SIGMAN IS a usenet cancer
just like every other neocon loser who loves Jerry Fallwell.

Silk Reeling and Leg handicaps
Hi! Does anyone know of any good resources for teaching Chen Silk reeling to amputees, and / or any quality of life benefits from doing so compared to normal physical therapy exer...

Just wanted to make a post saying bye to everybody here and thank's I've had a great laugh talking to you all. I doubt anybody would want to but I'm going to try to check this email ...

The moderate muslims....
Appropo the discussions in current threads... here's an article by Dan Pipes on the problem with a discussion regarding a vigorous march as promised by a moderate muslim, in Arizona....

Wushu Kung-Fu
Is Wushu kung-fu the same as Wing-Chun? I called a Kung-Fu school and they insisted that it was Wing-Chun, not Wushu. Are they mistaken? Does anyone know of a Wushu school in Fairfie...

May be gone for a while
Doing a big network upgrad this weekend. May be gone for a while till we shake the bugs out. I'll keep up as best I can. Peace favor your sword (IH) -- "In these...

Hsing Yi DVD are out!
Titles are : 1)The Five-element Boxing 2)Five-element Staff 3)Xingyi 8 form boxing 4)Xingyi Five-element Broadsword 5)Xingyi Five-element Spear 6)Xingyi Five-element Swor...

Homeschooled Adults Are Better Citizens
From: Liberator Online, Vol. 9, No. 7 ========================== by James W. Harris Homeschooled Adults Are Better Citizens "Politics and government a...

Won't be posting for the next 2 weeks. I know you all will miss me. Dany

"Peak Oil" FAILS test --> EVERYONE goes for EASIEST oil premise is false. End of argument.
Hello all, Lets just clear this up.... "Peak oil" relies on the assumption that EVERYONE always goes for the EASIEST oil. Not so. Never was. Never will be. ...

haven't heard from tony/fight
well, emailed him yesterday with my phone # about when he could get together to throw down. haven't heard from him. could be he's busy. hope he decides he wants to do this. would be fun.

Old farts of martial arts (rec, that is)
(originally under Re: FMA effectiveness at defeating armed attacker?) Eric D. Berge <eric_berge @> wrote in message news:<[email protected]

Kettlebell Instructional DVD
New Kettlebell Instructional DVD...special introductory price visit ...

MMA fans only - old time pic Thought the MMA guys would get a chuckle outta this. From a thread at MMA TV last week. ...

From the Kerry Files: kinda fond o' jane
"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so faraway, Now it looks as though they're here to stay..." ---the Beatles http://...

The superiority of conservative thinking
1. Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton. 2. The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our highest national p...

American democracy and Christian family values comes to Iraq United States soldiers at a prison outside Baghdad have been accused of forcing Iraqi prisoners into acts...

Tae Kwon Do in 96 olympics
I was watching "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn" last night and they had an audience member that said he was from Ghana (although he must have come to the US when fairly young because he had no...

disemboweling oneself
I've shamed middle management and have been given the sword. But for the life of me I cant find any good books on seppuku. Has anyone any advice, experience?

Cardin Shannach/Kuan Shu
Does anyone out there have any info on Cardin Shannach? Anyone train with him or know of anyone who has? Anyone read his materials and training in Kuan Shu? Regards Glenn

Anyone use any magician's tools for self-defense.
Anyone use any magician's tools for self-defense.

Pen Flash
Pen Flash Have you had any experience using like items in self-defense.

suggestions for conditioning
Hi, any of you guys know about programs for conditioning in martial arts? I would like to hear from you if you have any idea or programs like the ones mentioned in the book "Complete ...

Where's some good clips of latest UFC's, Vale Tudo, and such?

attn DOROTHEA BON JOVI This is the URL of the post where I said all Sabaki Challenge schools and fighters have virtually no legit martial-arts abilities,...

no gi subs from kesa?
ok, so i did judo a few years in college and the first position taught was kesa gatami. i am currently doing kung fu (yeah yeah) and when we do our ground work or just end up there during s...

Is Karate for everyone?????
You know me and my father we get in to this argument sometime about how a few years ago I took Karate and got to like my blue belt and quit because I hated what it was doing to my mind. I me...

I could use some help guys...
Just to let you know. My Wife needs this machine to continue her treatment successfully. So if you all don't mind. I could use some help in e-mailing

PHOTO Cover: SERRADA Eskrima DVD/ 2hours: $ 50
Filipino Martial Arts of Rattan Stick Fighting! Eskrima/Kali/Arnis:- Close Range SERRADA of Grandmaster Angel Cabales, from his 13th Master Guro - Even if you te...

Fighting Coins
(Weekly "On Topic" Thread) The Fighting Coin(s) or Fighting With Coins Using a roll of Quarters as a fistload is a mainstay of Western Culture going back at least to the 30'...

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