Bob Orlando Seminar/Workshop In Boston
Yours Truly (Bob Orlando) will be conducting a two-day workshop in Boston, Mass. When: Saturday and Sunday, August 7-8, 2004 Contact: Doug Betts ([email protected]) ...

Randy Couture vs. Belfort
The upcoming fight between these two warriors will be a good rematch. I think they will try to settle this fight on the ground, but I hope they do some good hand to hand fighting first. Wh...

Randy Couture vs. Belfort
The upcoming fight between these two warriors will be a good rematch. I think they will try to settle this fight on the ground, but I hope they do some good hand to hand fighting first. Wh...

WOTT Prepare for conscription: Army to Recall 5,600 Retired Troops Involuntarily
Prepare yourself for the draft. If you have teenage sons you should be very worried. Hal Army to Recall 5,600 Retired Troops Involuntarily Associated Press...

Does Trav owe Sig money?
I don't recall the specifics of the bet, but it is worth noting that WMD's *have*, in fact, been found in Iraq. It may have been reported here before, but Charles Duelfer (current

BJJ Instructional series now out
Just in case anyone one was curious. One of my instructors has just produced a series of instructional BJJ dvds. Ze Mario Esfiha along with Island Martial Arts, http://www.islandmarti...

WOTT Kerry's New Plan for Medicine
Estimated cost of Kerry's plan for medicine is $650 billion over 10 years. According to CBS news 6-29- 2004.

Michael Echanis Knife Fighting Book
A while back someone posted something here about Echanis' book called "Knife Fighting and Knife Throwing For Combat" being reprinted and sold. Does anyone know where to get it ? Black Belt m...

Question abt Tao of JKD: Revisionist history?
Anyway.... I'm down at the local bookstore, killing time. I see a reprint of the Bruce Lee classic Tao of JKD. Having read it last maybe...10-12 yrs ago I thought it might be a b...

Castor Oil Pack
Just thought this might help someone out. Castor Oil Pack Use to accelerate the healing of muscle and ligament sprains and strains. Place it on the solar plexus ...

New Rules
for gods' sake: I am correct on all matters of history. Trav and I are correct on all matters of politics, the law, economics and philosophy. Bill Mahoney ...

Sex before competing?
Enough people have said that sex before fighting/competition is a no-no for them to have me wonder whether there is something to this old canard. It's sometimes said hand-in-hand with commen...

The definition of marriage
The Presidential Prayer Team is currently urging us to: "Pray for the President as he seeks wisdom on how to legally codify the definition of marriage. Pray that it will be according to Bibl...

WOTT : Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Against School Vouchers
Chalk one up for the First Amendment. Hal FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/28/04 Americans United Hails Colorado Supreme Court Ruling Against Scho...

Fighting Blind/in the dark - WOTT
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT) OK, so what tipps & tricks do you have for "blindfighting?" Particularly with weapons (knives, clubs, etc.). And special drills that you ...

Solving the Energy Problem - MASERs from Space!!!
NASA Abandons SimCIty Microwave Power Concept but others may pick it up. ========= NASA Abandons SimCIty Microwave Power ...

need opinion on Villari school in somerville,ma
I have heard many mixed reviews of Villari schools. I know that the quality can vary in that each of the schools is more or less independent of the others. Previously of have heard that they...

What martial art is the best fo a rookie???
I want some reccomdndations, my brother is 12 years old and he wants to practice a martial art... Whats the best thing to do??? what martial art to choose for him??? I am a kick boxer and i ...

Freestanding Heavybag
I am interested in purchasing a freestanding heavybag and was wondering if anyone in this forum could give me their opinions of a good brand. I have browsed the offerings at and...

Just for you Hal
The book I previously mentioned is the "The Radioactive Boy Scout - The True Story of a Boy and His Backyard Nuclear Reactor," by Ken Silverstein. "The boy built a nuclear breeder reactor in...

yellow bamboo trainer paul terrell
Here is the info of the guy who teaches YB in Europe and UK. Why doesnt someone from this group give his course a go and report back? YBS

More Chi demonstrations in push hands
this has probably been posted before. anyone want to talk about the 2 push hands demos?

Testing strength without weights?
What is the best way to test your strength if you don't have access to weights at the time?

Jefferson on Why Democracy Cannot be Forced on Iraq
Jefferson was speaking of France, but the logic is still as valid today in terms of Iraq. "A full measure of liberty is not now perhaps to be expected by your nation, nor am I c...

Thank you wrestling!
Coming from a striking background, I naturally went to BJJ first for grappling. Then a wonderful thing happened when I started taking the fundamentals of wrestling - especially Greco-Roman ...
I can't wait to see this new movie. Dale Huber Chowchilla, CA

Knife Specials
Hello everyone, It is fat boy Barry Jones here again wanting to give out my latest specials on shitty knives. Me and my brother Phillip are a couple of fat fuck rednecks and never get l...

Group for Chinese Shao-lin Center students & teachers -- Kung Fu Woman

On topic: Heart Rate, warm-up, Cool Down
I know that most Martial Artists don't measure their heart rate during their training, but I wonder if anyone here has particular expertise in CV training. Does the HR need to be ...

What is Earl's problem?
He think TKD is real, and he calls people mean names at the drop of a hat. Hint for ya, Earl, the only other proponent of tkd in RMA, is libby, says alot for your sanity state, doesn't it? <...

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