Taiji Chen style classes in D.C area?
I've been searching to no avail. Does anybody know of a decent place that offers classes at reasonable times? I live in D.C. Thanks Aqua

Affidavit of Hostile Encounter
Greetings all: I departed my home tonight at 6:24 P.M. on my bicycle enroute to the King Soopers on Evans, near Federal. As I left my home, I noticed a silver Chrysler automobile parke...

Kung Fu Schools in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Anybody know of any reputable places? Sam

Steven Segal in Mountian Dew Commercial.
Hello Folks, Not sure if any of you have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Steven Segal in a new Mountain Dew commercial. I am trying to see if it's online anywhere so I can show...

Los Angeles County Freeing Criminals
According to tonights NBC news Los Angeles County is freeing some 50,000 criminals most barely having served any of their sentences. Budget crunch time. Los Angeles police call it "catch and...

A review of the Passion...
The 'Passion' So I wondered if a review was even necessary by me; what with all the psychic flak coming out just for my asking if the movie was a failure on it's terms, as a

Well known and jukokay "soke" found guilty of harrassment/forgery ordered to pay 50,000 in damages
CHICAGO, IL -- A judge dismissed a libel/slander complaint filed by Rod Sacharnoski against Don Cunningham and Jeff Boler on Monday, Jan. 5, 2004, in Co...

Kyudo club in Fraser Valley/Vancouver?
Hello! I'm a student in Japan right now, and I've been considering taking up kyudo, that is, Japanese archery, but I need to know whether there's a club or not in the Fraser Valle...

Chuck Norris RIP?
Somebody told me he died recently true or false?

Photos from the Great Liberator Challenge
http://kuntaosilat.com/Dougco.htm The guy we're shaking hands with is the promoter; Hassan Timani- the other one is J. Kim; the little Asian guy with thumbs up. Kim said he didn't...

MMA Event
Have a look who's appearing in the following show on March 19 :) http://www.xfc.com.au/nextevent.php The undercard has some excellent fighters - Perth being represented by Fight ...

Austin get-together of Martial Artists....
Hiyez... Ever since I moved to Texas about 5 years ago, I've pretty much stopped reading or posting here, mainly, because they handed me a Windows box and I detest Windows and can...

Austin RMA gathering
So are we still getting together? When and where? I'm guessin it'll still be at frank's and no one ever named a time. I wish I had thought to post earlier in the week. ...

Nunchaku vs. knife
2 men, 2 weapons. A knife with a 6" double edged blade, and a nunchaku. The weapons are on the floor in the middle of the combatants. You can pick up one. Which would you grab? My...

Bruce Lee
I think this has been brought up before but was the late Mr. Lee the real thing? Did he ever compete on a higher level of martial arts? Other than cinema did Bruce Lee ever compete aga...

GARTIN attempted a complaint
"Steve Gartin" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > "Vince" <[email protected]> wrote in message > > > I...

Putting terrorism into perspective
Terrorism is the "greatest threat of the 21st century. But only according to the US, the UK, and Israel. You hear about terrorism in the news almost every day, but what about the ...

Shorei-Ryu Karate in Tampa FL
Looking for instructors in the Tampa area, preferably near Brandon.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Tampa, FL
Looking for instructors in the Tampa area, preferably near Brandon.

Looking for Martial Artist for Film
Typhon Vision is looking for actors for it's new age feature film "The Tao of the Astrological Voyager". Ages 18-30, both male and female required. . Filming takes place in Toro...

Training in the morning.
Just started doing the morning class for BJJ. 7am start. It was hard for me to crawl out of bed for the drive across town but felt great for the start of my working day. Anyone else train...

I was wondering recently whatever happened to Oliver Richman....and it got me thinking about rma'ers who are MIA. Which missing rma'ers would you : -like to see again? ...

The NEW Pankration: Great quote.
So remember when we talking about the inevitable mainstreaming of arts; and I mentioned a guy I know who is teaching Pankration with 2 local NHB losses and a Hapkido 1st Dan as his only "qua...

. . . Trolling for TKD Gods
Good day All, Is there anyone out there who actually KNOWS Mark Zahn? Steve :-)> -- www.kuntaosilat.net www.kuntaosilat.com www.thunderrock.net

STEVE GARTIN has flyer?
Gartin why don't you tell us what the flyer says. Also we need your paperwork prior to you coming down. I will call you and give you the fax number. If you don't fax...

http://www.chaehooksung.com/graphics/jpg/ All these fights are Ji Do Kwan TKD, including the Muay Thai which the fighters were trained in Ji Do Kwan TKD and dominated victoriously the ...

pure JI DO KWAN - Knock out KICK #2!!
http://www.chaehooksung.com/graphics/jpg/kick5.jpg This school is in Colorado Springs and Fountain Colorado. They will have students at the tournament this Saturday, as will all...

http://www.chaehooksung.com/graphics/jpg/kick6.jpg This school is a child student of Chos TKD in Milwaukee. Chom Son Cho trained the instructors of this school.

STEVE GARTIN the phony fake
Steve instead of trying to portray that you need to be invited down there and instead of attempting a con by posting a name and claiming that you have a student that has a flyer, why don't y...

Silly weapon question
This is a hypothetical-situation question, so if those annoy you you can stop reading now. Suppose you and another person of unknown skill will simultaneously materialize, 15 fe...

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