefull too.
Down with the Kerry haters Outside the Bush-Arnold rally in Ohio, Republicans railed at demonstrators with apocalyptic fury. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Michelle Goldberg

tank abbott knocked out chuck liddle i was shocked
i was recently at a ufc pay per view in america and it was ufc 49 that was the first ufc pay per view i had ever been to and it was great i wanted to see chuck liddle ko vernon white and he ...

kenpo kai updated
The anglet kenpo kai home page has just been updated. Come and visit us. yves. -- anglet kenpo kai

Wing Chun dummy
Hi I'would like to built my own dumny and i'm looking for cotation (map) sincerly

Wing Chun Punch
Any non-Wing Chun practitioner ever use this punch? It's based on really sound physics, Also, I find the wing chun rolling combi...

Steve Gartin, Silat, Chas Clements [FRAUD]
Steve, I wanted to get you to comment a little for us on the technical exercises practiced to develop timing & understanding telegraphy. You are very well known to be into witchcraft, ...

NYT: Bush STILL hasn't equipped our troops
Another reason why the U.S. will have a draft soon.... ******************************************************************************* Along With Prayers, Families Send Arm...

White Surfer Gets Crap Beaten Out of Him by Hawaian Local (Video)
BJJ being used to beat up a guy.

Martial Arts - Denver area - Looking for a sparring school?
I just started with a new school recently, and for those of you who really enjoy sparring and live in the Denver area, this school could be for you. They have regular class from 12-1 o...

FA: JKD and martial art videos this will link you to Vunak's training tapes then check out my other listings

Opportunities are now available for teaching Martial Arts in South
Opportunities are now available for teaching Martial Arts in South Korea... All Black Belts are Welcomed, Korean Martial Arts Black Belts Preferred (Hapkido, Kuk Sool, Hwa Rang Do...

Let.s fight against InfoRelation - spamming service!!!
Hallo, Here is Jilly. Let.s do something with this crazy InfoRelation. By accident I have visited this web... and I am teriffied with what people wish to know and the money they o...

OT: Legendary Nights - Foreman v Moorer
Legendary Nights Home Box Office (Pacific) Oct 30 03:00pm Add to My Calendar Limited Series/Sports, 30 Mins. "The Tale of Foreman - Moorer" 45-year old George Foreman takes on ...

Swift Boat Vets Release New Good Ads

Kerry is Done if this Rumour is for Real
Subject: Fw: THE JIMMY CARTER LEGACY CONTINUES Sean, I was on active duty as a U.S. Navy lawyer when all of this was going on some 25 to 30 years ago, and so was Mark...

Worst president ever. Even google knows
Go to google and type "worst president ever" Hal

Modifying the UFC ring - what do you think?
Maybe this has been brought up before - I'm not a UFC fanatic, but it has crossed my mind from time to time. Several people here have noted that so-and-so tends to win most of his ...

throwing a spaz and knee on stomach
Grrrr... My main training parter and I have vastly different stregnths and weaknesses. My strong suit is my guard. His guard is pretty rudimentary. However he has a pretty go...

This year's scariest Halloween costumes
oh shit. . . too funny

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