Frank Benn question
Frank, Just out of curiosity... I may have asked this before, but I forget what your answer was... What have you trained in, when, where, and for how long? Did any of t...

Kerry Voted Most Liberal Senator
February 29, 2004 Washington Post Guess Who's Tagged as Most Liberal More ammunition for the Bush campaign as it prepares to pin the "L"-word on its Democratic opponent. N...

Left foot weaker
In most of my kicks especially spining kicks my left foot seems to be weaker, is there anything i can do to change this?

How do you get away with all this meanness for so many years? You talk about WASPs and what does that have to do with you? What is it with you? A little Italian Roman Catholic bo...

photo albums for everyone
If anyone wants to post their photos to the internet, I got into an album program with an admin password and have created an open album for anyone who wants to post their photos. It does not...

I see many Bokken for sale, Ebony, Hickory, White and Red Oak etc. Who produces a quality piece ,That would feel as much as a wood stand in for a Katana can ? Thanks Floyd

Missing UFC fights?
There were matches in UFC 1 and UFC 2 that were never shown on ppv or released on tape (that I'm aware of). What were the matches, the outcomes and are there any tapes of them known to...

Kenpo Anti-grappling - that ain't no joke
Wow, it really seems like this guy knows his shit. If you notice how forceful and manly his movements are you instantly realize that you would have no chance whatsoever even if you decided t...

Robert A Trias
For information on all the books written by the late Grandmaster Trias please contact Roberta Trias Kelley at [email protected]

School yard
I have two questions, but first here's my situation: I'm in high school, don't have extensive MA training, and have no fighting experience. I'm pretty small, about 5'8'' and only 115 lb. Her...

Hello, I am trying to spice up the curriculum for a class for advanced students at our martial arts school. Any suggestions for new drills, exercises etc would be appreciated. We are ...

FA: Paul Vunak videos and Tony Blauer audios
For Auction: Some videos from Paul Vunak (Street Safe 1 and 2), bundled with three audiotapes from Tony Blauer (on fighting Mindset). Details... http://cg...

Arab Martial Arts
Does anyone have any information on Arab martial arts? I've almost never heard them discussed, even though the Arabs were, at one time, some of the bravest and most successful warriors in hi...

bears, lasers, etc
So I had a dream last night: I was reading National Geographic and there was a story about bears with lasers on their heads, complete with pictures and everything. The bears were brown ...

What other News Groups do you lurk/post - be honest
Binaries: ebook comicbooks mma the west-wing stargate-sg1 angel CSI TV: Guy-...

Snake Fist Kung Fu
OK, before anyone thinks I'm taking the piss, this is a serious question. I recently got hold of a copy of Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, one of those classics where Jackie Chan did...

AD: Philip Gelinas Seminar in Vancouver, BC
A 2-day seminar of Pekiti-Tirsia kali and Dog Brothers Martial Arts Philip Gelinas of Montreal o one of Canada's foremost martial artists o Mandala Tuhon of Pekiti-Tirsia System o...

Judo groundwork rules?
Anyhow, I'm slowly working my way back onto the mat. I got a chance to play some judo this week. I enjoyed myself - noticed several (good) differences in my game since the last time I got to...

Austin RMA Gathering
Matthew Weigel wrote: > In article <[email protected]>, > [email protected] (Batman) wrote: > > > Wont there be a UFC on PPV at th...

Quote of the Day: Giant Beaver
TIERRA DEL FUEGO, Argentina: Giant Beaver Plague: "I want people to love the beavers, but not so much that they can't be exploited. My wife and I want to live off the beavers," said Ba...

Speaking of quizzes - 6th level!
So which level of Hell are you going to end up at? -- Dan Winsor Soy un poco loco en el coco.

Re: What is the TRUTH about Sonnon's style?
The truth is that you and Sonnon share the same identical ISP posting host: In this pathetic Troll, dated Jan 20, 2004 ( Your ISP info: [email protected]

Re: Swinging a heavy club, so what? MORE SONNON BS!!!!!!!!
[email protected] is posting from ISP #: which is the same ISP extracted from a Sonnon email :Received: from ([] helo=SONNON ...

Re: Scott Sonnon and the Truth
Richard, That post was not made by myself. I was done with the Sonnon issue back in 2002 before he went on a rampage on my name under the pseudo of Jeff Deibner, Vlad Belo, and ot...

Re: that demon bush liar, as an enemy of God and my family <--- REMOVE HEAD FROM ASS BEFORE SPEAKING PLEASE
turd burglar

Hey Badger Don't blame me, I just stumbled across it. Queso

New names for BJJ moves
"phauna" <[email protected]> wrote > > What are your names for osotogare or taitoshi? > > > What are they? Probably hip something. I thought osotogari was ...

Pride and UFC online Looks like someone posted some new stuff at supernova. Anyone who doesn't know about Bit Torrent and likes to download needs to become edumacated. ...

Passion of Christ
Has anyone else noticed the total lack of ADL protesting against any of the oh, MILLION or so movies that have depicted Christians as serial killers, lunatics, idiots, men dressed as nuns, p...

"Sticking" with the Hanging Guard
In my continuing effort to post actual CONTENT (gasp!): The Hanging Guard is a common WMA Guard/Ward. It consists of holding the weapon at about eye level and sloping downward towards...

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