Cycling Past 50 - book recommendation
Just got a look at this book at B&N and for the beginner and intermediate rider I highly recommend. Very useful info, clear and well-documented, with current research. Heck you can benefit e...

Biker gets pounded
From the biking ng: "Bicycle courier Andrei Stadnyk had just ended his second week on the job and was heading home on one of the "ugliest" days of the year, with the cold biting a...

Striking without contact
Hi there, If some people have some doubts yet, forget it. This amazing method called Yellow Bamboo really works. You can see videos where people knock others down without to...

Interview with Wang Xiangzhai
"About dachengquan (yiquan)" - fragment of the interview with Wang Xiangzhai published in 1940 in Beijing newspaper ...

Why did impractical, unrealistic martial arts become that way?
There are many martial arts that you can spend years studing and working hard at practicing, and yet have very little to show for it in terms of actual self defense ability afterwards. I wou...

Report from Awesome Camp!!
I had the chance to train at the 19th Lysak's Martial Arts camp earlier this month in Ludlow MA. People from as far away as AZ and NC came to participate. The instructors included Walt Lysa...

any pictures of Olympic TKD?
Guys are saying the kicking didn't look strong, I won't decide till I see it myself. Someone/anyone got URLs to picts from Lopez and other fights? What about the knockout kicks f...

The martial arts hierarchy
From me to you:

Succes Stories in Yellow Bamboo San Diego
Yellow Bamboo success stories OM SUASTIASTU As you know, we just signed a deal to write the book "Yellow Bamboo for the soul" If you are willing to write an artic...

Injured my knee at Judo
Bastard!! I HATE being injured! It interferes with my judo training! I have a (to my biased eyes) horrific pic:

The Power Of Yellow Bamboo
I just had to share something with this group that I just discovered. While I haven't had a chance to actually get involved in the training for it yet, I have done a lot of research into it...

Olympic Boxing - 'light flyweights' <48kg!!!
these guys were tiny!! 48kg ... for the Yanks, that's only 105 lbs! i didn't know that men came that small. or maybe they were teenagers?

Gripping The Wrist
Do you close your thumb around the wrist when you grip for the Kimura? Every school I know (including Gracies) says no, the wrist should be gripped sans thumb. The technical reasons given va...

Join ESKRIMA Technical DISCUSSION Group: WORLD of SERRADA Win Eskrima DVD prize for best technical article on any Eskrima system.

Join ESKRIMA Technical Discussion Group: WORLD of SERRADA : = Win DVD prize for best technical article on any Eskrima system.

al Arts Event - Oct 16, 2004. Ottawa Martial Arts Gala
Ottawa Martial Arts Gala 2004 Martial Arts Demonstrations including: Lion Dance, White Crane, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Baji, Kajukenbo, Chito-Ryu Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Hung Gar, Jap...

Leonardo Da Vinci - About Aliens, Dimensions, Consciousness, Time, And Earth's Past And Future
Leonardo Da Vinci - About Aliens, Dimensions, Consciousness, Time, And Earth's Past And Future 29 August 2004 T...

Mass Destruction 17 resutls
On one of the muggiest days of the year, with the Boston Red Sox playing in at the Fenway, Avalon Night Club hosted Mass Destruction 17. Eight fights took place at the event, and all were p...

All-in brawl
"A BRAWL erupted between spectators, officials, police and competitors at the freestyle wrestling today after a close bout between a Russian and Belarussian athlete. As world champion B...

does "martial arts training" magazine still exist?
Several years ago when I was taking tae kwon do I used to pick up a very nice magazine called "martial arts training". I have since moved and have recently taken up training again and at m...

A very informative martial art forum
this forum is amazing with information of all kinds when it comes to martial arts and how to use it in all kinds of self defense situations. i think you all would like this one http://forum....

take a guess - Steve Gartin aliases ?
What aliases is Steve Gartin using? His witch owners told him not to post with his real name. Since he's scared, won't invite me to his school to fight him, and he knows h...

Do Koreans support homosexuality?
What do the Koreans think of homosexuality and gay marriages?

How do you get that NOSPAM into your email address? Are you using Google groups? (I am) -mf

Martial Hub - Looking For A Martial Arts School? If you're interested in the martial arts and are looking for a club to go to this fall, check out my page Martial Hub. Check out the Taekwondo pag...

Martial Hub - Looking For A Martial Arts School? If you're interested in the martial arts and are looking for a club to go to this fall, check out my page Martial Hub. Over 1000 working links to ...

On-topic post: how will you train as you get older?
Recently, someone who I think was 40, asked whether or not he was too old to start MA. And the question occurred to me at the time: What will you do when you get older? How will you trai...

Olympic TKD quite LETHAL
> > "Richard Carlucci" <[email protected]> wrote in message > > news:[email protected] > > >> Careful, it's full contact, y...

Analysis of ~100 Iraqi Resistance Groups & Factions
Those looking for deep background on the players in Iraq's resistance may find the following "inventory" informative. I do not necessarily endorse the analysis but applaud the immense

OT Islamic Terror Group Kidnaps Frenchmen
Supposedly two Frenchmen are being held hostage by an Islamic terrorist group as a protest against Moslem women not being allowed to wear scarves in school in France. How horrible. Send...

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